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Welcome to Open House! 2014-2015 MR. Smrekar and Mrs. Bond.

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2 Welcome to Open House! 2014-2015 MR. Smrekar and Mrs. Bond

3 Red Folders Monday-Thursday- Used for homework and daily assignments that are checked by the students as we explain on the smartboard. Friday- Will be used to send home assignments and activities that were completed during the week. Homework assignments should be brought home in the “Return to School” side of folder. Students are responsible for getting this out of their blue cubbies and home safely at the end of the day. Students get plenty of reminders.

4 Main Purpose of Agenda To write homework in daily. To write the week’s Spelling list on Mondays. To write important dates relating to the class. Communication Uses Updates you (parent) on your child’s day. Contains notes from us to you.(if needed) Anything very important will be communicated through phone, Remind101, or email.

5 Money Rewards/ School Store Color System 3 rd Grade gives money for good behavior and can take money for the opposite. We have a color system : Blue - Excellent=$2.00 Green - Expected Behavior=$1.00 (if not moved down 1 st) Yellow -made a mistake (Under most circumstances children get warnings before this happens) Red- Repeated Bad Choices School Store Students will be allowed to sell or buy items. Happens towards the end of every quarter. The more they earn, the more they can buy! You will receive a permission slip for your child’s participation.

6 Snacks This is a peanut Free classroom No child will be allowed to eat peanut products in this classroom Snack time will be around 9:10 daily Please send a healthy snack (we can’t provide for you) Please send water or sugar free drinks only Sugar contained in fruit is perfectly ok!

7 Lunch 10:45-11:15 Visitors lunch cost is $3.25. (Any Age) Students are only allowed 1 condiment and can only get up for water. Elementary School1 Day1 Week4 Weeks90 Days Student Breakfast$1.25$6.25$25.00$112.50 Student Lunch$2.15$10.75$43.00$193.50 Student Breakfast & Lunch$3.40$17.00$68.00$306.00

8 Birthdays! Feel free to bring in a treat for your child’s birthday. Plan on distributing during lunch. However, we will help your child hand out treats if you can’t make it during that time. Important: To avoid hurt feelings, birthday party invitations can only be distributed at school if (at least) everyone of that gender is included.

9 Transportation Walkers will gather on Kindergarten playground beginning next week. Emails can’t be accepted as notes for transportation. Please send a written note if transportation is changing for your child. No changes can be made after 2:00. If a child is unsure about transportation and we have not been advised he or she will be placed in ASP to guarantee safety. We will always try to contact you first. Car riders must be picked up by someone with a car tag. Otherwise, you will be required to go into the office to pick up your child. Cooperation with these procedures will help ensure the safety of our wonderful students. Please note that parents and students can’t go back into classrooms after 2:45. Please do not drive into the bus port during the mornings or during dismissal.

10 Absences and Tardies Please send in a note dated for when your child is absent explaining why they were absent. If a student arrives after the 7:50 tardy bell he or she must sign in at the front office. We will check for a tardy passes of students who arrive a few minutes after the 7:50 tardy bell.

11 Learning within the Classroom! Differentiation will be implemented, as needed, for all students. We will have many opportunities for small group instruction in all curriculum areas. Past experience shows that children perform much better in small group settings. Students will be challenged based on their instructional level as opposed to being plateaued or left behind. We are excited about the opportunity to work together with your child!

12 Other Announcements  School begins at 7:50. School is dismissed at 2:15.  Our lunch time is: 10:45-11:15 Our specials time is: 1:00-1:45  My email address is and Mrs. Bond can be reached at Please email either of us if you have any questions, comments, and or concerns. We are very approachable and want what is best for your child and the  Please visit our website as we will keep you updated on what we are learning and practicing in class. If you would like to receive text reminders, please take the remind 101 sheet. There will not be a reading log this year. You will know what book your child is reading per his or her agenda. Rocket Reader forms will come home as soon as we get them. Media Center will be on Fridays. Target students will be allowed time on Thursday to check out books. Target students will be asked to log in to Spelling City to take their spelling test on Friday mornings before they leave for Target.. Writing Lab and Computer lab will be every other week. Writing Lab is a supplement to what we teach in class. Writing will still take place in class, daily. Picture day is August 21! Dress them nice and send their million dollar smile To sign up to be a Watchdog dad volunteer please go to this link.

13 Important Forms Clinic Card Emergency Dismissal (Blue) Receipt of Parent Info Information sheet 3 rd Grade Collection Envelope

14 Spelling City and IXL Please see the first page of your child’s agenda for their username and password to these very beneficial websites! If you have log on issues feel free to email us and we will get it straightened out for you

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