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NTAPs Tech Tips July 22, 2010 Kathleen Brockel, NTAP Rachel Medina, NTAP.

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1 NTAPs Tech Tips July 22, 2010 Kathleen Brockel, NTAP Rachel Medina, NTAP

2 What is LSNTAP?

3 LSNTAP helps legal services law firms, attorneys, and advocates improve the lives of the most vulnerable people and groups in their communities through the use of technology. It is our belief that technology greatly increases the capacity of a non-profit law firm to help more people obtain equal access to justice.

4 What services does LSNTAP offer? Training, recommendations, and counsel on technology resources related to service delivery. A national perspective on the use and application of technology as tools for improving service delivery and expanding client capacity.

5 What services does LSNTAP offer? (cont.) A progressive approach to advocacy, education, and training on technology issues affecting the legal aid community. Facilitates the exchange of information among legal services attorneys, advocates and staff to advance issues of technology and professional development opportunities.

6 Opportunities for Attorneys and Advocates Roundtable Discussions Case Management Ratings GIS Mapping Online Project Management DLAW Template Poverty Law Surveys Web 2.0 Tools Desktop Utilities Web-based Trainings Help Desk Legal Aid Tech Library LSTech List Web Conferencing Customized Training Real-time Collaborations Office Suite Tools Conference Presentations Consulting Assistance Mobile Web Sites

7 Legal & Topical Research Tools

8 Google Scholar

9 Public Library of Law

10 Justia

11 Jureeka

12 Podcasts! Podcasts arent new, but there are some great legal podcasts out there you should check out. has some great podcasts designed for the legal aid community. Some highlights include the Kennedy-Mighell Podcast for legal technology info, and Lawyer2Lawyer, which was named best podcast by the ABA

13 Download this plug-in at to automatically copy citations with your text from pages like Westlaw and Lexis. Cite Genie

14 Scheduling Meetings & Calculating Important Dates

15 Meeting Schedulers Get rid of the 20 emails it takes to schedule a meeting! Doodle Meet-o-Matic

16 Step 1: Proposed Dates & Time

17 Step 2: Emails & Message

18 Step 3: Email to Participants

19 Step 4: Participant Responds

20 Step 5: Participant Availability Chart

21 Step 5: Confirmation to Participants

22 Doodle Sample 22

23 Sync Outlook Google Calendar



26 Outlook – Calculate Tickler Dates Use special instructions in Start Time to calculate important dates!

27 Syntax for Calculating Tickler Dates Days 30 days before 3/23/2010 30 days after 3/23/2010 Weeks 6 weeks before 3/23/2010 [or 6 wk before 3/23/2010] 6 weeks after 3/23/2010 [or 6 wk after 3/23/2010] Months 5 months before 3/23/2010 [or 5 mo before 3/23/2010] 5 months after 3/23/2010 [or 5 mo after 3/23/2010]

28 Excel – Calculate Days Between Dates (NETWORKDAYS)

29 NETWORKDAYS: Calculating work days minus holidays & weekends A13 First Day A14 Last Day A15:A18 range of holiday dates

30 Formatting Legal Documents


32 Tip #1 Download the pleading template of your choice from Microsoft Office Online n-us/templates/default.aspx n-us/templates/default.aspx Search pleadings

33 Tip #2….Get Rid of Auto Numbering Do yourself a favor and get rid of automatic numbering, bullets, etc… (Office Button Menu>Word Options>Proofing >AutoCorrect Options>)

34 Tip #3 Determine the use for your Heading options Here are my suggestions: HEADING 1: Use for main headings (e.g., Statement of Facts, Argument, etc.) HEADING 2: Use for first level point headings HEADING 3: Use for second level point headings Etc…

35 Tip #4 & 5 Modify settings for Heading 1 as follows: Change Font attributes to your liking Change the Paragraph settings as follows: remove both "before" and "after" spacing, set line numbering to single-spaced, and use hanging indents Set up all remaining Headings as follows: Repeat Tip #4 AND Add numbering

36 Modifying A Style in MS Word 2007 Home Ribbon>Styles Menu Right click on any style to Modify

37 Modifying A Style in MS Word 2007

38 Tip #6 Once you have your heading styles set up, save it as a template. Set up templates for every type of pleading.

39 Tip #7 Set up a style for court names

40 Cool Fact! A Table of Contents is created by automatically taking everything named as Heading 1, 2, and 3 and putting it in order!

41 The Short-Cut That Will Save You From Insanity! Increase/Add Hanging Indents = Ctrl + T Decrease/Remove Hanging Indents = Ctrl + Shift + T No Hanging Indent

42 MS Word 2007: Redact Add-In Redact Add-In (

43 MS Word 2007: Redact Add-In Mark or Find & Mark Option Redact Document

44 Word - Tables of Authorities Categories

45 Setting Up Categories Insert>Reference> Index and Tables> Mark Citation> Category, OR Alt+Shift+I>Category The first seven categories are pre- defined. Scroll down until you find an unused option (8, 9, 10, etc.) Replace the # with your own custom category.

46 Managing Mail

47 Delay Sending Mail from Outlook



50 Enable Google Undo Send Settings LABS Undo Send Enable

51 Click Undo

52 Detect Missing Attachments in Outlook Free download from Microsoft Office Labs efault.aspx

53 Word Shortcuts

54 Keyboard Short-cuts: The Standard Short-cuts You should know by now DescriptionShort-cuts Open a new word doc; Open a previously saved docCtrl+N; Ctrl+O Closes the active window, but does not Exit WordCtrl+W Closes Microsoft Word (or other open program)Alt+F4 Searches for specified text in the active documentCtrl+F Selects all text and graphics in the active windowCtrl+A Remove selection from active document (place on clipboard)Ctrl+X Copies the selection to the clipboardCtrl+C Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the insertion point (cursor) or whatever is selected Ctrl+V Saves active document with its current file name, location and format Ctrl+S Prints the active fileCtrl+P Undo the last action. Reinstate the last action.Ctrl+Z; Ctrl+Y Format / Unformat text (Bold, Italic, Underline)Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U

55 Keyboard Short-cuts: Diacritic Marks Diacritic MarkKeyboard Short-cut The acute accent – (café or fiancé) Ctrl+ ' (quote) before typing the vowel. The grave accent - (là or où)Use Ctrl+ ` (tick) before typing the vowel. The circumflex accent – (côte, fête) Use Ctrl+Shift+ ^ before typing the vowel The tilde - (piñata, jalapeño)Use Ctrl+Shift+ ~ before typing the letter. The umlaut- (Chloë, naïve)Use Ctrl+Shift+ : (colon) before the vowel The cedilla – (façade, soupçon)Use Ctrl+, (comma) before the letter The ring – (the Angstorm symbol - Å) Use Ctrl+Shift+@ before the letter The compound AE - (hæmoglobin) Use Ctrl+ & before a The German S - (straße)Use Ctrl + & + s

56 More Keyboard Shortcuts: Text Formatting Add a double underline to the selected text. Control + Shift +D Increase the size of the selected text by one point Control + Right Bracket Decrease the size of the selected text by one point Control + Left Bracket Makes all your text caps without retyping Control + Shift + A

57 More Keyboard Shortcuts: Paragraph Formatting Apply the normal style to the selected paragraph Control + Shift + N Applies Heading 1 Style to the selected paragraph Control + Alt + 1 Applies list bullets Control + Shift + L Applies or removes the space above the selected paragraph Control + 0 (zero)

58 Translation Options in MS Office: Translation ScreenTip Choose a language in Proofing tab Hover mouse over a single word for a translation and examples

59 Translation Options in MS Office: Web Translator Proofing section of Review tab Translates entire document into browser window

60 Tips for Making Sense of Data Using Excel

61 Excel Conditional Formatting: Highlight Cells Rule Example: Highlights cells with values greater than 50

62 Excel Conditional Formatting: Top/Bottom Rules Example: Highlight Cells with values above the average

63 Excel – paste special/transpose Flip your data! Highlight and Copy the spreadsheet Select Paste Special Check Transpose Click OK

64 Excel - Shortcuts Switch from absolute to relative reference & vice-versa F4 Line break within a single cell Alt+Enter Reveal formula format Ctrl+Shift+A Formula wizard Ctrl+A Auto subtotal and grand total lines inserted by Excel; simply sort your data, then select ! Data/Subtotal

65 Excel - Shortcuts Ctrl+A gives you the formula wizard!

66 Data/Subtotal Creates Quick Subtotals and a Grand Total!

67 Collapse to view just the totals

68 Cool Stuff From the Web & All Things Google

69 Shorten your URL to send in Emails or put on social networking Check out TIP: If you create an account with, you have access to reporting features that tell you how many people actually clicked on your link.

70 Edit a Scanned Document Need to edit a scanned document? Check out these options;

71 Xmarks

72 Quick printing part of a web page

73 Converting video, audio, or pictures to a new format to convert a wide variety of formats.

74 Netlingo

75 What will an RSS reader do for me? RSS makes keeping up with web-based resources easier, especially as that pool of resources expands When used effectively, its an important tool for fighting information overload Helps you stay updated on your field

76 Setting up RSS Choose a reader Google Reader (web-based) iGoogle (web-based) Feed Demon (desktop application) Subscribe to your feeds

77 RSS Feeds for Advocates ABA Journal Blawg Directory: s s Nonprofit Law Prof Blog tLawProfBlog Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law: xml xml National Health Law Program: m?rss m?rss Legal Services NTAP: Robert Ambrogi Lawsites Recent US Supreme Court Opinions: t/rss/0.91/supct_recent.rss LSC Updates: Step Forward – Shriver Center: Technola:

78 Join NTAP for Legal Services iGoogle desktop trainings Aug. 2 & Sept 14. iGoogle

79 Cool Google Stuff…(from PC Mag) Sky Search nearby Use business name/ category in directions search Public transit directions My Maps Check gas prices Check traffic Street view Editing Google Maps Weather in Google Earth Weather Movies Area codes Package tracking Flight status Measurement conversions Currency conversions Calculator Definitions Q&A To learn to use Google Earth to create GIS maps using CMS and census data join NTAP training on Sept 9 th !

80 Accessible search

81 Google 411 Text GOOGLE (466453) from your cell phone for instant answers & 1-800-GOOG-411 Sample Queries Movie movie name + zip or town name Food restaurant name or cuisine + zip or city name Flight times flight aa 2111 Sports score red sox Translation translate hello in portuguese Local search term + zip or town name Simple facts population japan Definitionsd [+ word]

82 Protect Your Equipment

83 How to locate a Stolen Laptop

84 How to Locate a Stolen Laptop v2

85 How to Lock Down your Cell Phone

86 How to Lock Down your Cell Phone v2

87 Thank You (special thanks to all past Tech Tips presenters who contributed all of the tips in this session) Slides available at

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