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Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Where Does the Money Go?

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1 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Where Does the Money Go?

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered at the end of the session Thank you for your cooperation

3 Introduction Andrea Mulrine Director of Development Operations University of Scranton BANNER school since early 1990s Disclaimer Development Office Data System (DODS)

4 Agenda ERDs Split Rules Hard Credit / Split Credit / Multiple Credit Soft Credit / Memo Credit Matching Gifts Third Party Payments Impact on VSE We wont cover Pledges

5 ERDs Entity Relationship Diagrams Available at ActionWeb

6 ERDs:




10 Hard Credit Legal, tax receiptable credit BANNER forms: – AGCGIFT – APAGHIS

11 Split Rules - AGAIDRL Institution or Individual Based on XREF Multiple (Hard) – Multiple = Hard = Split – AGAGIDS Memo (Soft) – Memo = Soft – AGAGMEM

12 Split Rules - AGAIDRL We use Hard for an Alum We use Soft for all others Things to know: – Hard credit CANT exceed 100% of the gift – Soft credit CAN exceed 100% of the gift BUT the split rule wont process it automatically… youll need to make a manual adjustment to AGAGMEM

13 Split Rules - AGAIDRL 50-50 Suggestion for Married Alumni – 50% hard credit for each spouse – 50% soft credit for each spouse BANNER doesnt handle this – requires manual entry of Memo Credit.

14 Split Rules - AGAIDRL

15 Split Credit Gives HARD Credit away to another constituent Important for counting the number of donors Cant exceed 100% of gift amount BANNER forms: – AGAGIDS – AGCGIFT – APAGHIS



18 AGCGIFT – Gift Detail



21 VSE The amount of the gift MINUS any SPLIT credit given away is the amount counted on the VSE for the donor The SPLIT credit amount is counted on the VSE for the person the credit is given to Both the donor and the person(s) receiving split credit are counted as donors on the VSE

22 Memo Credit Gives SOFT Credit to another constituent Does not add to the count of the number of donors CAN exceed 100% of gift amount BANNER forms: – AGAGMEM – AGCGIFT – APAGHIS



25 AGCGIFT – Gift Detail



28 VSE Only the Hard Credit amount of the gift is counted on the VSE The person receiving Memo Credit is not counted as a donor

29 Matching Gifts The constituent initiating the Matching Gift receives Soft (or Memo) Credit The company giving the Matching Gift receives Hard Credit The Soft Credit amount doesnt count on the VSE The donor receiving Soft Credit doesnt count as a donor on the VSE

30 Third Party Payments Scenario – John Q. Alumnus makes a $100 pledge – John sends a check from his business, Johnnies Apple Pies to fulfill his pledge Choices – Delete the existing pledge and create new pledge/payment for the company (losing the history that the John Q. made the pledge) – Use Third Party Payment

31 Third Party Payments Fulfills an existing pledge Gives Hard Credit to the Payor Gives Hard or Memo Credit to the Pledger - you choose BUT… Gift Societies dont process either Hard or Soft Credit for Third Party Payments

32 Third Party Payments




36 iDODS

37 Hardest Things I Learned Hard = Split = Multiple Soft = Memo Matching Gifts are in the Memo Table How Split Rules are set up makes a big difference TEST, TEST, TEST and TEST AGAIN

38 Best Things I Learned BANNER Users are very kind and take pity on newbies BANNER Users are willing to share their expertise

39 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Open Floor for Other Questions?

40 Pennsylvania BANNER Users Group 2006 Have a great day!

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