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Honors Chemistry Disclosure. Rules: The rules for Miss Paxton’s classroom are the following: Be Prepared – This means be prepared for the day with your.

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1 Honors Chemistry Disclosure

2 Rules: The rules for Miss Paxton’s classroom are the following: Be Prepared – This means be prepared for the day with your book, paper, pencil, calculator (you will NEED a scientific calculator), and homework. Also, be prepared to learn. Be Prompt – Be on time to class and turn in your homework when it is due. Being on time to class means being in your seat when the tardy bell rings. Be Courteous – Be courteous and respectful to the other students in the class, to the teacher, or anyone else who may be in the classroom. This includes not having any cell phones or other electronic devices out in class. To help with this rule, no bags/purses will be allowed on the desk. Be Honest – Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Stay On Task – Use class time appropriately. You will also be held responsible for all school rules and policies. Failure to follow classroom rules will result with a minimum of a reduced citizenship grade. You may also receive an ASD or be referred to an assistant principle depending on severity of the infraction. Additional rules: DO NOT go into the lab with out permission!!! Do not touch any thing on Miss Paxton’s desks or go into any cabinets with out permission.

3 I will follow school policy for all tardies and absences. Your citizenship grade is greatly affected by attendance so know the school policy. Special Note: If you are more than 20 min late to class you are ABSENT. Take any attendance note to the attendance office. Grade Scale: 100%-93%A73%-76%C+ 90%-92%A-70%-72%C- 87%-89%B+67%-69%D+ 83%-86%B63%-66%D 80%-82%B-60%-62%D- 77%-79%C+<60%F Attendance Bump: Since attendance is a prerequisite to academic success, if you have at most one excused absence, one tardy and no unexcused absences in a quarter you will get a one grade attendance bump. Example: B+ to an A-, C to a C+, ect… 57-59% will become a D-.

4 Test and Quizzes There will be test and quizzes throughout the year. Tests will always be worth 100 pts based of the percentage. You will have at least one class period notice before a test. Any material given through out the year will be free game on a test. There will be extra credit questions on every test from the “Chemists” posters on the bulletin board in the class room. Take some time to read them. Any quizzes worth more than 10 pts will be announced at least one class period prior to being given. And will be given throughout the year. You will be required to do all the studying for the test and quizzes. You may or may not get an in-class review. Your homework, notes, and textbook are your resources for studying. If you are absent for a test or quiz you must make it up before or after school within a week of being absent. If you know prior to being absent that you will be gone for a test or quiz arrange to take the it before you leave.

5 Daily Bell Ringer Quizzes 5 pt participation quizzes will be given at the beginning of the period over the previous day’s notes. These will not necessarily be given everyday, but be prepared for one everyday. These will be given as you come into the classroom at the door; if you are not in class when the bell rings you will not get to take it and there is NO make up. These quizzes are a great time to check to see if you have any questions over the current material. We will self check these in class. If you have questions ask them!!!

6 Assignments Assignments will be assigned for every class period. Each assignment given should have your name and class period on it. You will be expected to turn your assignments in on time for credit. If you are absent you are required to ask another student for the notes you missed and what the assignment was. Notes will be especially important to you as most of the information for assignments will be given this way. You are responsible to find out everything you missed and turn it in on time. Absent work should be turned in the next class period with absent clearly written on the top and the date turned into the box on Miss Paxton’s desk. If there is nothing written on the paper I assume it is late and 1/2 points will be given for up to a week late. Test, quizzes, and assignment may be corrected by a student TA, by another student or themselves. I ask that all students have a red pen, pencil or marker for correcting.

7 Late Work You may get up to ½ points on an assignment turned in no later than one week after it was due. Absolutely no work will be accepted after a week. Hall Passes To use the hall pass you must ask Miss Paxton if it is okay and give the reason you are using it. If you take longer than 5 min or use it too often, this privilege will be revoked. DO NOT ask to use it in the middle of a lesson, Miss Paxton will say no. If you leave the class without asking with or without the hall pass you are considered truant and will get marked absent and a detention. If you need Miss Paxton to fix anything with grades or attendance you must summit a request is WRITING. Either by e-mail or in the box on my desk.

8 Labs and Activities There is a lab fee of $10 for this class. Labs and activities will be through out the school year. In order to participate is labs students must follow the policies on the Safety Contract. If you are removed from the lab for not following the rules you lose all lab points for that lab and future labs. If you cannot participate in lab because of an excused absence there will be a make up provided.

9 Miss Paxton’s Contact Information You may e-mail me at You may also call the school at 646-5455 and leave a message for Miss. Paxton. Or call Miss Paxton at (385)646-8963. I am quicker at responding to e-mails then to phone calls and they are the preferred method of I will be available before school at 7 am and most days after school until about 3 pm to help students with anything, please make arrangements if you would like to meet at another time. I am a resource to help you! Any questions please contact me. Any special arrangements that need to be made, please contact talk to me. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on.

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