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Project 1 ACSM 125 - PowerPoint.

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1 Project 1 ACSM PowerPoint

2 Project 1 Creating a presentation Formatting a presentation
Saving a presentation Running a presentation Printing a presentation

3 Getting Started Click on Start Click on Programs
Click on Microsoft Office Click on PowerPoint You may also double-click on an icon on the desktop

4 Creating a PPT Presentation is also called “slideshow”
Can be created from scratch Created using a design template

5 Lots of Possibilities A presentation can include: (text) Tables Charts
Pictures Video Sound Animation

6 Other functionality Word Processing Outlining Charting Drawing
Insert multimedia Web features Plus lots more

7 Getting Started First slide is the title slide
Introduces audience to your presentation Top line is for the title Options for the second line: Sub-title Date Presenter

8 Subsequent Slides Many options for layout of slides Text layouts
Content layouts Text & Content layouts Other layouts

9 Text Layout Start with basic layout: bullets
Bullet format is the default Types of bullet formats Single level bullets Multi-level bullets

10 Change the Appearance Don’t want boring bullets? Change them

11 Task Pane On the right of the screen Provides help Offers options
Can be closed

12 Excellent diagram Refer to page PPT 10
Figure 1-7 is an excellent diagram

13 Similarities in Office
Menu bar Tool bars Status bar Scroll bars Title bar Should be a review from ACSM classes

14 Multiple Views Normal view – create as you go
Outline view Slide view - thumbnail Slide sorter view – many at once Slide show view – audience view

15 7 x 7 Rule Remember your audience 7 words across 7 lines on a slide
Keep it short! Easy to read

16 Design Template Consistency in design & color Professionally designed
Color scheme Font & font size Layout Effect

17 Selecting the Design Template
Click on the design button View options in task pane Use mouse tip to view template name Click on one to select template Select a different template Consider your audience!

18 Design Templates Blank template is the default
Easier to develop content while blank A template may be distracting! For you For your audience Audience must remember your message Audience shouldn’t remember template

19 Entering Text Placeholders & text areas Line wrap & AutoFit
Enter your text or content Line wrap & AutoFit Same as in Microsoft Word Can change the size of text areas Can change placement of text areas

20 Text Attributes Similarities to other Office Products Font & font size
Appearance (bold, italic, underline) Colors Spell checking

21 Adding a new slide Multiple ways to do almost everything!
New slide button on tool bar Insert menu > new slide Ctrl + M

22 Adding the slide title Default slide layout is “Title & Text”
Slide title: single line at the top Introduces topic of the slide Provides continuity Click in placeholder & type

23 Adding text to slide First bullet appears by default
Type text then press enter key New line & bullet automatically appear Single level format All points on same “level” Structured like an outline Can leave a blank line for readability

24 Multi-level bullets Introduce points and sub-points
Want to include a list Want to increase readability Easier to read More interesting to read Easier to follow Variety of bullet styles

25 Creating multi-level bullets
Type the first line, press enter key Press tab key to indent the next line Pressing enter adds new indented line Will continue until shift + tab to back out New list or continue with other points Structured like an outline Don’t indent without a reason

26 Multi-level bullets Can create several levels
Make sure it has a purpose Use multiple slides for complex topic! Called increase or decrease indent

27 Save, Save, Save As with all files, save often!
Use File menu > Save Use Save button Use Ctrl + S Refer to page PPT 29 Table 1-3 AutoSave every 10 minutes

28 Moving between slides Use scroll bar
Use up or down arrows on scroll bar Use previous or next slide buttons Use slide view on left Arrows Scroll bar Use slide sorter

29 Closing Slide Defaults to a black slide
Delete all blank slides at the end Final slide makes a lasting impression

30 Use Slide Show Consider the audience’s perspective: Too many words?
Is the font hard to read? Backgrounds distracting? Colors hard to read? Too much animation? Video? Sound?

31 Slide Show Options During the slide show…
Right-click to get pop-up menu Use pop-up to go to specific slide Use pop-up to end slide show

32 Printing Options Print slides (one per page)
Print handouts (usually for audience) 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 slides per page Print notes (for the speaker) Print outline view

33 More printing options Black & white (saves your toner) Grayscale Color
Be sure to save again before printing Remember Murphy’s Law

34 PowerPoint Typically a “fun” application! Users can show creativity!
Users can show personality! Better than index cards for speeches! Let’s Get Started!

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