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NuPECC Long Range Plan 2010 Perspectives for Nuclear Physics Research in Europe Guenther RosnerNuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/101.

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1 NuPECC Long Range Plan 2010 Perspectives for Nuclear Physics Research in Europe Guenther RosnerNuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/101

2 LRP2010 Schedule DatesActionsDeliverables 12-13/10/09 Scoping Workshop @ FIAS, Frankfurt WGs final lists of Big Questions, Key Issues & Activities Oct. 09-Jan. 10 WGs draft Themes contribution to LRP2010 Draft to SC 15/1/10 Jan./Feb. 10 SC + Liaison + WG-Conveners draft Exec. Summary Draft to NuPECC 1/3/10 12-13/3/10 NuPECC evaluates first draft of LRP2010 List of requested changes March/Apr. 10 WGs + SC + Liaison revise draft, SC drafts global recommendations, priorities & roadmap Draft to NuPECC 1/5/10 May 10 NuPECC evaluates revised draft, SC + Liaison + WG-Conveners prepare Town Meeting Draft to European NP community 15/5/10 31/5-2/6/10 Town Meeting @ CISC, MadridList of requested changes June-Oct. 10 SC + Liaison + WGs revise Draft LRP2010 SC writes shiny brochure Final drafts to NuPECC 25/9/10 8-9/10/10NuPECC evaluates final draftsList of requested changes Oct.-Dec. 10SC + Liaison + WGs finalise LRP2010 + brochurePubl. of LRP2010, 9/12/10 Guenther RosnerNuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/102

3 Outline LRP2010 Foreword Executive Summary – Purpose, Scientific & Societal Scope, Objectives – Science Case – Research Infrastructures & Networking – Scientific Themes Recommendations & Roadmap Research Infrastructures & Networking – Existing Research Infrastructure & Upgrades – Future Research Infrastructures – Collaboration at European and Global Level Scientific Themes – Hadron Physics – Phases of Strongly Interacting Matter – Nuclear Structure & Dynamics – Nuclear Astrophysics – Fundamental Interactions – Nuclear Physics Tools & Applications Glossary Guenther RosnerNuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/103

4 Hadron Physics Facilities Guenther RosnerNuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/104 GSI: 2.5 GeV/c, FOPI, HADES FAIR: 15 GeV/c anti-protons @ PANDA 40 GeV/n HIs @ CBM Low-E anti-protons @ FLAIR PAX or ENC FZ Jülich: 2.5 GeV p @ COSY MAX-lab: 0.25 GeV CERN: 200 GeV μ +-, hadrons @ COMPASS 5.5 TeV/n HIs @ ALICE Low-E anti-protons @ AD LHeC INFN LNF: 1 GeV e + e - @ DA NE 16 MeV K MAMI: 1.5 GeV e, ELSA: 3.5 GeV e,

5 Guenther Rosner5NuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/10 Nuclear Structure Facilities CERN: ISOLDE Radioactive HI beams HIE-ISOLDE Radioactive HI beam GSI: HI beams FAIR: NuSTAR Radioactive HI beams GANIL: SPIRAL (Radioactive) HI beams SPIRAL 2 Radioactive HI beams INFN LNL: HI beams SPES Radioactive HI beams JYFL: HI beams KVI: HI beams INFN LNS: HI beams IPN-ALTO: (Radioactive) HI beams EURISOL

6 LRP2010 Recommendations Complete ESFRI Facilities – FAIR with PANDA, CBM, NuSTAR and APPA – SPIRAL2 at GANIL including S3 and DESIR Perform Major Upgrades – HIE-ISOLDE at CERN – SPES at INFN-LNL – AGATA – SC Linac at GSI Support ALICE at CERN – Upgrades for nuclear beams programme at LHC to expand physics reach Support Theory – RI ECT* in Trento – Projects for advanced studies related to the experimental roadmap – Dedicated high-performance computing facilities Fully exploit Existing Facilities – Lepton beam facilities ELSA in Bonn, MAMI in Mainz, COMPASS at CERN, DANE at INFN-LNF, and hadron beam facilities COSY at FZ Juelich and GSI in Darmstadt – Heavy ion beam facilities at JYFL, KVI, GSI, GANIL, IPNO, ISOLDE, INFN-LNL and INFN-LNS – Underground labs in Europe, e.g. LUNA at INFN Gran Sasso – AD at CERN & upgrade ELENA – Smaller scale national and university labs across Europe for nuclear applications, structure & astrophysics experiments, and fundamental studies Guenther Rosner6NuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/10

7 Recommendations contd Support Nuclear Physics applications & education – Novel developments for nuclear energy, medicine & security – Beams, targets & instrumentation developments – Secure and develop nuclear physics skills basis for current and future needs Promote Planning for Future Large-Scale Facilities – EURISOL as RI in future updates of ESFRI list – Technical Design Study for intense radioactive beams at ISOL@MYRRHA – Technical Design Studies for PAX and ENC at FAIR – Technical Design study for nuclear physics experiments & applications at ELI – Technical Design Study for LHeC at CERN Guenther RosnerNuPECC Meeting, Bergen, 11/6/107

8 20 10 20 1520 20 25 FAIR PANDA R&D Construction CommissioningExploitation CBM R&D Construction CommissioningExploitationSIS300 NuSTAR R&D Construction CommissioningExploit.NESR APPA R&D Construction CommissioningExploit.NESR FLAIR SIS300 PAX/ENC Design Study R&D Tests Construction/CommissioningCollider experiments SPIRAL2 R&D Constr./Commission.Exploitation150 MeV/u Post-accelerator HIE- ISOLDE R&D Constr./Commission.ExploitationInjector Upgrade SPES R&D Constr./Commission.Exploitation EUR- ISOL R&D Preparatory Phase / Site Decision Engineering Study Construction/Commissioning LHeC Design Study R&D Engineering Study Roadmap New Large-Scale Facilities

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