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Español Ms. Flores-López. Sit quietly and complete Contact Log Extra Points for turning it with complete and accurate information!

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1 Español Ms. Flores-López

2 Sit quietly and complete Contact Log Extra Points for turning it with complete and accurate information!

3 Supplies  1in. binder with clear cover  Dividers  Pencil and pen  loose-leaf paper  English-Spanish dictionary  4X6 index cards for vocabulary  A box of tissues  4 Dry-erase markers  Colored pens and highlighters

4 Classroom Expectations: All students are expected to be… Prompt --- Be in assigned seat before the tardy bell rings Prepared --- Always have class-room supplies with you, including textbook & practice workbook Participatory --- Start your warm-up as soon as bell rings Polite --- Respect the teacher, respect classmates, respect property, and respect yourself. Failure to meet classroom expectations will result in the following consequences: 1 st offence: warning 2 nd offence: parent contact 3 rd offence: discipline referral

5 Grading & Assessments: Major Grades (Weight = 70%, at least two major grades during each grading period) Including but not limited to: Tests (written and/or oral) Participation & in-class work Projects and/or presentations (group or individual)

6 Daily Grades Weight = 30%, at least seven daily grades during each grading period Including but not limited to: - Quizzes (ex. vocabulary) - Class work & activities - Warm Ups - Participation

7 Late Work Major Assignments: 1 day late = 15 point deduction 2 days late = 30 point deduction 3 days late = grade of 0

8 NOTE THE DIFFERENCE Class Work: all daily class assignments (not homework) are due during a given class period, as assigned. Homework: When assigned, teacher will not accept late homework. Failure to turn in homework will result in a zero for that assignment.

9 Make-Up Work: Students are permitted to make up work for both excused and unexcused absence. Failure to complete work in the scheduled time will result in a zero on the assignment. Students are responsible for obtaining and completing the make-up work within the time specified by the teacher. Generally, one day for each day of absence is allowed.

10 Discipline: Cell Phones & Other Devices: the use of cell phones and other electronic devices is strictly prohibited. Mrs. Flores-Lopez reserves the right give the student a warning if he/she uses a device without the teacher’s prior consent. Mrs. Flores-Lopez also has the right to confiscate any electronic device and to turn it in to the student’s assistant principal.

11 Discipline: Infraction of handbook rules: student will be written up on behavioral referral form and sent to his/her assistant principal.

12 Discipline: Academic dishonesty: cheating on tests, copying another person’s class work is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment. This includes using a translator (human, electronic, Google Translate, etc.)!!!



15 Warm Up Stamp Sheet Vamos a Calentar Nombre ______________ Periodo ___ Semana 1 Semana 2 NOTE: Easy Grade!

16 Classroom Passes This pass entitles you to one trip out of the classroom. Any time you want to go out and get a drink, use the restroom, run to a locker, go to the nurse, have an emergency….. you name it. You can go, but you only have three per six weeks. They are also worth 10 points of extra credit on a major grade if turned in together at the end of the six week grading period. So, If you don’t use any of them, BAM! 10 extra points for you. They are worth 2 points individually, which will always help the grade out a bit. You must give me this pass as you exit. I would hold on to them so someone doesn’t take them!

17 Participation Stamp Sheet = Daily Grade

18 Student Bingo Let’s Get to Know Each other

19 Knowing You Personal Inventory

20 Chrome Password Change Student Login change effective immediately: Username= Passwords= tisd+birthdate (Ex: tisd01011995) Active Directory changes/syncs 2nd semester (Dec. 2014) Call Helpdesk x4001 to reset student password.

21 Blanca Flores-López (281) 357- 3230 ext. 1084 E-mail: Website: hSchool/Flores-López Conference Period: 6th period (1:05 – 1:55) Tutorials: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:50-3:30 or by appointment Contact Information


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