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Status of FAIR Boris Sharkov FAIR Joint Core Team.

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1 Status of FAIR Boris Sharkov FAIR Joint Core Team

2 10 February 20142 FAIR Baseline Technical Report 2005 100 m UNILAC SIS 18 SIS 100/300 HESR Super FRS NESR CR RESR FLAIR Radioactive Ion Production Target Anti-Proton Production Target Nuclear Structure Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics with RIBs Hadron Physics with Anti-Proton Beams Physics of Nuclear Matter with Relativistic Nuclear Collisions Atomic Physics Plasma Physics and Applied Science with highly charged, highly Bunched ion Beams and low energy anti-protons + Accelerator Physics FAIR will provide worldwide unique accelerator and experimental facilities allowing for a large variety of fore-front research in physics and applied sciences

3 FAIR – Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research Helmholtzzentrum GmbH AustriaIndiaChinaFinnlandFranceGermanyGreeceUKItalyPolandSlovakiaSloveniaSpainSwedenRomaniaRussia Observers Modularized Start Version Boris Sharkov FAIR Joint Core Team Leader GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH

4 Development of Project Structure 2005Entire Facility BTR 2007Phase A BTR Phase B SIS300 + e-ring 2009Module 0 SIS100 Module 1 expt areas HADES/CBM and APPA Module 2 Super-FRS fixed target area NuSTAR Module 3 pbar facility, incl. CR for PANDA, options for NuSTAR Module 4 LEB for NuSTAR, NESR for NuSTAR and APPA, FLAIR for APPA Module 5 RESR higher intensity for PANDA & parallel operations with NuSTAR and APPA Phase B SIS300 + e-ring Startversion Phase B

5 10 February 20145 Project Staging 2005 idea: Staging of the project ( total cost 2005: 1187 M) three stages defined by optimizing start of science 2007 idea: Staging of the project ( available funds 940 M ) two phases defined / matched with assured funding level Phase A = start-version, Phase B = all thats left out in Phase A 2009 idea: Modularized FAIR Start Version 2009 start with module 0 to 3, modules 4 and 5 (when funds available)

6 Modules Module 0: Heavy-Ion Synchrotron SIS100, basis and core of FAIR, required for all physics programmes HADES/CBM Module 1: Experiment halls at SIS100 for extracted beam diagnostics, HADES/CBM, APPA, and detector calibration. Module 2: Super-FRS for NUSTAR. Module 3: Antiproton facility for PANDA, providing further options also for NUSTAR Module 4: Additional low-energy caves for NUSTAR, NESR storage ring for NUSTAR und APPA, building for antimatter programmeFLAIR Module 5: RESR storage ring for a higher beam intensity for PANDA and parallel operation with NUSTAR

7 Modular Version APPA CBM

8 Rationale for new Modularized Start Version (WP) Cost estimate for modular version presented by architects Detailed list of site related construction costs worked out based upon a new cost estimate in 2009 for the accelerator complex firm commitments of FAIR Member States Germany and State of Hesse announced to cover "site- dependent" construction costs outside FAIR project budget + 110 M !

9 Roadmap Driven by civil construction Aim for earliest commissioning of accelerators and respective experiments

10 The new Testing Hall for FAIR Boris Sharkov – Leader FAIR Joint Core Team

11 Roofing Ceremony in the new Testing Hall - September 3, 2009 Boris Sharkov – Leader FAIR Joint Core Team

12 Conclusions Based on recent cost estimates and firm commitments of FAIR Member States the MSV is elaborated Modules 0-3 ensure a physics programme that is still unique, competitive with great discovery potential all FAIR science communities can perform excellent physics from early on the facility can be smoothly upgraded towards the full version of FAIR facility JCT continues efforts on cost savings measures in cc, accelerator design etc… Setup of the international company proceeds in parallel

13 FAIR will open a new research era in hadronic, nuclear and atomic physics as well as in applied science. The White Paper outlines a realistic path to achieve this goal. The Modularized Start Version provides an outstanding and world-leading research program for all scientific FAIR communities which will be further strengthened by the addition of further modules Thank you for attention !


15 Status in October: Status in October: Revised costs: 1027 M* Firm commitments: 1039 M (total 1104 M ) Challenge: define project for 1039 M that allows excellent physics and serves all communities ! This is beeing evaluated financially and scientifically * (2005 prices)

16 PAC on Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics (NUSTAR-PAC): 667 authors 1.) Low Energy Branch (LEB) High-resolution In-Flight Spectroscopy (HISPEC)/ Zs.Podolyak/ Surrey Decay Spectroscopy with Implanted Ion Beams (DESPEC)+ B. Rubio Valencia Precision Measurements of very short-lived Nuclei using an Advanced Trapping System for highly-charged Ions (MATS)K.Blaum Mainz LASER Spectroscopy for the Study of Nuclear Properties (LASPEC)P. Campbell Manchester Neutron Capture Measurements (NCAP)M.Heil FZK Antiprotonic Radioactive Nuclides (Exo+pbar)M. Wada Riken 2.) High Energy Branch (R3B) A Universal Setup for Kinematical Complete Measurements of Reactions with Relativistic Radioactive Beams (R3B)T. Aumann GSI 3.) Ring Branch (STORIB) Study of Isomeric Beams, Lifetimes and Masses (ILIMA)Y.Novikov SPNPI Exotic Nuclei Studied in Light-Ion Induced Reactions at the NESR Storage Ring (EXL)M. Chartier Liverpool Electron-Ion Scattering in a Storage Ring (e-A Collider) (ELISe)H. Simon GSI Antiproton-Ion Collider: A Tool for the Measurement of Neutron and Proton rms radii of Stable and Radioactive Nuclei (AIC)R. Krücken TUM

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