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Mrs. Salazar’s First Grade

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1 Mrs. Salazar’s First Grade
Welcome to orientation!

2 Who is Mrs. Salazar? I am the mother of two beautiful little girls, Kathryn and Elizabeth, and a wife of 11 years. We have lived in this area for 10 years. I received my bachelors in Elementary Education with honors from Athens State University in 2006 and my masters from University of West Alabama in This is my 6th year of teaching and I have been a first grade teacher that long too. I enjoy being with my family, attending church events, and reading on a rainy day.


4 Take Note! The following is important information that you will need to know for the school year. Please be courteous and save questions until the end. Feel free to take notes or write down questions you may have. We do not have a lot of time. If you need to speak with me in length please schedule a conference.

5 Arrival / Dismissal School begins promptly at 7:50.
Students not in the classroom by 8:00 will be marked tardy. Do not drop students off in the back after gates are closed at 7:45. All transportation changes must be made before 2:15 each day. Car riders must be picked up by 3:00 or they will be sent to after school care. A fee will be charged for car riders who have to be sent to after school care.

6 Transportation Changes
The following information must be provided for a bus change: student’s name, address, phone #, teacher’s name, and bus #. Bus drivers will not accept students without this information.

7 Instruction is only effective if students are here to receive it!
Attendance Instruction is only effective if students are here to receive it! Perfect attendance will be defined as zero tardies and no more than two check-ins each nine weeks. Tardies: A doctor’s note is required for check-ins.

8 Absences If your child is absent you must send a written note, , or phone call. All notes must be sent with the child within 3 days after returning from their absence. Students are allotted only 10 days of excused notes without a doctor’s note. After 10 days students will receive unexcused absences unless a doctors excuse is provided. Prior permission must be given by Dr. Jones for student absences that are not due to illness or family death.

9 Unexcused Absences Upon your child’s first unexcused absence you will be notified of the violation with a warning letter. After 5 unexcused absences a letter will be sent requiring you to attend a meeting at the Madison County Career Technical Center. Make-up work shall be permitted for excused absences only.

10 Student / Parent Handbook
Please read over the Student / Parent Handbook with your child and promptly sign and return the form in the back of the handbook. You will receive a classroom handbook that you need to read with your child and it is to stay in the student’s notebook.

11 Tidbits to Know If your child has a medical condition and needs a rolling backpack please see the nurse and Dr. Jones. Cell phones are not to be taken out of back packs. Please contact your child through the school if needing to speak with him/her. When visiting or volunteering you must always sign-in and receive a badge. You need to go directly to your stated location on the sign-in sheet. You may begin volunteering and eating lunch with your child after September 1st.

12 Tidbits to Know (continued)
Lunch cost is $2.00 for student meals. Extra lunch items may be purchased for an additional cost. Breakfast cost is $1.50. Breakfast is over at 7:45. You may walk your child to school only on Monday, August 15th. Conferences and Concerns: Please allow teachers to be the first contact with classroom concerns.

13 This classroom is a place for learning, growing, and sharing.
Our Classroom This classroom is a place for learning, growing, and sharing. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated (including but not limited to) Distractions to self, peers, and instruction Physical or verbal disrespect or violence All students are expected to participate, follow the rules, and have appropriate behavior. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given. Be respectful to other students and teachers. Be on your best behavior throughout the school. Use appropriate voices. Follow school-wide rules.

14 School/Home Communication
SEUSS book: A notebook sent home and returned every day that contains all papers, forms, and money transferred between home and school. Weekly Newsletter: Includes important reminders and dates, and homework or project schedule. Monthly calendar: Includes special dates, holidays, classroom birthdays, and library days.

15 Classroom Tidbits Snack is optional, but donated snacks for students who do not bring one is appreciated. Snacks must be of nutritional value. (no sodas, chocolate bars, gum, cheesy chips, cakes or cupcakes) Students who bring a lunch will not have access to a microwave or refrigerator. Classroom supplies go fast any donations are greatly appreciated. Hot items are: Copy paper, individual color packs of construction paper and copy paper, paper towels, Kleenex, $ gift cards, donations to classroom account

16 Contacting ME Mrs. Amanda Salazar
School Phone: Please do not call my classroom during the school day unless it is an emergency. Best time to talk: 7:25-7:40 am, 11:00-11:30, or 2:45-3:00. Webpage:

17 The Most Important Thing:
READ with your child nightly. Read to them! Read with them! Have them read to you! Ask questions about what they read. (before, during, and after reading) Read a variety of materials. Books, magazines, newspapers, menus, cereal boxes, billboard signs, etc.

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