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© Stephen Bourne 2009 Door-to-Door Market Surveys.

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1 © Stephen Bourne 2009 Door-to-Door Market Surveys

2 © Stephen Bourne 2009 A stranger is exactly that – a stranger. If you are invited to enter their premises tell them, I really would like to but I have targets to meet and I must finish this survey today. Lets make an appointment and I will come back to see you about FM and answer any questions you may have. Never go alone to a strangers home – take a colleague, relative or friend with you. Make sure your mobile phone is switched on and fully charged at all times. Make sure you have left the prospects name, address, their telephone number and your mobile number with someone you trust. VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT ENTER A STRANGERS HOME ALONE – NO MATTER HOW NICE THEY SEEM

3 © Stephen Bourne 2009 Ask them to call you on your mobile (if you have one) 30 minutes after the time of your appointment with `a message to call John Smith after your appointment (this is just to check that you are ok). Always call them back when you have left the premises and let them know that you are ok. This information is not to scare you but to make you aware that your safety is of the utmost importance to us all – this information is to help make you be bit more streetwise. VERY IMPORTANT

4 © Stephen Bourne 2009 OBJECT OF SURVEY Primarily to get customers Potentially sign up business builders

5 © Stephen Bourne 2009 PERFUME Hello, my name is [your name] [show official FM Identity Badge with your photo on] and I am working with ONE OF THE LARGEST PERFUME SUPPLIERS IN THE WORLD who have recently launched in the UK. FREE GIFT NATIONAL SURVEY IN RETURN FOR A SMALL FREE GIFT, I would like to take up just 2 minutes of your time as we are carrying out a NATIONAL SURVEY on perfume preferences – WOULD THAT BE ALRIGHT WITH YOU? <><><> The above is a GUIDELINE for you to follow - you can change it to suit your own personality and experience. The important things to remember are: The persons immediate reaction to seeing you will be to say, No thank you before you have even opened your mouth … so … With a smile on your face, deliver a VERY, VERY SHORT speech as above and make sure you include the KEY WORDS as shown in red bold capitals. THE SCRIPT

6 © Stephen Bourne 2009 By introducing the word `PERFUME as quickly as possible in your introduction, you are immediately distancing yourself from double glazing, insurance, Kleeneze and other reps Mentioning `FREE GIFT will often keep their door open! Mentioning `NATIONAL SURVEY gives strength and legitimacy to you being at their door Keep the Survey going quickly but do not rush. LOOK AND FEEL LIKE YOU ARE IN CONTROL - ask the question, fill in the details and move on to the next person. If they want some more information make sure you have your Sample Kit, catalogues, sample bottles, several `Regular Prices of Other Brands 2- Page, etc to hand If you are invited into the house be careful – they are strangers and you should not go in alone. See IMPORTANT NOTICE THE SCRIPT

7 © Stephen Bourne 2009 Do not ask if they are working – they do not know you and will not want to give you any information about themselves that they feel is risky Would you give your details to a stranger? Do not make them feel uncomfortable THE SCRIPT

8 © Stephen Bourne 2009 THE SURVEY FORM

9 © Stephen Bourne 2009 THE SURVEY FORM

10 © Stephen Bourne 2009 THE SURVEY FORM

11 © Stephen Bourne 2009 THE SURVEY FORM

12 © Stephen Bourne 2009 THE VOUCHER

13 © Stephen Bourne 2009 THE VOUCHER

14 © Stephen Bourne 2009 VOUCHER RECORD SHEET

15 © Stephen Bourne 2009 `THANK YOU leaflet If you would like to receive a copy of our latest catalogue, or would like to buy from our extensive range of perfumes and toiletries for women, men or children - or would even like to know how becoming a part-time or full-time Perfume Consultant with FM Group can change your life, please contact the person above.

16 © Stephen Bourne 2009 `SORRY WE MISSED YOU leaflet

17 © Stephen Bourne 2009 `SORRY WE MISSED YOU leaflet Sorry we missed you – our marketer called as part of a national survey we are carrying out regarding perfumes and we wanted your valuable input into it. If you have a couple of minutes available we would greatly appreciate the opportunity of speaking to you. If you call the person above and leave your name and telephone number, they will call you back and take just 2 minutes of your time.

18 © Stephen Bourne 2009 CLIPBOARD LEAFLET

19 © Stephen Bourne 2009 After you have completed the Survey in any street, contact the most positive person you spoke to and say, `x number of people in your area liked the products/love perfume and we are looking for someone in this area to service the potential customers – would you be interested? If not, speak to the next most positive person you spoke to, etc. FOLLOW UP

20 © Stephen Bourne 2009 EXPECT A LOT OF REJECTION – if you do, you may be pleasantly surprised! At the worst, you will not be disappointed if things did not go well - because you expected a lot of rejection. DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW! FOLLOW UP

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