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Welcome! 3rd Grade is on the Road to Responsibility

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1 Welcome! 3rd Grade is on the Road to Responsibility

2 3rd Grade is on the Road to Responsibility
Welcome parents and students to the third grade year. We always look forward to each year with anticipation and excitement. We hope that the children will come prepared with a “mind to work”, ready to tackle the challenges that third grade has to offer. Success is sure to be the foundation for this year when the students bring the following with them DAILY: 1)RESPECT for themselves, their peers, and their teachers; 2) the knowledge that “I am RESPONSIBLE for my things, my actions, and my work; and 3) the understanding that “I am to follow school and classroom RULES.”

3 School Info Morning Arrival- Morning Arrival- Afternoon Dismissal
7:10 Car Riders unload 7:15 Bus Riders unload If arriving after 7:45, students must be signed in at main desk in lobby. Morning Arrival- 7:10 Car Riders unload 7:15 Bus Riders unload Afternoon Dismissal 2:30- Third Grade dismissal 2:40- Busses leave campus

4 Visitors All visitors MUST sign in and wear a badge on campus. You will need to have your driver’s license available to sign in using our Lobby Guard system at the front desk to receive a badge.

5 Car Riders Car rider numbers will be given out tonight. Please see a teacher at the counter to receive your number.

6 Attendance Policy When a child is absent, please send a written excuse within 3 days of the student’s return to school. The absence will be marked unexcused unless an excuse is received within the 3 day period. Madison County’s policy is that after the first unexcused absence a truancy warning will be sent home. Refer to MES handbook for more information.

7 Make Up Work Make up work will only be given to students with excused absences. This is to be completed and returned within 3 days of returning to school.

8 Lunchroom Procedures Lunch money will be taken up each morning by the classroom teacher. Please be sure to keep up with your child’s account. If you send cash, make sure it is in an envelope with your child’s name on the front.

9 Lunchroom The cost of lunch has changed.
Breakfast $1.50 for student Lunch $2.00 for student School messenger will be contacting parents of students whose balances are in the negative.

10 Communication Each student will receive a yellow “communicator” folder. This will be brought home every day. Please make sure to check this folder daily, it will contain important announcements and notes from the school. Your child will be expected to return the folder to school everyday.

11 Newsletters A weekly newsletter will be ed out to parents with information on what’s going on in the classroom. Please provide a working address to your child’s teacher. The newsletter will also be available to view on the class webpage.

12 Grading Procedures Tests 50% Daily 50%
Unit and chapter tests, quizzes, etc. Daily 50% Class work, participation, homework, etc.

13 Homework Homework will be given 2 to 3 times a week. Students are responsible for copying down the assignments in a designated notebook or log. If homework is completed and turned in on time the student will receive a 100, one day late will be an 85, and any later will be a grade of 0. Homework will be graded at the teacher’s discretion.

14 Graded Papers Graded papers will be sent home weekly. If papers are in need of a signature (example- grade received was below a 70) they will be marked appropriately. If papers are not returned a phone call home will be made.

15 Progress Reports and Report Cards
Progress reports will go home on the third week of every grading period. Students who are receiving a grade of 70 or below will receive a progress report on the sixth week of the grading period. Report cards will be sent home after every 9 week grading period.

16 Celebrations 2 celebrations Christmas/Holiday Party End of Year Party
A birthday treat may be brought to share during lunch time ONLY. Please bring only store bought items. No balloons or party favors allowed.

17 Principal’s Club Third grade students participate in the Principal’s Club celebrations throughout the year. Please check your MES handout for more information.

18 Conferences Conferences will be scheduled by the teacher on an as needed basis. If you have any concerns, please contact your child’s teacher by phone or . The teacher will respond as quickly as possible to set up a time to meet.

19 Accelerated Reading Students will be given a goal each grading period for a number of AR points or books they should accumulate. This goal will be based on the student’s reading level. There will be individual rewards for those who reach their goals with 85% accuracy or their total book goal.

20 Discipline School Wide Rules Follow directions.
Be polite and respectful to others. Keep all areas neat. Come prepared for class. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

21 Behavior Policy Consequences for not following school and classroom rules could include the following: missed time in special activities, silent/working lunch, phone call or note home, see administrator. Rewards could include homework passes, candy, or small treats.

22 Wish List Expo Markers Copy Paper Cap Erasers Duty free lunch
Small incentives (pencils, small individually wrapped candy, etc.)

23 Thank you! If you have any further questions, please let your child’s teacher know. Be sure to check out your child’s classroom and sign in before leaving!

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