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Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference

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1 Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference
Using OCR for AnyDoc™ and AXIOM to enter Recruit and Admission Data in Banner

2 General Announcements:
Please turn off all cell phones/pagers. If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible. Please avoid side conversations during the session. Questions will be answered during demonstrations and at the end of the session. Thank you for your cooperation

3 Villanova University Banner Client since 1994, current version Upgrade to 8.2 at Thanksgiving. SSD Client since 1994. Villanova UG Admission: 90,000 prospects, 60,000 inquiries, 16,000 applications, 5000 admits,1590 enrolled freshmen. Villanova University – 10,000 Students

4 SSD Technology Partners
Founded in 1983, privately held, located in Delaware SunGard® HE Partner – November 2001 Installing automated data capture solutions in Higher Education since 1995 Offering full integration to Banner® since 2000

5 Villanova Data Dilemma
Ever increasing sources/volume of data and no additional staff. Banner data entry forms were cumbersome and required complicated training/technical skills. Reliance on student workers who are not 100% dedicated to effort and also should have limited access to secure database.

6 AnyDocTM Solution Standardized Paper Forms for major data inputs (inquiry cards and applications) Ease of Flow and Verification process that was easy to learn and efficient. Checks and balances outside of Banner so that data could be corrected prior to upload to Banner.

7 AnyDoc Demonstration Inquiry Cards
Paper admission applications (including .pdf)

8 Additional Applications for AnyDoc
Any standardized form, any module: Modules: Student, General, Financial Aid, Finance, HR, Alumni Advancement Examples: Job applications, Resumes, Invoices, PO’s, Transcripts, Tax Forms, Expense Reports, Financial Aid Verification Forms, Alumni Events

9 Additional Data Dilemma at Villanova
Need for a standard upload process used an in-house program, SRTLOAD, hand-entry, you name it. Drain on IT resources and support Highly specialized skills required from user Ever increasing volume, varied sources of data and, again, NO ADDITIONAL STAFF

10 AXIOM Solution Standard upload process for varied sources of data
Stronger matching rules Ease of user interface Banner Partnership established with SSD Dedicated Support

11 Axiom Demonstration Inquiries/Prospects (Cards, PCU, Student Search)
Test Scores (ACT, SAT, GRE) MBA office “Apply Yourself” application Web Applications (from Banner Self-Service)

12 Additional Axiom Applications
If it is an electronic file we can find a way to get the data out and upload it to Banner with Axiom (xml files, EDI files, mdb files) Test scores Common Application, Recruitment Plus, CollegeNet Web UI forms Axiom generates images to be stored in BDMS or any other imaging system

13 Open to the Floor Questions Comments Contacts: Lisa Detwiler
Chief Marketing Officer SSD Technology Partners Sarah Lodise Technical Coordinator for Admission Villanova University Melissa Gerding Associate Registrar

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