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1 Plumbing

2 Glossary of Terms ABS Access Panel
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. Rigid black plastic pipe used for DWV lines. Access Panel Opening in wall behind fixture used for servicing plumbing 

3 Glossary of Terms Adaptor
A fitting that unites different types of pipe together such as ABS to iron pipe thread.

4 Glossary of Terms Cleanout
Plug in a trap or drain pipe for clearing obstructions

5 Glossary of Terms Closet Bend
A curved fitting that connects the closet flange to the toilet drain.

6 Glossary of Terms Closet Flange
An anchoring ring secured to the floor to which the base of the toilet is then secured with bolts

7 Glossary of Terms Coupling
A fitting that joins two pieces of pipe together.

8 Glossary of Terms CVPC Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. Rigid plastic pipe used in water supply systems where code permits. 

9 Glossary of Terms Elbow
A fitting with two openings that changes the direction of the line. It comes in a variety of degrees from 22 1/2 to 90 degrees. 

10 Glossary of Terms Fall Proper pitch or slope of a pipe for adequate drainage. Should equal ¼” for every foot

11 Glossary of Terms Fixture Flux PVC
Kitchen sink, bathtub, lavatory, toilet, shower. Flux The paste used on copper pipe and fittings preventing oxidation of the joints.  PVC Polyvinyl Chloride. A rigid white or cream colored plastic pipe used in non-pressure systems such as waste and vent systems.

12 Glossary of Terms Reducer
A fitting that connects a pipe of one size with that of a larger or smaller size.

13 Glossary of Terms Rough-in
Plumbing installation completed before drywall is installed.

14 Glossary of Terms Sanitary Fittings
Fittings designed to join the assorted pipes in a waste and vent system.

15 Glossary of Terms Soil Stack
A term for the vertical stack of a waste and vent system.

16 Glossary of Terms Soldering
The technique of bonding copper pipe and fittings together to make a water tight supply system.

17 Glossary of Terms Stop Valve A valve that controls the flow of water.
Also known as a Shut off Valve.

18 Glossary of Terms Tee A tee-shaped fitting with three openings used for creating branch lines. Inverted when used in vent lines.

19 Glossary of Terms Trap A curved section of a fixture drain designed to hold water as a seal against sewer gases. 

20 Glossary of Terms Union
fitting that joins two sections of pipe and is used to facilitate disassembly of a pipe without having to cut it. It is primarily used with steel pipe, but never in a waste and vent system of any material.

21 Glossary of Terms Vent Stack
The upper portion of the main soil stack above the top most fixture that allows harmful gases and odors to escape through the roof.

22 Glossary of Terms Wye A y-shaped fitting that has three openings used to create branch lines.

23 Tips From the Pros These are general guidelines, NOT legal interpretations of the Plumbing Code. In Waste and Vent Systems, ABS and PVC cannot be mixed. Also make sure that the solvent being used is designed for the type of plastic being installed. In water supply systems, mixing dissimilar metals can cause corrosion through electrolysis and should be avoided. There are special adaptors for connecting different metals and plastics to one another, i.e. galvanized to ABS.

24 Tips From the Pros Always install shut off valves for each fixture.
Always secure pipe with proper straps or brackets. The pipes will bang when a faucet is suddenly turned off if not secured properly. This is called water hammer. When soldering copper lines near combustible surfaces such as wood framing members, use a heat shield. (A piece of tin or non-combustible material between the pipe and the wood.) Never touch a cleaned surface that is to be soldered with your fingers. Body oils can prevent the solder from bonding properly.

25 Tips From the Pros Insulating hot water lines will conserve energy dollars. Insulating cold water lines will prevent pipes from sweating in the summer. It is advisable to stuff a rag in any drain opening after removing a fixture and/or a fixture trap to prevent gases and other odors from entering the house. When cutting into a soil stack, always brace the upper portion to keep it from sagging or falling when removing the underlying pipe.

26 Tips From the Pros When installing a new bath or kitchen sink, attach the faucets and drain assembly prior to placing the fixture for ease of installation. In remodeling, always reattach any grounding wires – telephone, washer, etc. to the water supply system.

27 Residential Plumbing System
Typical residential plumbing is comprised of 2 distinct systems: the Water Supply System, the Waste & Vent System. A house on a municipal water line, the water will be carried into the house by an underground service line. In most cases, the water will pass through a meter and a shut-off valve. The shut-off valve controls the water for the whole house. Cold water is supplied to all fixtures and water heater. Hot water is distributed from the water heater to all fixtures except the toilets and outside faucets.

28 Residential Plumbing System
The vent portion of the system is an extension of the water system. Every fixture has a vent. Fixture vents connect to the main vent stack where they allow gases and odors to escape through the roof, as well as protect the trap seals of each fixture.

29 What the Code Says A plumbing project must comply with local regulations, however small the job. These regulations safeguard you and your community from health hazards and should be followed. Plumbing codes vary from state to state and even city to city. Be sure to check with the local building authority to find out what codes apply to your project and what permits are required.

30 What the Code Says Inspections may be required and if so, it is your responsibility to arrange for them. Work that does not meet code can be ordered ripped out. Doing work without a permit is not only illegal, but may also invalidate you homeowner’s insurance.

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