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The Kindergarten Day 8:30Students Arrive 8:40-9:00Morning Meeting 9:00-9:30Reader’s Workshop 9:30-10:00Writers Workshop 10:00-10:55Skills Lesson/Centers.

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2 The Kindergarten Day 8:30Students Arrive 8:40-9:00Morning Meeting 9:00-9:30Reader’s Workshop 9:30-10:00Writers Workshop 10:00-10:55Skills Lesson/Centers 11:00-11:20Recess 11:20-11:50Lunch 11:55-12:30Math Workshop 12:30-1:00Science/Social Studies 1:00-1:40Social Learning 1:40-1:55Clean Up/Pack-Up 1:55-3:05Specials 3:05-3:10Read Aloud/Dismissal

3 Specials Schedule Monday 1:55-2:30 2:30-3:05 Art Spanish Tuesday 1:55-2:30 2:30-3:05 P.E. Music Wednesday 1:55-2:30 2:30-3:05 Library Art Thursday 1:55-2:30 2:30-3:05 Library Music Friday 1:55-2:30 2:30-3:05 P.E. Art

4 Morning Drop Off Procedure  Please drop off your child on the back patio located in the rear of the building.  Children should not plan to arrive before 8:15 as supervision is not provided earlier.  No children are permitted to wait in the hallways of the buildings. Please bring your child to the patio to walk up the stairs with his/her teacher.  We ask that no parents accompany the class up the stairs.  If your child arrives to school later than 8:30, please sign him/her in at the main office.

5 How can I get my child to school on time?  Time the routine the first day and add 10-15 minutes  Pack lunches the evening before and keep them in the refrigerator  Plan simple breakfasts the night before  Get to bed on time!  Set a timer 5 minutes before it’s time to leave the house as a reminder to start putting on coats  Prompt and regular attendance beginning in kindergarten: *reassures the child, helps him/her feel successful *allows the child to adjust to the class routine *speeds up the learning process

6 Illness or Absence Please call the nurse’s office if your child can’t come to school. Please notify the school if you are planning an extended trip. If your child becomes ill at school, you will be contacted by the nurse or the office.

7 Dismissal Procedure  Please be prompt in picking up your child at 3:10 p.m.  Students will be dismissed in the front and rear of the building. Please let me know where you will be picking up your child. If your schedule changes please write me a note to tell me the change.  Front pickup is for those who walk home  Back pick up is for those who ride in a car  If you are delayed, please call the office.  If your dismissal plans change please send in a written form to the office or you can fax the changes to the school. (must be in writing) Forms are available on the school website Mendham Borough Schools

8 Bus Policy If your child takes the bus and will not be taking the bus on a particular day, please send a note with your child to school. If your child is having a play date, a friend may not accompany him/her on the bus. If you are planning a play date, you must pick up your child and his/her friend.

9 Play Dates Please send in a note in your child’s folders. We can’t allow students to go home without written parent authorization. Carpools You must send in a note documenting the arrangements. Inclement Weather Drop Off During rainy or snowy weather, please drop off your child in the cafeteria.

10 Aftercare Aftercare is provided in the cafeteria for families who have made arrangements. If your child will not be staying on a predetermined date, please send in a note letting me know of alternate arrangements.

11 Lunch Money Please put your child’s lunch money or snack money in a sealed envelope with his/her name and my (teacher’s) name written on the envelope. Snack can be purchased starting in October You can pay for your child’s lunch by depositing checks into your child’s debit account. It is like EZ pass. This service allows you to receive automated emails detailing your child’s account balance and which items they purchased for lunch. You can find out more about this program at

12 Clothing Indoor clothing should be simple, safe, labeled and not too tight. Classroom clothes should be child friendly and arts and crafts ready. Outdoor clothing should be clearly labeled. Prepare for the weather by listening to the weather report every morning before school. Choose appropriately outdoor clothing and provide for possible changes in the weather. Plan for your child to be outdoors for recess every day.

13 Homework Monday, I will send a weekly homework sheet that reflects what we are doing in class. It is optional If you return it, I will review it There is also a monthly math activity calendar that is optional In January, books will be sent home every night.

14 Scholastic Books Periodically, we will be sending home Scholastic Book Club order forms. You will be able to purchase books online as well as sending in a check payable to scholastic book club.

15 Kindergarten Kronicle Online each month, you are able and encouraged to read an overview of activities that will be taking place over the course of the following weeks. Hilltop Elementary School | Kindergarten

16 Home Folder The Green Home Folder will be used to transport your child’s work, notes and notices CHECK THE FOLDER DAILY! Bring Right Back and Left at Home

17 Writing Folder  Please decorate the front and back with meaningful pictures, such as photos, clipart, magazines, etc. The pictures will be used as idea starters.  Please have your child’s folder laminated at Staples or the Teaching Room.  Please return the folder by Monday.  The folder will be sent home at the end of the school year.

18 Progress Reports Conferences are formally scheduled November 5 th, 6 th and 7 th (sign up at Back to School Night Sept. 19th) Report Cards will go home three times a year in accordance with the Hilltop calendar.

19 Open Door Policy I believe in communication throughout the year. Please send in a note, write an email or call my voicemail to reach me. The best time to talk is when the children are not present.

20 Contact Information Email: Phone: 973-543-4251 ext 318 Kindergarten Web Site and Teacher Web Site Hilltop Elementary School | Kindergarten


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