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Room 140 Orientation Night

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1 Room 140 Orientation Night

2 School Day School hours 8:25-2:50
Students may enter the building at 8:05

3 Absences Please call the school at 330.486.2034 by 9:30
Must be fever free for 24 hours without medicine Please report communicable diseases to office.

4 Orientation Schedule Students arrive at 9:00
Dropped off by parent(s), take bus home Students will eat lunch at school Please see me for schedule

5 Bus Tags Please double check address and PM bus number
All students will wear a bus tag If your child is being picked up please send a note PLEASE do not take home bus tag!!

6 Lunch and Snack Lunch is at 10:55 every day
Lunch is $2.60, milk is $.50 Lunches are prepaid by cash or check Please put snack in front pouch of backpack NO NUTS! No drinks No utensils Snack will be eaten on carpet

7 Schedule Computer Lab-Mondays 9:45-10:15 Library- Tuesdays 9:15-10:00
Red Day- Art with Mr. Tait White Day- Gym with Mr. Sanders Blue Day- Music with Mrs. Bensie

8 Birthdays Non-food treats preferred-pencils, stickers, bubbles, etc.
Please mail birthday invitations, do not send to school Summer birthdays celebrated at end of year Lunch with child week of birthday

9 Star Student Students are selected at random Complete a Poster
Other various tasks

10 Homework Average time 10 minutes
Please have a quiet area set up for homework Homework will be in the weekly newsletter Please assist your child with homework

11 Clothing Comfortable, weather appropriate
Avoid sandals, clogs, Crocs etc. Label EVERYTHING Please work on tying and zipping with your child Change of clothes and extra shoes

12 Newsletter Sent home every Friday Available online
Homework, Star Student, Birthdays, News etc. Great talking point with your child

13 Safety Please help your child learn their address and phone number, parent(s) names and 911!

14 Behavior We use a clip chart and behavior calendar
Daily feedback in child’s take home folder Please discuss any notes with your child and review the class rules. Consequences will vary depending on level of behavior.

15 Folders Review contents of folder EVERY DAY!
Have child practice filing and empty folder All written communication is placed in this folder Send to school EVERY DAY!

16 Contacting Mrs. Hanna E-mail
A note in your child’s folder Phone- does not ring during school day

17 Yellow Pages and Forms Has all information and more covered tonight
Papers will be copied on yellow paper Please return Ziploc Bag with signed papers on child’s first day! Snack paper-if I don’t have this your child with not receive a special treat on their orientation day!!

18 Before you leave Write note to your child and put in mailbox
Double check bus tag-don’t take home! Sign up for conferences Put away supplies Check orientation schedule

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