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Mrs. Longworth’s Class syllabus, rules, and procedures 2010/2011.

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1 Mrs. Longworth’s Class syllabus, rules, and procedures 2010/2011

2 Syllabus 2010-2011 Contact Information Course description Materials Needed Grading Policy Infinite Campus portal Units (5 th grade)

3 Contact Information Email: (Quickest way to contact me) Contact time: 11:30-12:00 daily Phone: 606-573-8794 Ext. 3206 Class web Page: http://www.harlan-

4 Course description This class is designed with a learning atmosphere; which includes imagination, group work, individual explorations and investigations, hands- on individual and group work, and demonstrations. We will study topics from Earth, Space and Life science.

5 Materials Needed 3 ring binder with dividers (may be included with 5th grade Social Studies) paper (loose leaf) pencils journal notebook (to record all lab activities) colored pencils or markers 1--1 subject notebook

6 Grading Policy Grading Scale A 95-100 B 88-94 C 80-87 D 70-79 F Below 70

7 Grading Policy Daily grades will be taken for homework assignments and based on their preparedness in class, behavior, and level of enthusiasm and cooperation during class discussions, group projects, and lab experiments. Some assignments may be graded on the criteria of completion, others on correctness.

8 Quizzes will be given periodically to assure that students are comprehending the material and completing reading assignments. These may or may not be announced prior to the quiz

9 Tests will be given at appropriate intervals throughout and following the completion of units of study. Tests that receive a failing grade need to be signed by parents and returned to the teacher.

10 Three-ring binder notebook (Students should keep everything we do in Science in this binder in chronological order. It will be graded and counted as a test grade at random times throughout the year.)

11 Students will also be required to complete some assignments on and they will need Internet access as well as their username and password to complete these assignments.

12 Make-up work (for excused absences) will be the responsibility of the student. Upon return he/she should check with other students and/or the teacher for assignments and complete promptly. Students will have one additional day for each excused absence to return work to the teacher.

13 NOTE: Students who do not turn in homework assignments on the date they are due will be sent to academic lunch to complete their assignments. This does not include work turned in due to an excused absence.

14 Parent Portal Infinite Campus Portal us/portal/harlanindependent.jsp

15 (Rule) Grooming Grooming, talking, or passing notes in class is not permitted.

16 Tardy Bell (rule) If you are not in your assigned seat, working on the bell ringer when the bell rings you will be considered tardy. All unexcused tardies will be turned into the office each afternoon.

17 (Rule) Food and Drinks There are no food or drinks allowed in the classroom (including gum) EXCEPT CLEAR water.

18 All rules in the school handbook will be followed within this classroom!

19 Respect each other, yourself and your teacher.

20 Rules have consequences: –1 st Documentation and time out (your choice to return to class) –2 nd Documentation and time out (my choice when you may rejoin the class) –3 rd Documentation, time out of the classroom, call to parents (sign behavior contract) –

21 –4 th Documentation, time out of the classroom, call to parents and referral to office with all documentation. –Depending on the severity of the rule broken you may be referred directly to the office.

22 Procedures are how we do things in my classroom. Procedures do not have consequences. –Example: opening a locker –Fire drill procedures:

23 Procedure for labeling ALL papers Right hand corner –Name and/or Number –Date –Class period –Title of Paper

24 Entering the classroom! Procedure Enter quietly Go directly to your assigned seat Begin bell ringer (posted on Smart board) or given by Mrs. Longworth as you enter the classroom.

25 Bell Ringer A brief lesson launching assignment. It will be informational in nature or as an memory jog of the day/week before.

26 Exiting the classroom! The bell is a signal to Mrs. Longworth that it is time to dismiss you for your next class. I WILL dismiss you not the bell.

27 Behavior during Instruction Face the smart board. Actively listen to Mrs. Longworth and/or substitute. –No one should be on the floor, talking, grooming, passing notes.

28 Note: if you need to go to the restroom during instruction. Then Hold up 3 fingers, wait to be acknowledged, then when I acknowledge you, sign out go directly to the restroom, return and sign in.

29 Turning in Papers All papers will be passed to the person on your right. If there isn’t a person on your right then politely pass them to the person in front of you. DO not pass your paper to the right until you have the person (s) on your left.

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