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Algebra 1 2015-2016 Ms. Alexandra Fernandez Room 406.

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1 Algebra 1 2015-2016 Ms. Alexandra Fernandez Room 406

2 Contact Information  Phone: 954-442-0233 ext 406  Email:

3 Introduction/Course Description  Description:  The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop mathematics skills and concepts through remedial instruction and practice. This class will help you prepare for the Algebra 1 EOC in May.

4 Grading Scale - Regular  Your grade will be determined as follows:  Tests- 35%  Quizzes- 25%  HW- 20%  CW- 10%  Study Island- 10%

5 Grading Scale - HONORS  Your grade will be determined as follows:  Tests- 50%  Quizzes- 30%  HW, CW, & Study Island- 20%

6 Classroom Behavior and Rules  I ask that you be respectful to yourself, to your classmates, and to me. The school discipline plan will be strictly enforced and includes the following progression of consequences: warning (for minor infractions only), parent contact, detention, administrative referral.  Rules are on the wall.

7 Study Island  Study Island will be assigned periodically throughout the year. You will be receiving those dates in advance.  The score that you receive will be the score put into pinnacle. It is not pass or fail (completion).  Every time you start a new assignment you must do AT LEAST 10 problems. You cannot do 1 problem at a time.  If you turn in the assignment late you will get 70% of the score that you received. For example, if you earned an 80% and turned it in late, their grade will be the following; 80% x 70% = 56%.

8 Cheating/Copying  There is a ZERO tolerance in my classroom for cheating.  Cheating includes:  Copying another student’s work  Talking during tests or quizzes, whether or not your test or quiz is still on your desk.  It will result in an automatic zero that CANNOT be made up and your parents will be called.

9 Assignment expectations:  PENCIL ONLY! If it is not in pencil it is a zero!  NO WORK = NO CREDIT

10 Required Materials:  A 3-ring binder (1”-2”)  You will be receiving books that are consumable and therefore need a binder to keep each chapters.  Dividers  Loose leaf paper  #2 Pencils  calculator

11 Pinnacle  Students (and parents) can check their grades on Pinnacle, the online grade book system. Pinnacle can be accessed via the internet; a short cut is available on my school website. Pinnacle also allows parents to receive an automatic email notification when grades fall below a user- specified level (parents must sign on to Pinnacle and setup this feature).

12 Classroom Procedures and Expectations  There will be daily warm-up activities. Make sure that you begin these immediately after you write your homework down as they will be timed. (These will sometimes be quizzes)  Immediately take out your homework and have it on your desk for the teacher to check. Keep in mind that I will not accept homework that is turned in later on during class.  Take out your planner and immediately write your homework down.

13 What to do if you are absent  Missed assignments will receive a “Z” (no credit – counts as a “0”) until the assignment is received.  For every class you are absent, you will have 2 classes to make up any missed work ONLY if the absence is excused.  Please make sure you have a clear understanding of all material covered during your absence(s).

14 Questions?

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