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Are you tired of living one life and dreaming of another? Are you dreaming of better things for you & your family? A nicer home Overseas vacations That.

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1 Are you tired of living one life and dreaming of another? Are you dreaming of better things for you & your family? A nicer home Overseas vacations That dream car Education for your children Being your own boss, controlling your own time More money to give to charity Whatever your dreams are – GNLD will empower you to achieve them!


3 GNLD is a Network Marketing company Network Marketing is very often misunderstood, so here is a simple explanation of how it works. Imagine if your local supermarket offered you a 20% discount on everything you purchase from them, in return for registering with them. A good deal! Imagine now that they offered the same deal to all your family, friends and colleagues – wouldn’t you’d be happy to refer them? By the way - do you have a loyalty card (from a retail chain store) and are you a member of a rewards programme (like a frequent flyer programme)? Now imagine that your supermarket decided to pay you a commission on everything your family & friends purchase, because you referred them and helped the supermarket increase turnover! Well, that’s exactly how Network marketing works. You get discount on all your purchases and you get commission on the purchases of all those you refer to the Network Marketing company – in this case GNLD International.

4 GNLD International offers you: - +50 years experience in their industry (founded in 1958 & totally debt free!) Operations in over 50 countries - a truly global opportunity! All administrative tasks done for you No set targets – you determine your own The best paying marketing plan of its kind in the industry

5 GNLD manufacture and supply high quality consumable products in the following ranges: - - nutrition - herbals - weight management - skin & personal care - home care GNLD’s unique Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) oversees every stage of research & manufacture, ensuring the very best quality & purity.

6 GNLD has over 30 world firsts in product development. In nutrition, they are the world leaders in the field of organic, whole food nutritional & herbal products. GNLD’ s home care products are bio-degradable, non- toxic & non- polluting. GNLD’s skin & personal care ranges have been developed in Switzerland and tested in the world’s leading dermatological laboratory in France. GNLD products offer you unsurpassed quality & economy. For more info regarding products and the SAB refer to

7 So what must I do? 3 simple steps 1)BUY DIRECT - Use the products yourself – you’ll save money by buying directly from the manufacturer (GNLD) at wholesale prices. By using them you’ll gain confidence in them. You are, after all, already buying the equivalent products in the stores – at retail prices! 2) INTRODUCE others to the concept of buying direct and saving. More people buying = greater turnover = more commission earned by you.

8 3)SHARE the products with people who don’t want to do the business but who also want to save money. By using them yourself and gaining confidence in the quality & economy, you’ll have no hesitation in recommending them to others. You’ll now make a retail profit, in addition to the commission you earn on turnover.

9 You get a computer buying number from GNLD, entitling you to buy directly from them. Everyone you introduce, and they introduce, (anywhere in the world!) gets a buying number linked to your number. You get credited with everything they buy – thus earning a percentage of the total turnover created. You get paid in whatever currency the turnover is created – you can earn internationally! The turnovers are measured in points (PV) – to avoid the complications that would arise if currencies were used.

10 How much can I earn? It depends on how many people you help – the example below will give you an indication of the basic steps in the marketing plan & the potential earnings. Distributor Manager Senior Manager Director 250PV 1000PV = you + 3 others doing 250PV Accumulate 10000PV with your team in 6 months ending with a month of 4000PV R700.00pm (±US$95) R1300.00pm (±US$170) R6500.00pm (±US$840)

11 It doesn’t stop here: - If you helped 3 other people become Directors, plus yourself – you’d earn R12500.00pm (±US$1600) If you helped 6 other people become Directors and they in turn each helped 3 – you’d have 24 Directors plus yourself - you’d earn +R45000.00 pm (±US$6000) How long would this take? It all depends on you – there are people earning more in less than 2yrs! * the above earnings are calculated using South African prices as at May 2009. The actual earnings will vary world wide according to local prices.

12 What are the benefits ? You’ll save money by buying directly from GNLD and be able to use better quality products You’ll earn residual income by introducing others and earning a percentage of what they do. You’ll enjoy better health by using the world’s best nutritional products You’ll be helping the environment by using GNLD’s home care products You’ll become financially free if you follow the system!

13 How do I start? Contact us at and we’ll supply you with all the info you’ll need to start your own exciting business and introduce you to our training & support system. TODAY COULD BE THE START OF A WHOLE NEW LIFE!

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