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There are 5 Kindergarten classrooms. Each classroom will have a paraprofessional for ½ the academic day.

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2 There are 5 Kindergarten classrooms. Each classroom will have a paraprofessional for ½ the academic day.

3 It is SO important that your child be at school each day on time! We do A LOT academically, socially, and behaviorally in Kindergarten. We ask that all doctor’s appointments be scheduled after school dismissal.

4 We look forward to helping your child get use to the school setting. As you are probably aware, expectations for behavior at school might be different from expectations outside of school. Please make sure that you look at your child’s Daily Behavior Sheet to see how their day went. Your child’s teacher will comment both on positive behavior and if something needs to be worked on at home.

5 Emailed Newsletter Daily Behavior Sheet Conferences Leave a message in the office.

6 Your child will have homework 4 nights of the school week. Homework will come home in your child’s communication folder. Please assist your child’s teacher by making sure the homework is complete and accurate. Homework is due each Friday!

7 Each Kindergarten class will have a designated day each week to visit the Media Center. Please make sure to see your child’s teacher for their Media Center Day.

8 All children should be dressed for crafts and play. It is important that all girls wear shorts under their dresses/skirts. No short shorts, spaghetti straps, or mid-drifts will be allowed. Make sure your child always has a change of full clothing in their backpack. We strongly encourage wearing tennis shoes. They MUST BE worn on PE days.

9 Each class will receive a “Specials Calendar”. This will help you know which special’s class your child will be visiting on any given day. ** Please remember on PE days your child’s MUST wear tennis shoes.

10 Your child may purchase breakfast at school for ***** Whether at home or here, please make sure that your child eats breakfast!

11 Each Kindergarten class has a designated snack time during the school day. We ask that you provide your child with a healthy snack that can they can eat in about 10 minutes. We also ask that you not send drinks other than water with your child.

12 Lunch cost is $2.00 and $.50 for juice/milk. A lunch envelope will come home for your child’s money. The envelope must be filled out and the money returned to school the next day. If you have any other children at this school, please do not send all their money together.

13 Please allow your child the first two weeks to learn the lunchroom routine before you plan on visiting for lunch. When you do join your child for lunch, check in at the office for a visitors sticker. There will be special seating available for you to have lunch with your child to prevent overcrowding at the tables.

14 We have 2 fun, educational field trips planned for this year. One field trip will be in the fall, and one will take place in the spring. As time gets closer, specific information for the trip will be sent home.

15 WE NEED YOU! * Classroom * Media Center * PTA * Ask anyone at school, and we will help you find a spot to help!

16 Dismissal is at 2:15. Transportation should be marked DAILY on your child’s Daily Behavior Sheet. If there is a transportation change, please make sure that you send a note. DO NOT send an email with the transportation change, teacher’s are not guaranteed to check email throughout the day.

17 If there is ANY confusion about your child’s transportation, the teacher will place your child in ASP. You will then need to pay the ASP fee. If your child will be going home with another student, a note MUST BE received from BOTH families.

18 We would enjoy recognizing your child’s birthday with him/her at school. However, please use the following guidelines: Please contact your child’s teacher before bringing in cupcakes, cookies, etc. No special fast food lunch or balloons allowed at school. Birthday invitations must be passed out to the entire class or students of the same gender.

19 If your child’s needs to take medicine here at school, please make sure to fill out a medication form from the school nurse. All medication at school, even cough drops, must be distributed by the nurse.

20 Please try to make sure your child has his/her supplies the first day of school.

21 Please use the Ticket Out the Door slip on your table for any other questions you may still have.

22 As a team, we look forward to an AMAZING year!

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