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Third Grade Mrs. Grijalva Room 9

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1 Third Grade Mrs. Grijalva Room 9
Back to School Third Grade Mrs. Grijalva Room 9

2 Rules Classroom Follow directions Listen to others
Respect others’ property Work quietly Keep to your own space Work hard and play safe

3 Responsibilities Student
Keep track of your things. Ask for help when needed. Do your own work. Turn assignments in on time. Listen carefully to all instructions. Be a good worker.

4 Rewards and Consequences
Class parties and treats for learning multiplication facts, meeting Accelerated Reader goals, filling the marble jar and individual points. Behavior/Color chart for inappropriate class behavior. May lose recess or have to call home. Starts new daily.

5 Curriculum Language Arts: 2 ½ hours per day (Includes Reading and Grammar) Writing Spelling Math: 60 minutes per day Science and Social Studies Language: 45 minutes daily

6 Homework Homework is sent home every Friday and is due the following Thursday. It will have a reading log, comprehension, math, grammar and cursive page (when we begin). These are review skills from the previous week. Reading Log: A minimum of 100 minutes must be completed for the week.

7 District Homework Guidelines
The district guidelines require minutes of homework per week. 15-20 minutes of additional practice can be assigned each night as needed. Also, students should read 20 minutes if they are grade level and 30 minutes if they are below for 5 nights.

8 Weekly Work Graded work will be sent home in the Homework folder each Friday. Please look through the assignments to see how your child is doing. You may need to provide extra support on papers marked with a D or F.

9 Fun Friday Friday from 1:50 – 2:25 for students who have completed ALL homework, class work and had satisfactory conduct will participate in a teacher led fun activity. Students with incomplete homework, class work or a needs improvement in conduct will attend Study Hall.

10 Report Cards Report cards will be sent home once a trimester (3 times). Please sign and return these within one week. Four weeks prior to report cards, a progress report will be sent home. This enables the student to bring up their grades if necessary. Parent-Teacher Conferences are Sept. 23rd – Sept. 27th. Conferences and Parent Night are mandatory to receive a report card.

11 Grading All grading is standards based. There will be letter grades and percent on all assignments. Tests will be marked advanced, proficient, basic, below basic and far below basic so the student, and you, will know how they are performing in preparation for the CST in April. Advanced and Proficient shows the student is mastering the standards.

12 Grading Scale 90%- 100% = A (advanced) 80% - 89% = B (proficient) 70% - 79% = C (basic) 60% - 69% = D (below basic) 59% and below = F (far below basic)

13 Correct and Returns Students with a 60% or below will be given the chance to correct and return their work. Nothing higher than a 70% will be given for C/R’s. There is a one week time limit on these assignments.

14 Accelerated Reader Every six weeks the class will be given a reading goal, or points, to be earned on A.R. They will be given a % grade based on reaching this goal and their comprehension on independent reading and tests. This grade will be 25% of their Reading grade on their report card.

15 Attendance/Tardies It is important your child is here every day, on time. If they will be absent, please call the office as soon as possible or send a note the following day. Please try to schedule appointments after 2:30 unless absolutely impossible. Tardies, absences and early pick-ups will prevent your child from attending Principal Hour each month.

16 Home Supplies Please have the following materials at home throughout the year. pencils crayons colored pencils scissors glue ruler paper dictionary

17 Copy paper Clorox wipes
Wish List These are items that we need donated to the class throughout the year. Copy paper Clorox wipes Hand Sanitizer

18 Teacher Contact My e-mail address at Kendrick is
To leave a voice mail call ext. 209 or select my name. In case of emergency, ask to leave a message with the office.

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