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2 Mrs. Meninger: Reading/Writing/Language Arts Contact Information Email: Challenger: (281)485-7912 Conference time: Monday-Thursday 9:00-9:45 Mrs. Arbaugh: Math/Science/Social Studies Contact Information Email: Challenger: (281)485-7912 Conference time: Monday-Thursday 9:00-9:45 TEACHER CONTACT INFORMATION: *THE FASTEST WAY WE CAN RESPOND IS BY E-MAIL

3 Dress Code: Please be familiar with the Pearland ISD student dress code and make sure your child is in dress code each day. You can access this on the PISD homepage under student information. Student Dress Code Attendance Policies: The attendance policies are on the Challenger Student handbook linked on the school home page. When your child has a note about their absence they need to let the teacher know first thing in the morning so the student can bring it to the registrar. Absence Policies IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW:

4 Arbaugh’s Homeroom Schedule: 8:00-8:10 Announcements/Planner 8:10-9:00 Math-Arbaugh 9:00 -9:45 Specials 9:45-10:35 Math-Arbaugh 10:35 Switch Classes 10:35-11:50 Reading-Meninger 12:00-12:30 Lunch 12:33-12:48 Recess 12:40-1:05 Reading-Meninger 1:05-1:50 Writing-Meninger 1:50 Switch Classes 1:55-2:45 Science/SS-Arbaugh 2:45 Pack up for dismissal DAILY SCHEDULES: Meninger’s Homeroom Schedule: 8:00-8:10 Announcements/Planner 8:10-8:55 Reading-Meninger 9:00-9:45 Specials 9:45-10:30 Reading-Meninger 10:35 Switch Classes 10:35-11:50 Math- Arbaugh 11:57-12:27 Lunch 12:30-12:45 Recess 12:45-1:05 Math-Arbaugh 1:05-1:50 Science/SS-Arbaugh 1:50 Switch Classes 1:55-2:45 Writing-Meninger 2:45 Pack up for dismissal

5 What to expect home each day… Each day students will bring home their planner and yellow take-home folder. Bringing home both daily is a part of your child’s daily work habits and responsibilities. Mondays your child is given both the reading and math homework packets. They are expected to place both in the ‘Homework’ pocket of the daily folder. Every Tuesday your child will bring home all graded papers and school notes.

6 CONDUCT AND WORK HABITS: Conduct and work habits are given a letter grade on your child’s report card. Each infraction your child receives will be noted daily in their conduct folder with an explanation why he or she was given the mark. Please take the time to discuss with your child why good behavior and work habits are important. Conduct Rules: Work Habit Rules: 1.Follow directions9. Turn in work/homework on time. 2.Follow directions outside of 10. Be responsible for supplies. the classroom.11. Return materials to school. 3.Raise your hand12. Use time wisely. 4.Use appropriate language13. Keep work space neat and organized. 5.Use an appropriate tone 6.Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself 7. Remain in assigned location 8. Obey all drill procedures

7 Planners and Conduct Sheets (continued): Students are expected to take their planners home and return it to school every day. Students will write in their planner to keep track of homework assignments, spelling words, upcoming events, and special reminders. Please initial the planners every Monday. Please initial your child’s conduct sheet in their yellow folders everyday so we know you see their daily conduct. If your child has a conduct mark, we will write the code of the infraction. We encourage you to talk to your child about their choices and set goals to make better choices in the future.

8 HOMEWORK/SPELLING: Each student will bring home 1 math and 1 reading homework packet in the ‘Homework’ pocket in their yellow daily folders. Reading homework is a packet that is due on Friday. There is 20 minutes of reading a night, 2 spelling jobs and cursive practice. When we get closer to STAAR the cursive will be replaced by reading passages and other reading/language practice sheets. Math homework is a packet that is due on Friday. The packet will contain only math. Spelling lists will be distributed on Mondays. There will be 2 spelling jobs your child is required to complete as part of their homework. The jobs may change as new skills are taught, so please look at the bottom of the spelling lists. Spelling tests will be given on Fridays and will count towards 10% of the Language grade. There are 3 places to see the weekly spelling lists- written by student each week in planner, in the weekly homework packet and on the Spelling City website linked on Mrs. Meninger’ webpage. Mrs. Meninger's Spelling City Page I also recommend a spelling spiral for the students to do their weekly spelling work in.Mrs. Meninger's Spelling City Page Vocabulary terms will be given out for practice I will be sending home more information about vocabulary work soon. *Homework is an important part of 3rd grade. Please make sure your child is completing their homework weekly.

9 THE DAILY 5: In reading, the classroom structure I use is called the Daily 5. You will hear your child talking about the Daily 5 at home. The Daily 5 is a literacy structure that teaches independence and creates a lifelong love of reading and writing (my main goal for each child this year)! We will be learning about the Daily 5 choices individually for the next several weeks. We will spend a lot of time modeling and practicing being independent while doing the Daily 5 choices. The choices are read-to-self, work- on-writing, read-to-someone, listen-to-reading and word work. After we launch the Daily 5 and all students are engaged in reading and writing, I will meet with students. I will work with students in groups and individually to work on different goals and participate in guided reading and book clubs. I will also conference with students for writing and set writing goals. The results of this structure is very effective and the students look forward to the Daily 5. They take great pride in meeting and exceeding reading and writing goals throughout the year.

10 STUDY HALL: We will provide study hall during recess time. If your child is not completing their work, they will go to study hall until they have completed all their assignments (this includes homework). Also, if they need to correct failing grades the teacher will re-teach the skill and they will have one opportunity to pull the grade up to a maximum score of 70%. They may also be assigned study hall to complete work they missed when they were absent. It is not a punishment, but an opportunity to get caught up and avoid zeroes in the gradebook.

11 STAAR TEST: Third graders are required to take the Reading and Math STAAR tests in April. More information will be shared throughout the year as we get closer to the test. We will begin ‘formally’ preparing in January.

12 OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Snack: Students are allowed to bring a healthy snack to eat. Please do not send sugary foods like cookies, candy, etc. Please remember that it needs to be something that the child can eat while continuing to work on his/her assignments. Students may only have water in the classroom. Birthdays: Please do not send food items. You may send goodie bags, items like pencils, erasers, bookmarks, etc. Jackets: Your child is encouraged to bring a light jacket since some rooms are chilly. Please write your child’s name in the jacket and remind your child it is their responsibility to keep up with it. Also, their jackets have to be a solid color. Chapter Book Study: We will be doing a study of 2 chapter books as a class this year. We will provide a copy of the first book. However, we are asking parents to purchase your child a copy of the last one We will send home more information later. The book is Charlotte’s Web and we will read it after the STAAR test in April.


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