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Together Awards Supporting Social Entrepreneurs in UCLan.

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1 Together Awards Supporting Social Entrepreneurs in UCLan

2 Together Awards

3 HE Support Programme A new initiative to help establish an effective eco-system for the development and growth of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise activity within HEIs in England

4 Together Awards UnLtd Mission To reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live

5 Together Awards UCLan one of 50 HEIs awarded funding Funding is to Find, Fund and Support Social Entrepreneurs Want to build a support network Students, staff or recent graduates Individuals or groups Connected to a community organisation or not

6 Together Awards Focus on Entrepreneurial people Who are working for social benefit And area solution to a need

7 Together Awards What is Social Impact? The effect of an activity on the on a community(ies) and well-being of individual people and families Projects and activities which have a long lasting effect

8 Together Awards HE Social Entrepreneurship Awards are for people who are: students, staff or recent graduates (graduated within 1 year) over the age of 16 living in the UK for the duration of the project who are individuals or part of an informal group

9 Together Awards For people who want to run projects: that benefit the public or a community in the UK that demonstrate a connection to UCLan and the Higher Education Sector that need a HE Social Entrepreneurship Award to ensure their success that offer a learning opportunity for the applicant(s) that are a new initiative – not a continuation of ongoing operations that are not part of their paid employment that are an entrepreneurial solution to a social problem that will instigate social impact or social change that do not carry out activities outside the law, against public policy or anything that fosters ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony

10 Together Awards General guideline on allowable expenses: The primary purpose of spending Award funds must be to help meet the social aims of the project and to provide a learning opportunity for the applicant. Capital Purchases: If you aim to buy general assets for their project (items costing over £100), we will ask that you get 3 quotes for the item and at the end of the project you return it to the funder or donate it to the community (e.g. school, community centre, charity) unless the project continues, in which case it remains with the project. Funding from other sources: Please be aware that we will consider match-funding (giving 50% of your required amount, while another funder gives the other 50%), but it is unlikely we will consider partial funding, where we would be one of several funders of your project.

11 Together Awards Some allowable expenses Insurance Relevant equipment Venue hire Advertising & publicity Printing Equipment hire Materials Volunteer expenses UK Travel & subsistence

12 Together Awards Some allowable expenses Mentoring & support Some capital costs and overheads, i.e. rent, utilities IT equipment Purchase of land Company formation Registration fees

13 Together Awards Not allowable Formal academic qualifications, tuition fees and bursaries Development of academic courses or curriculum Funding of places on programmes, e.g. Raleigh International or Common Purpose Training – unless it is in support of the project (this is at the funder’s discretion)

14 Together Awards Not allowable Top-up funding for an existing project Payment for loss of earnings, professional fees or other costs leading to personal financial gain Payments to contractors or third parties. Funds may be used to employ others where it is integral to the project and the applicant retains primary responsibility

15 Together Awards UCLan Approach Management Team Anne Newman – futures, Academic Development & Employability Julia Stickley – Northern Lights, Innovation & Enterprise Sally Bate – Lancashire Business School

16 Together Awards Funding £25,000 from UnLtd and £8,000 from UCLan Try It – up to maximum of £500 Do It – up to maximum of £2,000

17 Together Awards Process Innovation Labs to develop and focus ideas Application Form giving more information and breakdown of expected expenditure Panel to assess applications and make awards UnLtd support if required Ongoing support tailored to applicants

18 Together Awards Process Reporting on progress Management of funding Final report on achievements Reflection on outcomes

19 Together Awards Expected Benefits UCLan Raise awareness Create resources Establish network & infrastructure Raise the profile Build community links and relationships

20 Together Awards Expected Benefits Staff Enhancing teaching Increasing research opportunities & impact Personal and professional development

21 Together awards Expected Benefits Students Improving employability Benefitting studies Employment opportunities

22 Together Awards Next Stage 1 st Lab 14 th November – then 30 Jan, 17 April, 5 June Panels – on a regular basis to respond to applications Network – next meeting January 16 th – then3 Apr, 22 May

23 Together Awards Communications Anne Newman 01772 895376 Julia Stickley 01772 895957 Sally Bate 01772 894768

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