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FOUNDATION TRUST Public Consultation October 20 th 2008 – 27 th February 2009.

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1 FOUNDATION TRUST Public Consultation October 20 th 2008 – 27 th February 2009

2 Who are we? What is a Foundation Trust? Why Become a Foundation Trust? How this will affect service users, carers, the public and staff Becoming a Member Membership Groups ‘Constituencies’ Governors How Do We Become a Foundation Trust? Tell Us What You Think

3 BRADFORD DISTRICT CARE TRUST Who are we? We provide health and social care services for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities Our services are based in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven

4 We see nearly 50,000 people a year We have 2,700 staff We spend £128.5 million

5 What is a Foundation Trust? A Foundation Trust is fully part of the NHS A Foundation Trust has to answer to local people Service users, carers, staff and the public can have their voices heard by becoming members

6 Members will be able to vote for the people they want to speak up for them. These people are called ‘Governors’. Governors will speak up for people and help make plans for the Trust. The Trust will be able to make more of their own choices about how they spend their money PLAN

7 Why Become a Foundation Trust? People will have more of a say in how things are run because we will have better ways of listening to their views. We can work to change how people think about mental health

8 We will be able to plan services for the future, based on what local people need We will have more control over our business

9 How this will affect Service Users, Carers and the Public Become a member so you can have your voice heard Be voted on to the Board of Governors so you can speak up for others As a service user, carer or member of the public, you will have more say in how the Trust works. You can…

10 You can get more involved in making decisions and planning our services We will be able to fight the stigma of mental health and make our local community more aware

11 We will make sure there are more ways for staff to tell us their views, straight from bottom to top Staff governors will speak up for staff from all areas and in all jobs How this will affect staff Staff Views

12 The Trust will be able to listen to staff views and know about the most important changes that need to be made If staff help us to save money for the trust, this can be put back in to the services and used locally People’s jobs will not change and their pension scheme will not be affected

13 Becoming a Member What this can mean for you Anyone aged over 14 can become a member Being a member means that you can vote for the people you want to speak up for you. You will also be kept up to date about news from the Trust

14 Membership is free All you have to do is fill in a form Being a member gives you the chance to help us, and to have your say about our services

15 Membership Groups ‘Constituencies’ You can only be a member of one group. So you would need to decide which group you fit into best – Service user – Carers – Staff – Member of the Public Service user Member of the public

16 Members of the public will be split into smaller groups called ‘Public Constituencies’ We will have 7 groups ‘public constituencies’: - 1. Keighley 2. Shipley 3. Bradford West 4. Bradford South 5. Bradford East 6. Craven 7. Rest of England and Wales

17 Governors Governors will:- - Act as a spokesperson for the Trust - Be involved in improving services - Help us to plan how we will work - Help us to decide who will be the bosses. (Including the Chair and Chief Executive Officer).

18 Council of Governors The council of Governors will all be involved in making decisions about the trust. We suggest there should be 35 governors 4 service user governors 2 carer governors 8 staff governors 12 public governors (split into areas) 9 appointed governors (chosen from organisations who want to speak up for local interests)


20 Staff Governors We suggest that we should have 8 Staff Governors working in the following areas: - 1. Learning Disabilities 2. Adults 3. Substance Misuse 4. Forensic Mental Health 5. Young People 6. Older People 7 & 8 Support Services (2)

21 9 Chosen ‘Appointed’ Governors It has been suggested that a person from each of these organisations should be chosen as a governor:- –Bradford Metropolitan Council (2) –Bradford and Airedale Teaching Primary Care Trust –North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust

22 –Job centre Plus –Sharing Voices –Bradford University –Craven Voluntary Action –Barnardos

23 How Do We Become a Foundation Trust? The Strategic Health Authority will decide if we can go ahead with our application They will look at how we manage our money and our plans to involve service users, carers and the public

24 If we pass this first test, we will then be checked by ‘Monitor’. Monitor is the ‘Independent Regulator of Financial Trusts’. Monitor will want to check that we will run the business properly, before they will let us become a Foundation Trust They will also keep checking on our work afterwards

25 Tell Us What You Think We would really like to know what you think… Do you agree with how we will involve members and governors? Do you agree with how we will choose Governors? These questions are included in the consultation document. FT

26 Let us know your comments Now! By letter By e-mail or phone. You can find out more about this consultation by reading the booklet provided or looking on our website FT

27 Easy read presentation developed by The Supported Volunteering Project Keighley & District Volunteer Centre 8 – 10 North Street Keighley BD21 3SE Registered Charity No: 1090144 Pictures from:- Bradford People First Picture Disk 1 Change Picture Bank If you have any questions or if would like some help filling in a membership form, please just ask. Membership Form


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