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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Direct Deposit for Employees, Students & Vendors.

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1 10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Direct Deposit for Employees, Students & Vendors

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered ….. Thank you for your cooperation

3 The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey New Jersey's Green College Banner 8.0 Banner Finance Evisions Checks – Intellecheck Direct Deposit – email notification Banner HR Evisions Checks – Intellecheck Direct Deposit – not currently using email notification Banner Student Feed student refunds from student to Finance (furapay) Banner Finance implemented FY05

4 Benefits to Direct Deposit Convenience for employees, students and ven dors Green campaign Access to funds sooner – improved service Cost Savings Reduced postage costs Fewer checks to print and handle – saves check stock and toner Bank Reconciliation Reduce escheat Eliminate checks lost in the mail Easier bank reconciliation – no checks to reconcile

5 Team and Project Strategy Roll out Employees with current Payroll Direct Deposit Students with current active Payroll Direct Deposit Students enrolled through Bursars Office Vendors enrolled through Accounts Payable Office Team: Finance Team leader Banner Finance custodian Accounts Payable staff member Consulted/Assisted by: Banking Department/Controllers Office Payroll department Bursars office Purchasing department

6 Starting and Set up Contact Bank for formatting requirements and gather contact names/emails Review NACHA regulation One time set up GXRBANK – Bank Code Rules GTVSDAX – Crosswalk for emails FOMPROF – User profile maintenance TSADETC - Detail code Create enrollment forms to be completed by payment recipient New enrollment or account modification GXVDIRD- Bank Routing Number Validation GXADIRD – Bank Account Numbers for DD recipients GOAEMAL - Email

7 Security Enrollment forms should be kept in secure area Banner Security Create a new class for key individuals in Accounts Payable and Bursar to input banking information on GXADIRD and query of GXVDIRD Individual who can not initiate reimbursement or refund Employee reimbursements Direct pay documents entered by department end users Electronic approvals required through approval queues by Budget Unit Managers Student refunds Automatic feed via FURAPAY Set on TSADETC

8 One time set up GOAEMAL – Email type – maintained by IT FOMPROF – User Profile Maintenance Form Identify A/P staff who should have ACH override TSADETC – Detail code control form Check Direct Deposit on existing refund detail codes Run Accounts Receivable refund process same as usual

9 GXRBANK – one time set up ACH must be checked for every bank issuing direct deposit, payroll has separate bank set up in our Banner system

10 Bank Rule Codes - GXRBANK (options tab) – one time set up EIN # normally used (only useable once per bank) User Assigned for Accounts Payable EIN assigned for Payroll Organization ID number and Origin ID same number – Bank Issued number

11 TSADETC – Student detail code one time set up check for direct deposit student refunds

12 GTVSDAX – one time set up

13 Evisions email Email notification license required (separate from intellecheck) Strongly Recommend the email component Reminder: evisions should be given all email types used at institution during set up ticket Examples RSCA – RSC email alias RSCS – RSC email student VEND – vendor remittance email

14 Occasional Maintenance and Update Handled by Assigned individuals in: Payroll Accounts Payable Bursar

15 GXVDIRD – continual access required for enrollments and modifications Bank Routing Numbers can be added by accessing GXVDIRD direct from menu, insert record

16 GXADIRD – continual access required for enrollments and modifications Previously had DD for payroll, click Accounts Payable to add DD for A/P disbursements Use second bank routing for additional account attached to Accounts Payable or Payroll, check box can be PAYROLL only or ACCOUNTS PAYABLE only

17 FTMVENDGXADIRD Address type and sequence must be the same for Banner to automatically assign direct pay as a direct deposit disbursement.

18 GOAEMAL- create remittance notification email

19 FTMVEND – purchasing attaches email to vendor profile

20 Daily Process How it all works

21 End Users: create Direct Pay then A/P processes document Direct Deposit Status Y This indicator can be automatic when on FTMVEND, the address code on the AP default is the same as the address type on GXADIRD

22 A/P staff: create Direct Pay against PO system processes document Direct Deposit Status Y This indicator can be automatic when on FTMVEND, the address code on the AP default is the same as the address type on GXADIRD

23 Bursar: Student refunds Bursar feeds student refunds to finance A/P runs FURAPAY to pick up feed A/P issues disbursement as usual

24 Accounts Payable Process direct pay documents as normal Process student refunds via FURPAY upload from Bursars Office Strong Suggestion: Direct Deposit and Checks should be processed in separate batch processes

25 Accounts Payable: Direct Deposit Procedures for Accounts Payable Run the following processes: FARINVS – look for direct deposit instead of check on log FAABATC – choose direct deposit only FABCHKS FABCHKR FAPDIRD- IMPORTANT STEP**options, review output, show document, save & print, File:save as type: TXT (*.txt) file on desk top (this is sent to bank) FAPTREG FARDIRD – email creation FABCHKR FABCHKA Open evisions- run processes same as checks


27 Evisions

28 Evisions Batch selection

29 Evisions List of Direct Deposits

30 Email then Print – remittance advise will print only if email address is unable to send Verify positive pay box is unchecked

31 Email notification of disbursement Attachment is remittance advise, looks like actual formatted check; states: DIRECT DEPOSIT ADVISE * NOT A CHECK


33 Bits of advice Keep the enthusiasm even with nay sayers Find progressive thinkers in departments Public Relations is the best catalyst for success- shout the benefits Find the fit in the division/college goal Test …..Test…..Test

34 Standard Enrollment form

35 Open to the Floor Questions Comments

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