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10/23/2015 Welcome! [2012-2013] School Year Rhea Valley Elementary School Kindergarten.

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1 10/23/2015 Welcome! [2012-2013] School Year Rhea Valley Elementary School Kindergarten

2 10/23/2015 Agenda/Topics to Be Covered  Who’s Who  Arrival and Dismissal  Rest Time, Specials, Lunch and Birthdays  Homework, Notes and Daily Folders  Parent Conferences, Medication and Money  Discipline Policy  Contact Us

3 10/23/2015 Who’s Who  Principal:  Mrs. Debbie Anderson  Kindergarten Teachers:  Mrs. Connie Gregor,  Mrs. Crystal Gross,  Mrs. Amber Joines  Mrs. Teresa Sullivan

4 10/23/2015 Arrival and Dismissal  The Kindergarten Day   Arrival and Dismissal:Kindergarten will go to bus duty until 8:15 a.m. each morning. All students must be in classrooms by 8:25 a.m. Car Rider line ends at 8:25. Children who arrive after 8:25 will be marked tardy. Children who eat breakfast at school need to get their breakfast before coming to class. If tardy, parent must walk child into school and sign in.  The children will be dismissed at 2:50 p.m. (Car Riders and First Load) Your child will only be released to the people you designate on the dismissal sheet or emergency card.  Getting to School:Please help your child make an easy transition into the school setting. We have several school personnel on duty throughout the school well before the day starts. Therefore, if you do bring your child to school, he/she should be dropped off in the car rider line at the side of the building. We have school personnel helping your child off and on the bus daily. There will be additional help the first few days of school. Students can arrive at school no earlier than 7:30 a.m.

5 10/23/2015 Rest Time, Specials, Lunch and Birthdays  Rest Time:Kindergarten classes have a 30-minute rest time each day. The classrooms have limited space, so please send a thin red/blue rest mat for your child to rest on daily. NO blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or toys.      Specials:Kindergarten participates in all of the special area classes.  We will have a 4 day (A B C D) rotation including Library, Music, Art and PE.  ****************************************************** Lunch:The children will eat their lunches in the cafeteria. A monthly menu of hot lunches can be viewed and printed from the school’s web site: “Ice Cream Day” is Friday. Each Friday, the students may choose to purchase an ice cream for 50 cents. We encourage this to be only on Fridays because most Kindergarten students would eat their ice cream only  Birthdays are a special time for your child. If you would like to bring cupcakes or a special snack for your child’s class on his/her birthday, please bring these during lunch. Kindergarten is busy and we regretfully do not have time to celebrate birthdays in our classroom.

6 10/23/2015 Homework, Notes and Daily Folders  Homework: Homework will be sent home in a designated folder on Mondays. The work should be completed. In order to complete the homework, your child will need these materials at home:  Glue  Scissors  Pencils  Crayons  Books  Paper (any kind)   Notes:Notes are required for the following reasons:  Absences/illness  Early dismissal for doctor appointments  Different person picking student up from school  THESE NEED TO BE SENT IN THE DAILY FOLDERS.  Home-School Communication   Daily Folders: Children will bring folders home each day with completed work and parent information. Please check these folders daily. Read, complete, and return appropriate papers in this folder.

7 10/23/2015 Conferences, Medications, Money  Conferences:Conferences are scheduled as needed throughout the year. These conferences are planned to discuss your child’s progress and offer you ideas on how to help your child succeed. You are always welcome to schedule additional conferences by sending a note with your child or calling your child’s teacher.  Other Important Information    Dressing for SchoolPlease dress your child in comfortable clothing for school. It is best to dress children in “play” clothes instead of “dress” clothes since some activities require children to paint, sit on the floor or play outside. In cold weather, please dress your child accordingly since we may go outside to play or for a short walk on the school grounds. On PE days, please encourage your child to wear tennis shoes.   Medications:The school nurse will administer all medications. Please contact the nurse if your child is to be given any medicine during school hours. If your child has asthma, you may want to consider leaving a spare inhaler with the nurse. Do not send medicine to school in your child’s bookbag. This includes cough drops or “sore throat lollipops”.  Money: Lunch money, ice cream money, book order money, etc. should always be put in an envelope or a baggie with your child’s name and teacher’s name on it. Please send these to school in your child’s daily folder.

8 10/23/2015 Discipline Policy  KINDERGARTEN DISCIPLINE POLICY:  A behavior /academic report will come home each Monday for the previous week. Please sign & return them the following day.  Consequences: In Kindergarten, we use the “traffic light” system: * If your child misbehaves, he/she will receive a warning and his/her “bus” will remain on green….GO *Misbehavior a second time, your child must move his/her “bus” to yellow…CAUTION = 5 minutes of time out from recess. *Misbehavior a third time, your child must move his/her “bus” to red…STOP… = 10 minutes of time out from recess. *If Behavior continues, you will be called or your child will visit Mrs. Anderson.  Rewards: Rewards will be given often to encourage “good” or appropriate behavior. Daily, your child will receive a sticker to be placed on a class chart if his/her bus doesn’t get moved to yellow or red. After 10 stickers, your child will get to choose a “prize” from the Treasure BoxJ We would appreciate any small toys you could send in throughout the year to add to our treasure box. For example, happy meal toys, match box cars, play jewelry. We also make a habit of trying to “catch” a child doing something good and give out stickers, small candy, erasers, etc randomly. Class rewards are given out as well…when someone brags on our class, when the students are working nicely, etc (popcorn party, “rest with a friend” day, ice cream party, etc)

9 10/23/2015 Sample Behavior/Academic Report Sent Home on Mondays    

10 10/23/2015 Can you guess the Developmental order?    

11 10/23/2015 Contact Us:  Rhea Valley Elementary School 276-739-4200  Mrs.  Mrs.  Mrs.  Mrs.

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