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What is it?

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1 What is it?

2 Livestock Terms and Breeds

3 Objectives n List Sex terms of Beef, Sheep, Swine, Horses, and Chickens and what each means. n List Common External Anatomy terms between Beef, Sheep and Swine. n Compare different names for common structures. n Analyze species-specific terms and what they mean. n Compare breeds of Beef, Sheep and Swine.

4 Objectives (cont) n Prepare group oral report on What Breed is Best for class presentation.

5 Animal Sex Terms n Beef n Sheep n Swine n Horses n Chickens

6 Beef n Bull - mature male n Cow - mature female with one calf n Heifer - female that has not calved yet n Steer - castrated male prior to puberty n Stag - castrated male after puberty n Calf - young beef animal

7 Sheep n Ram/Buck - mature male n Ewe - female, prior to and after lambing n Wether - castrated male prior to puberty n Stag - castrated male after puberty n Lamb - young sheep

8 Swine n Boar - mature male n Sow - mature female after farrowing n Barrow - castrated male prior to puberty n Stag - castrated male after puberty n Gilt - female prior to farrowing n Pig(let) -young pig

9 Horses n Stallion - mature male n Mare - mature female after foaling n Gelding - castrated male n Filly - female prior to foaling n Colt - male, uncastrated, up to 3 yrs. old n Foal - young horse

10 Chickens n Cock/rooster - mature male n Hen - mature female n Cockerel - young male prior to puberty n Capon - castrated male prior to puberty n Pullet - young female prior to laying n Chick - young chicken

11 Activity Take 1-2 note cards and write the terms for each species on each with their definition. You can use these to study for the matching portion of the test.

12 External Anatomy n Beef Main Terms:Loin, Rump, Tail head, Stifle, Brisket, Rib, Quarter, Rear flank, Forearm, Hook, Pin, Round, Loin, Rib, Flank, Plate, Chuck, Brisket, Shank n Sheep Main Terms:Rump, Loin, Back (Rack), Shoulder, Leg, Rear flank, Fore flank, Breast, Leg, Breast, Loin, Rack, Shoulder, Shank n Swine Main Terms: Shoulder, Loin, Rump, Ham, Rear flank, Fore flank, Jowl, Boston Butt, Loin, Ham, Jowl, Picnic Shoulder, Spare Ribs, Belly

13 Beef


15 Sheep


17 Swine


19 Beef Breeds X Angus X Hereford X Shorthorn X Charolais X Limousin X Simmental X Gelbvieh X Brahman X Brangus X Note: the following pictures have been borrowed from this website:

20 British - Angus n Black, Polled n High Quality Carcass n Early Maturity n Good Maternally

21 Hereford n Polled or horned n Good temperament n Hardy n Low milk production

22 Shorthorn n Red, White, Roan n Polled/Horned n Good milk production

23 Continental - Charolais n White n Heavy muscling n Fast growth n Horned/Polled n Hard to breed to grades (Choice to Prime)

24 Limousin n Semi-Golden n Good muscling n Trim n Polled/Horned

25 Simmental n Red, White, Yellow, Black, Brown n Polled/Horned n Dual Purpose breed (milk and meat production)

26 Gelbvieh n Golden, Brown n Tripurpose (milk, meat, draft) n Oxen : 4-5 year old Steers used for work

27 Exotic - Brahman (Bos indicus) n Heat Tolerant n Temperamental n Tropical Breed (West Indies)

28 American/Improved - Brangus n Black n Polled n 3/8 Brahman n 5/8 Angus n Popular in arid regions (Texas, U.S. southwest)

29 Sheep Breeds n Suffolk n Dorset n Hampshire n Rambouillet n Lincoln

30 Suffolk - #1 Breed in VA n Large, with short wool n Ram breed (tall, meaty, good carcass) n Droopy ears

31 Dorset - #2 Breed in VA n Medium length wool n Dual Breed (milking, meat) n White, Horizontal ears n Small wool cap n Horned/Polled

32 Hampshire - #3 Breed in VA n Medium Length wool n Ram Breed n Black face, white wool n Large Droopy ears n Prone to wool blindness

33 Rambouillet n Ewe breed (Maternal) n Good herding instinct n Large and hardy n White, small horizontal ears n Rams horned n Medium length wool n Large wool cap

34 Lincoln n Dual purpose breed (Wool and Meat) n Black nose n Small wool cap n Long wool n Erect ears n Fairly good carcass

35 Swine Breeds n Yorkshire n Landrace n Chester White n Duroc n Hampshire n Berkshire n Spotted Swine or Spots

36 Yorkshire n Good Mothering n White n Erect Ears

37 Landrace n White n Long Floppy ears n Good Mothering

38 Chester White n White n Medium Droopy ears n Good Mothering

39 Duroc - #1 Meat Breed n Red n Good carcass n Females - poor milking ability n Drooped ears

40 Hampshire n Black and white, belted n Good carcass n Erect ears n Poor libido

41 Berkshire n From England n Large, meaty hog favorite of British Royals for centuries. n American Berkshire Association first swine registry in U.S.

42 Spotted Swine or Spots n Black and white spots n Droopy ears n Aggressive n Originated in China

43 Activity Group Presentations

44 Review n Questions? n Context for the future: Beef Breeds Dairy Breeds Goat Breeds

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