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Creating Argos Banded Reports

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1 Creating Argos Banded Reports
10th Anniversary Creating Argos Banded Reports

2 General Announcements:
Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered ….. Thank you for your cooperation

3 Harrisburg Area Community College
Calvin Deiterich (717)

4 What I expect to Cover Reporting Basics Creating a basic banded report
Using Group and Summary Bands Using Sub-detail Bands Grouping around Sub-Detail Bands Making your report look good

5 Reporting Basics The first questions to ask
Why do you need this report? What will the report be used for? What are the data requirement? Parameters? What should the report look like Internal – Working report Internal – Archival report External

6 Other Basic Design Thoughts
Source of data – one or multiple data sources Does it make sense to include all the data elements in one query? Data to always include on the report Run Date User who ran the report The parameters used

7 Student Schedule & Accounting Report
Internal working report Data Elements Student Information – Main Group Header Name ID Schedule Sub-Detail Band 1 – Class Information CRN Subject Code CRSE Number Sub-Detail Band 2 – Meetings Start/End Dates Meeting Data Building & Room Sub-Detail Band 3 – Account DCAT Description DCAT Total Band Footer – Total Student Group Footer Total Credit Hours

8 Items to Remember Always create meaningful labels for your bands & sub-queries Set band colors while designing – can be removed later Work from highest group to lowest group Set band font when creating band Be careful to link bands with the proper parent Using Sub-Detail bands Select the proper dataset & master Make sure datasets are linked to the correct Master Dataset - Example If using higher group footer with total from lower one – set it correctly - Example

9 Open to the Floor Questions Comments

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