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Livestock Terms and Breeds

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1 What is it?

2 Livestock Terms and Breeds

3 Objectives List Sex terms of Beef, Sheep, Swine, Horses, and Chickens and what each means. List Common External Anatomy terms between Beef, Sheep and Swine. Compare different names for common structures. Analyze species-specific terms and what they mean. Compare breeds of Beef, Sheep and Swine.

4 Objectives (con’t) Prepare group oral report on “What Breed is Best” for class presentation.

5 Animal Sex Terms Beef Sheep Swine Horses Chickens

6 Beef Bull - mature male Cow - mature female with one calf
Heifer - female that has not calved yet Steer - castrated male prior to puberty Stag - castrated male after puberty Calf - young beef animal

7 Sheep Ram/Buck - mature male Ewe - female, prior to and after lambing
Wether - castrated male prior to puberty Stag - castrated male after puberty Lamb - young sheep

8 Swine Boar - mature male Sow - mature female after farrowing
Barrow - castrated male prior to puberty Stag - castrated male after puberty Gilt - female prior to farrowing Pig(let) -young pig

9 Horses Stallion - mature male Mare - mature female after foaling
Gelding - castrated male Filly - female prior to foaling Colt - male, uncastrated, up to 3 yrs. old Foal - young horse

10 Chickens Cock/rooster - mature male Hen - mature female
Cockerel - young male prior to puberty Capon - castrated male prior to puberty Pullet - young female prior to laying Chick - young chicken

11 Activity Take 1-2 note cards and write the terms for each species on each with their definition. You can use these to study for the matching portion of the test.

12 External Anatomy Beef Main Terms:Loin, Rump, Tail head, Stifle, Brisket, Rib, Quarter, Rear flank, Forearm, Hook, Pin, Round, Loin, Rib, Flank, Plate, Chuck, Brisket, Shank Sheep Main Terms:Rump, Loin, Back (Rack), Shoulder, Leg, Rear flank, Fore flank, Breast, Leg, Breast, Loin, Rack, Shoulder, Shank Swine Main Terms: Shoulder, Loin, Rump, Ham, Rear flank, Fore flank, Jowl, Boston Butt, Loin, Ham, Jowl, Picnic Shoulder, Spare Ribs, Belly

13 Beef

14 Beef

15 Sheep

16 Sheep

17 Swine

18 Swine

19 Beef Breeds Angus Hereford Shorthorn Charolais Limousin Simmental
Gelbvieh Brahman Brangus Note: the following pictures have been borrowed from this website:

20 British - Angus Black, Polled High Quality Carcass Early Maturity
Good Maternally

21 Hereford Polled or horned Good temperament Hardy Low milk production

22 Shorthorn Red, White, Roan Polled/Horned Good milk production

23 Continental - Charolais
White Heavy muscling Fast growth Horned/Polled Hard to breed to grades (Choice to Prime)

24 Limousin Semi-Golden Good muscling Trim Polled/Horned

25 Simmental Red, White, Yellow, Black, Brown Polled/Horned
Dual Purpose breed (milk and meat production)

26 Gelbvieh Golden, Brown Tripurpose (milk, meat, draft)
Oxen : 4-5 year old Steers used for work

27 Exotic - Brahman (Bos indicus)
Heat Tolerant Temperamental Tropical Breed (West Indies)

28 American/Improved - Brangus
Black Polled 3/8 Brahman 5/8 Angus Popular in arid regions (Texas, U.S. southwest)

29 Sheep Breeds Suffolk Dorset Hampshire Rambouillet Lincoln

30 Suffolk - #1 Breed in VA Large, with short wool
Ram breed (tall, meaty, good carcass) Droopy ears

31 Dorset - #2 Breed in VA Medium length wool Dual Breed (milking, meat)
White, Horizontal ears Small wool cap Horned/Polled

32 Hampshire - #3 Breed in VA
Medium Length wool Ram Breed Black face, white wool Large Droopy ears Prone to wool blindness

33 Rambouillet Ewe breed (Maternal) Good herding instinct Large and hardy
White, small horizontal ears Rams horned Medium length wool Large wool cap

34 Lincoln Dual purpose breed (Wool and Meat) Black nose Small wool cap
Long wool Erect ears Fairly good carcass

35 Swine Breeds Yorkshire Landrace Chester White Duroc Hampshire
Berkshire Spotted Swine or Spots

36 Yorkshire Good Mothering White Erect Ears

37 Landrace White Long Floppy ears Good Mothering

38 Chester White White Medium Droopy ears Good Mothering

39 Duroc - #1 Meat Breed Red Good carcass Females - poor milking ability
Drooped ears

40 Hampshire Black and white, belted Good carcass Erect ears Poor libido

41 Berkshire From England
Large, meaty hog favorite of British Royals for centuries. American Berkshire Association first swine registry in U.S.

42 Spotted Swine or Spots Black and white spots Droopy ears Aggressive
Originated in China

43 Activity Group Presentations

44 Review Questions? Context for the future: Beef Breeds Dairy Breeds
Goat Breeds

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