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SEO 101 I have a Website – now what? By Chris Hunter VP Sales & Operations.

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2 SEO 101 I have a Website – now what? By Chris Hunter VP Sales & Operations

3 Webmasters? How many website owners in the room? Manage your own sites? Use CMS? Use Software (dreamweaver, frontpage)? Code by hand?

4 Introduction What to expect in this Seminar Organic SEO Techniques PPC Techniques Tools of the Trade Real World Example

5 What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to gain better search engine rankings (SRP)

6 Why should my website be optimized?? If your site cant be found by the search engines, then in my opinion, it doesnt exist. – Chris Hunter Search Engines Traffic Statistics:

7 What Search Engines to Concentrate On? Search Engines Traffic Statistics:

8 THE Key to SEO? Content Links Content Get the point???

9 Types of SEO Organic SEO - the non-paid ranking of a website. –(non-paid to the search engines anyways) Pay per click - the process of gaining search engine rankings by paid listings.

10 Organic SEO ORGANIC

11 Pay Per Click (PPC) PPC

12 What are the Benefits of Organic SEO? Trust More Clicks More Conversions

13 Organic SEO Drawbacks Harder to achieve rankings Time – Usually takes 6 months to a Year to start seeing results

14 Why Then Concentrate on Organic Results? Less money over time Trust More Clicks More Conversions

15 How not to get ranked Fool Search Engines with Keyword Stuffing Cloaking (different page for SE than user) Hidden Text Doorway Pages Redirect Pages Duplicate Content Link Farms

16 How not to get ranked Using bad content Flash Frames Navigation (images or flash) Splash pages Content Itself! (be sure to include the keywords you want to be ranked for!)

17 How DO I get ranked?? Content, Content, Content Incoming Links Meta Tags Title Tag Headings Bold Tags Links Images

18 Flow for getting ranked 1.Identify Keywords 2.Add keywords to content 3.Submit your website to S.E.s 4.Find related sites to your site with those keywords and get them to link to you. example: College Station Real Estate –Add the key term to your page –Find a directory and add your link to it –Submit your site to Google, Yahoo, MSN –Find a forum or blog that allows links and add link to your signature College Station Real Estate – goes to your website.

19 Organic Rules of Thumb Be knowledgeable about what the Search Engines dont like Play by the Rules Generate lots and lots of content! Blogs Articles

20 Organic Rules of Thumb Get Sites to link to you Participate in boards and blogs (put your website in the signature) Ask them Find keywords where there isnt a lot of competition and optimize your pages for them.

21 Organic Rules of Thumb Add your keywords to Title, Headings, Links, Images and every paragraph. Be sure not to over do it!!

22 Search Engine Limits File size (not including images) should be no bigger than 150 KB. No more than 100 outgoing links on one page. Title should be less than 70 characters Metatags should be less than 155 characters

23 Pay per Click (PPC) The process of gaining search engine rankings by paid listings. Called Pay per click because you dont pay until somebody clicks on your ad. Usually an bidding type of setting Price ranges from $.20 per click to upwards of $100 per click (i.e. the more you pay the higher ranking you get)

24 Pay Per Click (PPC) PPC

25 Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Yahoo MSN

26 Local vs. National With Google, you can choose to localize your listings This Means Less Competition! Spend Less Money!! (even better)

27 Pay Per Click Rules of Thumb Dont over do it!! Find a niche keyword and optimize your landing page for that specific word. All rules of thumb for organic apply here also.

28 Tools Cheat Sheet (handout) Google Analytics – Google Sitemap – Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Overture –http://www.overture.com

29 Software Web CEO –http://www.webceo.com Web Position Gold –http://www.webposition.com

30 Websites SeoDigger –http://www.seodigger.com Wordtracker –http://www.wordtracker.com SEO Chat (great resource) –http://www.seochat.com SEOMOZ (great resource) –http://www.seomoz.com Keyword Spy (#1 way to spy on your competition!) –http://www.keywordspy.com

31 Real World Example Whos game?

32 (979) 696-2500 Come Visit Us Online!

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