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© Stephen Bourne 2009 a better community …together © Building.

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1 © Stephen Bourne 2009 a better community …together © Building

2 © Stephen Bourne 2009 Youth Clubs The elderly UNICEF or other childrens charities Places of Worship AIDS support Hospices People with Visual Impairment People with disabilities World Wildlife Fund Scouting Movement Cancer Research School Playground equipment Are you raising money for Do you have a Community Fundraising Project that needs financial support?


4 © Stephen Bourne 2009 FM Group was founded in 2004 and is a totally debt-free, privately-owned, £multi-million, family-run company with its headquarters in Poland About FM Group

5 © Stephen Bourne 2009 FM Group have more than 40 offices in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Far East … and more offices are being opened every year Where are the FM Group

6 © Stephen Bourne 2009 What We Do FM Group have built a huge, ethical business marketing a unique range of high quality perfumes and toiletries for the whole family Their products are sold directly to consumers by more than 300,000 independent distributors in over 40 countries around the world

7 © Stephen Bourne 2009 What We Do By cutting out the high street stores, customers buy quality products at realistic prices These independent distributors are paid a commission for introducing the FM range of products to customers

8 © Stephen Bourne 2009 … pays Tiger Woods £53 million to endorse Nike? … pays David Beckham £5 million to endorse Motorola? … pays Nicole Kidman £15 million to endorse Chanel N O 5? … YOU DO! Who Do You Think …

9 © Stephen Bourne 2009 … pays for perfume counters and demonstrators? … pays for the billions spent on advertising? AGAIN … YOU DO! Who Do You Think …

10 © Stephen Bourne 2009 instead, they put this money to good use by supporting fundraising projects in the community FM Group do not spend money on advertising celebrity endorsements over-the-top packaging FM Groups policy

11 © Stephen Bourne 2009 How Do People Hear About Us? When customers buy our products and enjoy them, they tell others - it is that simple By REFERRAL By REFERRAL - the most powerful form of advertising in the world!

12 © Stephen Bourne 2009 We give back to the community Our Community Fundraising Programme is, therefore, our way of contributing back into the community as a means of saying, `Thank You FM Group is well aware that its success is due to the loyalty of its customers - it obviously could not survive without their ongoing support

13 © Stephen Bourne 2009 Billions of people around the world already buy perfumes and toiletries on a regular basis We want to encourage them to change to our products whilst at the same time supporting worthwhile organisations like yours What we are trying to achieve

14 © Stephen Bourne 2009 FM Group offer an opportunity to small or large organisations that work for the benefit of others to be included in their Community Fundraising Programme How does the Community Fundraising Programme work? … WITHOUT RISK OR OBLIGATION

15 © Stephen Bourne 2009 It does not matter how big or how small your organisation is … whether it is local, national or international… as long as it is, in the companys opinion, ethical, moral and legal FM Group want to help raise substantial amounts of money for worthwhile causes on an ongoing basis How does the Community Fundraising Programme work?

16 © Stephen Bourne 2009 Subject to FM Groups registration of your organisation every time someone in your organisation buys product from FM Group – you earn money How does the Community Fundraising Programme work?

17 © Stephen Bourne 2009 How does it work? Register with FM Group Buy a Sample Kit (optional) Inform your supporters Supporters place orders with you Supporters pay you You place orders weekly They collect from you the following week

18 © Stephen Bourne 2009 How does it work? When someone buys a Classic bottle of perfume for only £10.50 … you earn £3.50 When someone buys a Luxury bottle of perfume for only £14.99 … you earn £4.99 When someone buys a beautiful Body Lotion for only £5.99 … you earn £1.69

19 © Stephen Bourne 2009 So the idea is to promote this as much as possible… so that you earn as much as possible! This programme is open to ANYONE who wants to buy our products via your group They can be supporters, family members, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, even total strangers – it does not matter! How does it work?

20 © Stephen Bourne 2009 Many fundraising projects are run by, and supported by, volunteers and so we offer practical support in many different ways How we support you We have Team Members who will speak to your supporters on your behalf about what we have to offer them and how it will benefit your organisation For example:

21 © Stephen Bourne 2009 We will produce master copies of any leaflets, price lists, flyers, etc that you may want to use - and we will personalise them for your organisation How we support you We will even hold Perfume Parties for you

22 © Stephen Bourne 2009 What would you be expected to do Just make sure that everyone has the details by giving them flyers, letters, holding meetings, leaving information on notice boards, etc This programme is designed so that there is a minimal amount of effort required on your part Tell everyone about this programme and encourage them to buy our products The more product people buy, the more profit you make

23 © Stephen Bourne 2009 What happens next If you would like to apply for registration, please ask one of the Team for a `Community Fundraising Application Form Complete this and send it to us and we will submit this straight away for approval and get back to you promptly Approval of any application is at the sole discretion of FM Group. FM Groups decision is final

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