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Demystifying Online Marketing Maureen Kelly

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1 Demystifying Online Marketing Maureen Kelly

2 Why bother ?  it’s a way people view and judge your product or service  if you build it … they won’t just come  your website is a vital marketing tool  it attracts & captures prospects  helps turn prospects into clients  provides a platform for maintaining client relationships and online dialogue

3 3 key ways to drive traffic to your site  organic (SEO)  pay per click (PPC)  social networking

4 Organic Search  free (an illusion)  important  highly competitive  long term ROI

5 Organic – first steps  establish keyword matrix  tag pages (browser title, meta tag, H1 and H2 and alt tags)  keyword rich content  fresh keyword rich content  backlinks

6 Key Components for SEO  browser title - this is what is displayed in the browser header Stump Luxury Apartments | Luxury Apartments in Hackensack | Rentals in Hackensack | Jones  meta description - this is what is displayed on the search result page under the hyperlink The Stump is a luxury apartment rental building in Hackensack NJ, built and managed by Jones, which offers a range of studios, one bedroom, two bedroom and garden apartments for rent.  header hitle (H1 tag) - this is what is displayed in the header Apartments for rent in The Stump, Hackensack, NJ  alt tag - this is what is displayed as an image tag The Stump in Hackensack, NJ, offers luxury rentals of studio, one bedroom and, two bedroom apartments.  use keywords in various permutations within the content  anchor text - deep links to addition onsite content 'see apartments for rent'

7 PPC - Overview  short lead time  immediate results  effective  ~ 70% of web users DO NOT click on these ads  great way to get quick information about search traffic and valuable keywords & strings

8 PPC – first steps  set up an adwords account  decide on a budget  create campaigns  create ad groups and ad copy

9 Social Media  has to be a daily habit  separate personal from business  effective if done right  annoying if done wrong

10 Social Media – first steps  decide on your strategy  set up your blog (integrate with domain name)  set up profile (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)  link to your site  integrate threads  comment on others

11 Things to establish …  what are your business goals?  what are your onsite goals to support them?  how much money do you have to spend?  how much time do you have to spend?  DIY or hire a vendor?

12 Fix your site first  know what you want your users to do  create effective landing pages  create clear action oriented messaging to guide them  give users what you promise  include testimonials  no more than 2 clicks to your call to action  make sure CTAs work  use dedicated phone numbers  add skype plug in  make sure you have process and resources to follow up

13 Weigh up your options  budget  resources  skills  tools  vendors

14 Conclusion  not rocket science  detail oriented  time consuming  no short cuts for organic  PPC can be expensive if not done well  make sure your site works before you spend money driving traffic to it!

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