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The stability and protection of the Roman Empire was shattered by: Invasions of Barbarians.

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1 The stability and protection of the Roman Empire was shattered by: Invasions of Barbarians.

2 This is the name for the system that arose in the Middle Ages to provide security and protection on a local level: FEUDALISM

3 A lord gave land to a vassal in exchange for: 1. Military service 2. A percentage of crops 3. Administration of courts 4. Fee collection

4 The origin of serfdom in which people are bound to work the land for a particular landowner is: The Roman Latifundia and Slavery system.

5 This was the name for the stable, self-sufficient economic system in the Middle Ages: The Manor

6 The 3 major classes in the Middle Ages with their separate roles: 1. The Clergy – spiritual guidance 2. The Nobles – protection and justice 3. The Peasants – agricultural labor

7 Typically, the nobles attained their tiles and lands in this manner: Inheritance

8 T or F: The church could hold manor lands and church officials could serve as vassals. TRUE! The Catholic church amassed great wealth and many land holdings during the Middle Ages!

9 With his Carolingian Renaissance, this king emphasized learning, Christianity and revived Roman culture: Charlemagne

10 On Christmas Day of 800AD, this official crowned Charlemagne, thus establishing the power of the Church: POPE

11 Charlemagne was crowned with this title: Holy Roman Emperor

12 With powers such as excommunication and interdict, this institution held authority over Europeans: The Catholic Church

13 The name of the treaty that divided Charlemagne’s empire between his GRANDsons (although the SOL says it’s between his sons, ARGH): Treaty of Verdun

14 These defensive structures provided protection from invaders such as the Vikings and Magyars: Castles

15 Viking and Magyars settled in 1._____________ while the Angles and Saxons settled in 2.____________. 1. Mainland Europe 2. England

16 Medieval society was an interesting combination of these 3 traditions: Roman Roman Christian Christian Germanic Germanic

17 The concept of a united Christendom meant that loyalty to the ________ came before loyalty to the government. Catholic Church

18 St. Benedict is a founder of a: Monastery

19 Monks were engaged in illumination and copying of ancient manuscripts and helped to preserve secular works from ancient: Greece and Rome

20 The Latin alphabet and the Christian faith were carried to the Germanic tribes and the Celts by ________________ Missionaries

21 The parish priests administered the 7 ___________, essential for salvation. Sacraments

22 English king who united most of Medieval England after he successfully conquered it William the Conqueror

23 Law code of medieval England that applied to ALL citizens, begun by Henry II COMMON LAW

24 English king forced by nobles to sign the Magna Carta which limited the kings powers KINGJOHN

25 War between England and France that helped define both as strong nations 100 YEARS’ WAR

26 French king who established throne in Paris and gradually gained control of all of France HUGH CAPET

27 Peasant girl turned soldier who unified France during the 100 Years’ War JOANOFARC

28 Spanish monarchs who unified Spain as a Christian nation by kicking out Jews and Muslim Moors Ferdinand & Isabella

29 Russian tsar who overthrew the Mongols, made his capital in Moscow and expanded Russia IVANTHEGREAT

30 Pope whose speech called for the Crusades POPE URBAN II

31 Why the Pope called Christian soldiers to join the Crusades Muslims had taken Jerusalem

32 Outcome of the 1 st Crusade Christians re- captured Jerusalem but many returned home and Muslims took it back again

33 Muslim leader the Crusaders lost Jerusalem to SALADIN

34 Why Crusaders sacked Constantinople in the 4 th Crusade They wanted the city’s wealth.

35 *Population declined *scarce labor *decline of feudalism *Church loses influence *trade decreased Results of the Black Death

36 *literate *worked in monasteries *translated Classic works into Latin CHURCH SCHOLARS

37 *Increased demand for luxury items from Mid East *credit and banks now used $$ effects of the Crusades

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