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Social Studies San Perlita High School Teacher: Mr. Postier

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1 Social Studies San Perlita High School Teacher: Mr. Postier
Class Expectations and Information

2 Class Expectations Be in your seat and ready when the bell rings.
Bring all materials needed for class. Purses, backpacks, book bags, etc., MUST be kept under or beside your desk.

3 Class Expectations Follow instructions and school rules carefully.
Cell phones, Mp3s, Ipods, and any other electronic devices MUST be turned off and kept out of sight during class.

4 Class Expectations Only Water is allowed
in class, and ONLY with permission. No food/drink in class without permission.

5 Class Expectations Be polite and raise your hand before speaking. Respect YOURSELF & others. Complete ALL assignments on time, and ALWAYS DO YOUR VERY BEST!

6 Class Expectations NO Bathroom Pass. Go during Passing Time
The hall pass may be only used in case of an emergency, and only WITH PERMISSION. Only one person may use the pass at a time.

7 Items Needed for Class Required Materials: 3 Ring binder with Dividers
Notebook paper (100 sheets minimum) #2 Pencils and/or Pen (Blue or Black Ink Only) Highlighter Marker (1 or 2 colors) *Suggested Materials: Colored Pencils, or Markers (Watercolor), or Crayons (At Least 4 Colors) Erasers Glue Stick Ruler (6" Minimum) Calculator (nothing expensive, cheap Kmart, Wal-mart, Target, or Dollar Store calculators will be fine) Flash/Jump/Pin Drive (useful for storing computer files) *Suggested materials may be provided in class if available.  It is suggested that students bring their own, in case the materials are not available. Items to Avoid - Please do NOT bring, or use these items to class Permanent Markers Pens with light colored ink (yellow, silver, pink, etc...)

8 Absence: When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, and make arrangements to complete the work you missed. If you return on the day of a test, quiz, or other exam, you will be expected to take the test, quiz, or exam as scheduled with the rest of the class. If your absence was excused, you still need to make up the work missed.

9 Late Assignments: Assignments are due on the due date
Late Assignments: Assignments are due on the due date. Late assignments will receive an automatic deduction of 10%. Assignments turned in after the applicable unit is completed will receive a grade up to a maximum of 75%. Extra time may be granted if a student can show a real need or hardship prior to the due date. Students with assignments that are late due to absence, will be granted extra time to be determined by the teacher. Alternative Assignments: If a student misses an assignment that was part of an In-class activity or video, an alternate assignment may be assigned.

10 Grades – Grades will be assigned using a weighted scale as follows:
Daily Work = 30% Unit Tests and Projects = 50% Six Weeks Exam = 20% Daily Work – The daily work portion your grade will consist of notes, vocabulary, map skills, videos, class activities and assignments. Homework will also be counted as daily work. Unit Tests and Projects – Each three-weeks, you will do 1or more projects in class. These projects require more than one class period to complete, and often require computer research. They will be counted the same as a unit test. Your are expected to take all tests when they are scheduled. Makeup tests and Retakes may be allowed for unit tests in special circumstances. STAAR End of Course Exam – You must receive a minimum score in order to receive credit for taking the test.

11 STAAR End of Course Exam
You must receive a minimum score in order to receive credit for taking the test.

12 Six-Weeks, Semester, and STAAR/EOC Exams:
You are expected to take all tests when they are scheduled. Makeup exams may be offered in case of absence, but only if scheduling allows. NO Retakes will be allowed for Six Weeks, Semester, or End of Course Exams.

13 After School Tutoring:
AST is available most weeks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday by appointment or assignment. AST runs from 4:00 – 5:00.

14 Online Help/Resources:
You may find the class webpage at: This web site is designed to provide students with resources and help with class assignments. Students will be able to access class assignments and resources to help them complete assignments outside of the classroom.

15 Textbooks: A classroom set of textbooks
will be available for students to use. There will also be a few textbooks available for students to check out and take home for short periods of time. Students will be responsible for books they have checked out. Students will be billed for any books they have checked out that are lost or destroyed.

16 Setting up Your Notebook.
Place your name on the cover of your notebook. Write the information indicated below on your Cover Name Course: Grade: ____ Name Course: Grade: ____

17 Setting up Your Spiral Notebook.
Insert Dividers with the following labels: Vocabulary Notes Writing Graphic Organizers Maps Daily Work Insert essay paper in the sections labeled Vocabulary, Notes, and Writing

18 Keep your notebook neat and organized
Keep your notebook neat and organized. You will receive a grade for your notebook every 3 weeks. This grade will count as a major test/project grade. Please keep your notebook ONLY for Geography. You are expected to keep it supplied with paper. You will be expected to have your notebook in class every day. You may take it home to study, or work in, but please have it available when it is time to grade. Also, If you do not have your notebook in class, you will still be expected to do any work assigned during the class period, and add it to your notebook later.

19 NOT THE END! This is just the beginning of a journey that will take you through the school year and prepare you for the STARR End of Course Exam. Do your best to avoid the temptations of the Dark Side. Stay focused, do your best, never give up, use your powers for good, and you will be SUCCESSFUL on the EOC. Do or do not... there is no try. May the Force be with you Yoda

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