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El Toro High School English 2 Classroom Expectations

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1 El Toro High School English 2 Classroom Expectations
“The first duty of man is to think for himself.” José Martí

2 Email –
Contact Information

3 Objective This is a grade level course that will provide you with the skills necessary to succeed academically, professionally, and personally in all your future endeavors. You will enhance your skills and abilities to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize literature improve your critical thinking skills, and improve your reading comprehension skills. Throughout this course, you will also practice listening and speaking skills through formal and informal speeches. All of these skills are necessary to read, write, and speak effectively, in-line with the 10th grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards for the State of California.

4 Materials Required Daily
To succeed in this course, students must be prepared each day for class. The following materials are required: 3-ring binder with a good supply of lined paper Blue/black ink pen Pencils Pen of another color Highlighters Post-it notes Index cards

5 Classroom Rules Respect yourself, others, and our classroom
Be prepared Follow all school rules, including the ETHS Ethics Policy Cooperate with your classmates and teachers Carry out your basic student responsibilities

6 Basic Student Responsibilities
Keep track of your own books and assignments Start your work on time and allow time to finish Ask for help when you need it Do your own work Turn your work in on time Accept responsibility for grades and other consequences

7 Literature Covered This is the planned curriculum; however it could change based on needs throughout the year. There will also be poetry, short stories, and non-fiction selections during the year. 1st Semester: 12 Angry Men, Anthem, Julius Caesar, Frankenstein 2nd Semester: CAHSEE Prep On-Demand Writing, All Quiet on the Western Front, Animal Farm, Macbeth, Oedipus Rex

8 Technology Haiku: Students will be expected to use Haiku on a daily basis: to check due dates, to complete homework assignments, to find electronic copies of class materials. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, our library is open every day this year before school and during snack and lunch, so this should not be an issue. You can also use the public library for free.

9 Technology Cellphones/Electronic Devices: Cellphones, Ipods, or other devices with access to the Internet will be allowed in class for research, discussion, and reading. Please create an account that uses your name. When sending an , make sure to include your name at the end of the .

10 Make-up Work / Tests – (Excused Absences):
While absences do happen, it is best to be in class every day to make sure you do not miss important information. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain any lecture notes, handouts, and assignments that you may have missed. I expect you to be responsible and check Haiku before you come back to school. When you return, you need to check the Daily Log Binder for English 2.

11 Absences You will have one week from the date of a missed test to make it up on your own time. After a week you will receive a zero. Schedule with me if tutorial is not an option. Any homework previously assigned is due the day you return, or it is considered late. It is not my responsibility to remind you if something was due while you were out. Per ETHS policy, you will have 2 days for every day absent to make up work that was assigned while you were out of class. After 2 days, it is considered late.

12 Absences Remember it is your responsibility to know any assignments that you missed while absent. If you are absent for an in-class presentation, performance, or book club meeting or final, the make-up assignment will be an essay related to the missed work. See me for the essay prompt. You will have 1 week from the day you return to turn in the essay

13 Late Work Late assignments will be accepted with a reduction in grade based on the lateness of the assignment. To receive credit, you must attach a half page that includes: your name, name of the assignment, when it was due, date turned in, and reason for turning in late. These sheets are located in the back of the room.

14 Quizzes Reading quizzes and pop quizzes will be given throughout the semester, so always be prepared by completing your homework and reading assignments on time and completely.

15 Hall Pass Leaving class is both disruptive and results in missed information, so it is highly discouraged. Check to make sure you have all the required materials for class before arriving and use the restroom between classes. You may or may not be granted the privilege to leave class based on your behavior and the activity the class is working on. You will receive extra credit if you never need to leave class for bathroom or your locker.

16 Extra Credit You will be given opportunities to acquire extra credit throughout the semester. No extra credit will be awarded unless all assignments are turned in (if there are any missing assignments you will forfeit your extra credit).

17 Grading This class is on a traditional A-F scale. Your assignments will receive the following weight: Homework – 15% Classwork – 10% Tests/Quizzes – 15% Discussions – 5% Essays – 30% Book Club – 15% Final – 10% You must turn in all essays in order to pass the class.

18 Grading Almost all work you do in this class will be turned in for credit. Classwork and homework are worth 5 points for each day it takes to complete it. ∨+ = 5 ∨ = 4 ∨− = 3 Essays are worth points. Projects are worth 100 points.

19 Late Grades 1 day late = -20% of grade you would have received
2 days – 1 week late = -40% of grade 8 days – 1 month late = -60% of grade 1 month – 3 months late = -80% of grade 3 months – end of semester = -100% of grade (will go in as a zero, but you will be able to receive your extra credit)

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