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Introduction to Animal Science

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1 Introduction to Animal Science
Part I All breed photos:

2 Terms Male that has not been castrated Cattle: bull Swine: Boar
Chicken: Rooster Turkey: Tom

3 Terms Male castrated when young Male castrated after reaching maturity
Cattle: steer Swine: Barrow Poultry: Capon Male castrated after reaching maturity Cattle/swine: stag

4 Terms Young female that has not given birth
Cattle: Heifer Swine: Gilt Older female that has given birth Cattle: Cow Swine: Sow

5 Terms Baby Cattle: Calf Swine: Pig Older poultry females are hens and younger female chickens are pullets

6 Beef Cattle Breeds Angus- black, polled, origin is Scotland, most registered breed, and high carcass quality Hereford- red with white face, horns, origin is England, docile, good foragers

7 Angus

8 Hereford

9 Beef Cattle Breeds Charolais- white to light straw color, horns, origin is France, large Brahman- light gray to black or red, origin is India, hump, loose dewlap, resistant to insects and tolerant to heat Others include: Shorthorn, Polled Herefords, Chianina, Gelbvieh, Limousin, Texas Longhorn

10 Charolais

11 Brahman

12 Others

13 Swine Breeds American Landrace- white, long body, big loped forward ears, large litters, mothering ability, originated in Denmark Duroc- red, drooped ears, growth rate and feed conversion

14 American Landrace

15 Duroc

16 Swine Breeds Hampshire- black with white belt, erect ears, muscle and carcass leanness Yorkshire- white, erect ears, large litters, feed efficiency, growth, mothering ability, long carcasses Others include: Poland China, Spotted Swine, Tamworth, Berkshire, Chester White

17 Hampshire

18 Yorkshire

19 Others

20 Chicken and Turkey Breeds
White Leghorns- white, lay white eggs- chickens Plymouth Rock- white, broilers- chickens Common Cross for Broilers- Plymouth Rock (female liner) x Cornish (male liner)

21 White Leghorns

22 Plymouth Rock

23 Chicken and Turkey Breeds
Rhode Island Red- red, lay brown eggs- chickens Broadbreasted Bronze Turkey- black Broadbreasted Large White Turkeys Beltsville Small White Turkeys

24 Rhode Island Red

25 Broadbreasted Bronze Turkey

26 Broadbreasted Large White Turkeys

27 Breeds Most commercial livestock and poultry producers use crosses of more than one breed or selected strains of a breed

28 Cattle Parts Use a figure or diagram to learn external parts
Emphasis on parts used to select or evaluate cattle such as the rump, round, loin, shoulder, brisket, switch, poll, flank, hock, ribs, heart girth, and pin bones

29 Cattle Parts

30 Swine Parts Use a figure or diagram to learn external parts
Emphasis on parts used to select or evaluate swine such as the ham, loin, shoulder, rump, belly, jowl, pastern, side, and hock

31 Swine Parts

32 Poultry Parts Use a figure or diagram to learn external parts
Emphasis on parts used to select, cull, or evaluate poultry such as the comb, wattles, beak, eye ring, ear lobe, vent, hock, shank, toes, breast, back, abdomen, and body

33 Poultry Parts

34 External parts Anatomy is the science of body structure or parts of an animal An animal’s skin is modified to make horns, hooves, feathers, fur, wool, or hair Visual observations used to select breeding cattle or swine include conformation, breed character, structural soundness of feet and legs, and body capacity


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