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Ms. Flemmer Specialized Academic Instructor Math History Life Skills.

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1 Ms. Flemmer Specialized Academic Instructor Math History Life Skills

2 Contact Information 760-290-2500, ext. 3539 How to access my info online: Go to Click on Schools Click on San Marcos Middle School Click on Faculty Find Flemmer, Chelsea and click on name to get to my school web page Please contact me if you have a question or concern. We are a team!

3 School Policies (found in front of Student Planner) Cell phones are for use before and after school. If you have an emergency please contact the office. No Gum Dress Code will be enforced Tardiness: Students may be assigned detention

4 Class Rules 1.Students will respect themselves, their classmates, and their teacher (me ). 2.Students will use the restroom/get a drink of water during passing periods or at lunch. 3.Students will leave cell phones and iPods in backpacks and turned off during class. 4.Students will practice having a positive attitude. 5.Students will be on time, in their seats, and ready when the bell rings. Class motto… “I can grow my intelligence through learning and practice.”

5 Classroom Rewards/Discipline Positives Encouragement/Compliments Crusader Cards Front of the line pass Computer time Consequences 1.Verbal warning 2.Student conference 3.Parent contact 4.Visit to counseling office or visit from administration 5.Office referral

6 Homework/Grading System S *Students need to be given at least 1 hour of uninterrupted quiet time at home daily to complete homework. * Math: given Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays –Classwork= 40% of grade –Homework= 17% of grade –Quizzes/Tests= 25% of grade –Participation= 18% of grade History: given 1-2x a week. –Classwork= 30% of grade –Homework= 15% of grade –Quizzes/Tests= 30% of grade –Participation= 15% of grade –Project= 10% Life Skills: given 1-2x a week –Classwork= 50% of grade –Homework= 5% of grade –Quizzes/Tests= 40% of grade –Participation= 5% of grade

7 LATE WORK General rule for all subject areas is that late work is not acceptable, as we are building student responsibility and preparing students for the next level of secondary education. I will comply with the SMUSD policy for excused absences. (1 day to complete for each day absent to receive full credit) Teacher will use discretion in emergency/special situations. Extended time is authorized in compliance with a student’s IEP. (Must be set up in advance, not after walking into class with an incomplete assignment on the due day.)

8 EXTRA CREDIT Never necessary when all work is completed satisfacorily. NO extra credit is allowed until all work (assignments, projects, etc.) is satisfactorily completed.

9 Ms. Flemmer’s updated grades are posted online every 2 weeks. –Log in: Student name or ID # –Password: temporary password given. You set up on first use.

10 Typing Club period 4B Students in Life Skills will visit room 46 once a week on Tuesdays to practice learning how to type. They can practice at home by going to: – –Username: first letter of student’s first name followed by their last name –Password: student’s ID#

11 Materials ”tools to do your job” Student Planner (Must be replaced if lost or destroyed $6) Student ID card (Must be replaced if lost $5) Leisure reading book 3 ring binder over 2” (anything less than this is too small!) College ruled lined paper ( please no perforated, tear-out sheets) Dividers for subjects 2 pencils that work and have lead (regular #2) 2 pens- Red for corrections ( ) Colored pencils Flash cards Hand held pencil sharpener that catches the shavings Eraser

12 Class Supplies (Wish List) Kleenex Xerox/Copy Paper Index cards Lined paper Glue sticks Markers Pencils Small pencil sharpeners Colored Pencils Erasers

13 Health & Nutrition Students should eat breakfast and lunch daily. Students are encouraged to carry a water bottle at school. It is extremely important that students get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep a night.

14 Library Mrs. DeForges Available for students before school and during some lunches for quiet study, reading, research, and to check books in and out. To use during lunch, students request a pass from a Noon Supervisor. Students must come prepared with own pens, pencils, and paper. ELA students will visit every 3 weeks. Students MUST have student ID to check out books.

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