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Animal Science Breeds and Bloodlines AG-BAS-13-a, ELA10RC4 (a), SB5.

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1 Animal Science Breeds and Bloodlines AG-BAS-13-a, ELA10RC4 (a), SB5

2 What’s the difference? Breed - Animals of the same species that share common traits –Purebreds - Animals registered in a breed or eligible for registry Bloodline - Groups within breeds

3 Traits Offspring inherit traits from both parents –Color –Milk capacity –Horns –Size –Type

4 Beef Cattle Cattle raised for their ability to produce beef. More than 25 breeds are raised in the US –Angus - polled and black –Brahman - loose skin and large humps over their shoulders –Brangus - solid black, polled, loose skinned with Brahman hump –Charolais - white to a light straw color with pink skin –Chianina - white except for the tip of tail which is black; black skin pigment

5 Beef Cattle Hereford - white faces with red bodies; white on legs, switch, and tails; horns Polled Hereford - same traits as Hereford but without horns Limousin - mostly red but may be light yellow or black Santa Gertrudis - cherry red, usually horned and have loose hide Shorthorn - red and white; with a red-white mix known as a roan, short horns Simmental - faces are white or light straw in color and their bodies are red to dark red and may appear spotted











16 Dairy Cattle Raised for milk production –Ayrshire - may be shades of cherry red, mahogany, brown or white; have medium length horns that turn down –Brown Swiss - solid brown that ranges from light to dark; medium length horns that are turned forward and upward –Guernsey - any shade of fawn with white markings; yellow skin; horns turn outward and toward the front. –Holstein (Friesian) - black and white; predominant breed of dairy cattle –Jersey - colors range from cream to almost black; smallest of the dairy breeds; horns curve toward the head and forward






22 Hogs Raised for pork production –American Landrace - All white body, long thin ears flopping forward –Berkshire - All black body with six white points and erect ears –Chester White - All white body, short thick ears flopping forward –Duroc - All red body, short ears flopping forward –Hampshire - Black body with a white belt, erect ears –Poland China - All black body with six white points, ears flop forward –Yorkshire - All white body, erect ears








30 Sheep Classified on the quality of their wool –Fine wool sheep –Medium wool sheep –Long wool sheep –Crossbreed wool sheep –Carpet wool sheep –Fur sheep –Hair sheep

31 Goats Raised for –Meat –Milk –Mohair Put into 3 classes –Mohair and cashmere goats –Dairy goats –Spanish goats

32 Horses Ponies - small horses weighing under 900 pounds Light horses - 900 - 1400 pounds Draft horses - up to 1400 pounds with some much heavier

33 Ponies

34 Light Horses

35 Draft Horses

36 Poultry A broad group of domestic birds including the chicken, duck, and turkey Five main breeds of chickens –White leghorn –White Rock –Rhode Island Red –Barred Rock –New Hampshire

37 White Leghorn

38 White Rock

39 Rhode Island Red

40 Barred Rock

41 New Hampshire Red

42 Aquaculture The farming of fish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals raised to be eaten

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