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FAIR Status Report Hans Ströher NuPECC-Meeting Cracow June 9, 2006.

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1 FAIR Status Report Hans Ströher NuPECC-Meeting Cracow June 9, 2006

2 FAIR Baseline Technical Report 2006 Volume 1:Executive Summary Volume 2:Technical Report Accelerators and Scientific Infrastructure~ 700 pages Volume 3:Technical Experiment Proposals on QCD Physics Volume 3A: CBM ~ 450 pages Volume 3B: PANDA, PAX, ASSIA ~ 600 pages Volume 4:Technical Experiment Proposals on Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics (NUSTAR)~ 700 pages Volume 5:Technical Experiment Proposals on Atomic Physics, Plasma Physics and Applied Physics (APPA)~ 500 pages Volume 6:Technical Report Civil Constructions a. Supplies b. Electrical Systems c. Civil Engineering d. Radiation Safety Supplement 1: Cost, Schedule, Manpower Supplement 2: Costbook (5000 entries: 3500 WPs)


4 FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research 100 m UNILAC SIS 18 SIS 100/300 HESR Super FRS NESR CR RESR GSI today Future facility ESR FLAIR Rare-Isotope Production Target Antiproton Production Target

5 FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research Parallel Operations:

6 FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research

7 FAIR Baseline Cost Costbook TAC Cap (-10%) (M) (M) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Accelerators 591 533 Baseline Experiments 200 180 Buildings & Supply Systems 322 289 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Investments 1113 1002 Manpower (2400 MY) 185 185 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Project Construction Cost 1298 1187 Cost increases (beyond inflation) since Conceptual Design Report (CDR-2001): Added Features: 12% True Cost Increases: 11% Spending profile: 2007 – 2017 (construction phase: 2007 – 2014)

8 FAIR Operation Cost Cost for: Accelerator staff (320 FTE per year) Direct cost for accelerators (6500 hrs/yr) Experimental equipment Maintenance of buildings IT Safety … … in the process of being worked out! ~ 120 M per year - approx. 10% uncertainty - full price tag from 2015 on - in 2005 prices

9 Site Lab.-Services Landlord Activ. POF-Research Res.-Infrastr. Scientific- Technical Infrastructure FAIR (Facility) Construction / Operation FAIR-GmbH Management (Long-term) Contractual Arrangements "Geschäftsbesorgungsvertrag" Strategic Planning Budget & Financing Controlling Scientific Program & Schedule International Employment FAIR Line Management Administrative Infrastructure GSI Line Management Laboratory Facility & Site Operations Engineering Design Site Preparation and ES&H Technical & Civil Construction Production Supervision Assembly & Commissioning GSI-mbH Management

10 Issues – Questions – Next Steps: Acceptance of Baseline Technical Report by ISC (by May 2006) in particular: cost – schedule – manpower BMBF: accepted with conditions (s. next point) Financing: guidelines from FCI working group BMBF: German federal project budget fixed other sources: 50 M from 25% scaling from partners GSI comitted to carry all manpower cost (re-directed effort) remainder? Government-level negotiations letters from German Minister (Schavan) to foreign ministries with requests to identify counter-partners for negotiations and to begin negotiations Finalize Baseline Technical Report (by June 2006) Finalize legal documents and organizational structure (2-company model) etc. (by Fall 2006)

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