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50 Tech Tips for Tough Economic Times Equal Justice Conference May 15, 2009.

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1 50 Tech Tips for Tough Economic Times Equal Justice Conference May 15, 2009

2 Panelists Glenn Rawdon - Program Counsel for Technology, Legal Services Corporation Rachel Medina - Training Coordinator, LSNTAP Matthew Burnett - Project Coordinator, Immigration Advocates Network/PBN David Bonebrake - Project Coordinator, LSNTAP

3 Multiple Servers in One Box VMware, the Virtual Server!

4 Individual Configurations

5 Virtual Window to Control Server

6 Test Desktop Systems for Compatibility

7 Four Processors, No Waiting

8 Portable Apps Operating System on a Stick

9 A Wealth of Free Applications Open Office Portable – Word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation and more Mozilla Firefox Portable – All your favorites, all the time Cool Player and VLC media players Sumatra PDF Portable Sodoku Portable!

10 Office Live Online Workspaces

11 Access to Documents from anywhere

12 Easy to Share for Collaborations and Comments


14 Buzzword – Write and collaborate on documents anywhere, anytime ConnectNow – Meet live over the Web and share your screen with anyone (2 others) CreatePDF – Convert up to five files to Adobe PDF online Share – Send files to others for easy access while you maintain control MyFiles – Store your files online for easy access from anywhere (5 GB)

15 Create and Share PDF




19 PDF Portfolios Available in Adobe Acrobat 9 Integrate multiple file formats into a single PDF file Supports PDF, Emails, word processing, spreadsheets, CAD drawing, presentations, video and more Can open and edit any file independently of other files Easier to use than Zip files

20 Unlock the Power of Acrobat Reader (from Adobe Acrobat Pro)

21 Google Voice (formerly Grand Central)

22 One Number for Life

23 Many Other Free Features Voice Mail Hear online Have transcribed to text, then view online Call Screening Record outgoing calls SMS Free outbound calls in US

24 Fasting Growing Segment of the Computer Market - Netbooks Based on the Intel Atom processor 1.6 GHz Screen size 8.9 to 10 SSD or HD Windows XP or Linux Weigh 2 – 3 lbs. Battery life 2 hours (3 cell) to 7 hours (6 cell) Every accessory but DVD/CD drive The best part – below $400!


26 Low Cost Project Management Tool

27 Project Management – Zoho Projects Price Comparison available comparison-calculator.html comparison-calculator.html

28 Free Project Management Tool

29 Project Management - Collanos Tour: Download here:


31 PowerPoint Shortcuts Last year……remember b for blackout? Well how bout these great shortcuts….. Start F5 Next Slide Previous Slide N & P Jump to slide # # + [Enter] whiteout W Go to first slide Go to last slide Home & End End Show Esc

32 PowerPoint 2003 ONLY (sorry 2007) Create a summary or agenda slide with a few clicks! 1 2 3


34 Keyboard Short-cuts: The Standard Short- cuts You should know by now Short-cuts Open a new word doc; Open a previously saved docCtrl+N; Ctrl+O Closes the active window, but does not Exit WordCtrl+W Closes Microsoft Word (or other open program)Alt+F4 Searches for specified text in the active documentCtrl+F Selects all text and graphics in the active windowCtrl+A Remove selection from active document (place on clipboard)Ctrl+X Copies the selection to the clipboardCtrl+C Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the insertion point (cursor) or whatever is selected Ctrl+V Saves active document with its current file name, location and format Ctrl+S Prints the active fileCtrl+P Undo the last action. Reinstate the last action.Ctrl+Z; Ctrl+Y Format / Unformat text (Bold, Italic, Underline)Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U

35 Keyboard Short-cuts: Diacritic Marks Diacritic MarkKeyboard Short-cut The acute accent – (café or fiancé) Ctrl+ ' (quote) before typing the vowel. The grave accent - (là or où)Use Ctrl+ ` (tick) before typing the vowel. The circumflex accent – (côte, fête) Use Ctrl+Shift+ ^ before typing the vowel The tilde - (piñata, jalapeño)Use Ctrl+Shift+ ~ before typing the letter. The umlaut- (Chloë, naïve)Use Ctrl+Shift+ : (colon) before the vowel The cedilla – (façade, soupçon)Use Ctrl+, (comma) before the letter The ring – (the Angstorm symbol - Å) Use Ctrl+Shift+@ before the letter The compound AE - (hæmoglobin) Use Ctrl+ & before a The German S - (straße)Use Ctrl + & + s

36 Word - Set up Custom Categories for Tables of Authorities Do cases, courts, and page numbers haunt you in your dreams? No fear categorizing cases in a Table of Authorities is easier than you think!

37 Setting Up Categories Insert>Reference> Index and Tables> Mark Citation> Category, OR Alt+Shift+I>Category The first seven categories are pre-defined. Scroll down until you find an unused option (8, 9, 10, etc.) Replace the # with your own custom category.

38 Outlook – Quickly View Your Agenda for Multiple Random Dates Ctrl + click

39 Outlook – Calculate Tickler Dates Use special instructions in Start Time to calculate important dates!

40 Outlook – Syntax for Calculating Tickler Dates Days 30 days before 3/23/2010 30 days after 3/23/2010 Weeks 6 weeks before 3/23/2010 [or 6 wk before 3/23/2010] 6 weeks after 3/23/2010 [or 6 wk after 3/23/2010] Months 5 months before 3/23/2010 [or 5 mo before 3/23/2010] 5 months after 3/23/2010 [or 5 mo after 3/23/2010]

41 Excel – Calculate Days Between Dates (NETWORKDAYS fx)

42 Excel – How NETWORKDAYS works… # of Business Days (or court days) =NETWORKDAYS( B17,B18,A3:A14) B17 First Day B18 Last Day A3:A14 refers to the range of dates included in the list of holidays

43 Excel – paste special/transpose Flip your data! Make your rows columns and your columns rows! Highlight and Copy the spreadsheet Select Paste Special Check Transpose Click OK

44 Excel - Shortcuts Switch from absolute to relative reference & vice-versa F4 Line break within a single cell Alt+Enter Reveal formula format Ctrl+Shift+A Formula wizard Ctrl+A Auto subtotal and grand total lines inserted by Excel; simply sort your data, then select ! Data/Subtotal

45 Excel - Shortcuts Ctrl+A gives you the formula wizard!

46 Data/Subtotal Creates Quick Subtotals and a Grand Total!

47 Collapse to view just the totals

48 Cool Google Stuff… (from PC Mag) Sky Search nearby Use business name/ category in directions search Public transit directions My Maps Check gas prices Check traffic: Street view Editing Google Maps Weather in Google Earth Weather Movies Area codes Package tracking Flight status Measurement conversions Currency conversions Calculator Definitions Q&A

49 One for fun!......Track This Get the whereabouts of shipments sent to you anywhere!


51 PrinterShare

52 Evernote

53 Pidgin

54 Jing

55 ZumoDrive

56 ManyEyes

57 Zamzar

58 Writeboard Create Invite Versions Track & Edit

59 Dabble DB

60 Image Resizer

61 PINs

62 Quarkbase

63 Website Grader Assigns a grade on how well your site is doing on search engine optimization (SEO) Provides practical tips on how to improve your search engine rankings

64 Website Grader

65 Quick (and Easy) SEO Tips Links are crucial: have partners link to you Update content regularly – blog, Twitter, create YouTube videos for clients Use keywords within your links: Meet our Pro Bono lawyers vs. Meet our Pro Bono lawyers Click here to learn about pro bono efforts Click here Join NTAPs free SEO training for over an hour of great SEO tips:

66 Online Reputation Management See who is linking to your website using Googles link: operator

67 Finding Who Links to Your Site

68 Google Apps for Your Domain

69 Gmail Labs Added in 2008, Gmail labs allows users to test new or experimental features of Gmail. Currently about 45 features available, including: Offline Access Tasks to-do list Undo Send Multiple Inbox

70 Gmail Labs

71 GMinder

72 YouTube Nonprofit Channel Free YouTube upgrade for 501(c)(3) organizations Users get free nonprofit branding, fundraising tools, and increased upload capacity Dont know how to make a quality web video on a small budget? YouTube has resources that can help.

73 Nonprofit Video Help

74 Open Office for WPD Conversions Open Office - A free, open source productivity suite featuring word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software One area where OpenOffice tops Microsoft is opening legacy files, specifically older Word Perfect files

75 Remora Disk-Guard/3000-2092_4-10420433.html Free, easy-to-use encryption tool Great for encrypting a storage device such a USB thumbdrive so that your documents and data would not be exposed if your lost your device

76 Install Remora on Your USB

77 Now Encrypt Your Files

78 Google Analytics


80 Add a Map to Your Webpage


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