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FAIR – Status Report Walter F. Henning NuPECC Meeting -- March 2005 -- Venice.

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1 FAIR – Status Report Walter F. Henning NuPECC Meeting -- March 2005 -- Venice

2 FAIR Design Study Proposal Scope: Design of accelerators and experiments with secondary beams at FAIR PANDA experiment (Hadron physics with antiprotons) NUSTAR experiment (Physics with radioactive beams) HESR (High Energy Storage Ring for cooled antiprotons) CR (Collector Ring Complex – storage and cooler rings for RIB and antiprotons) SIS100 (Superconducting Synchrotron with 100 Tm) Participation: 33 Institutes in Europe, USA, Russia Budget: total budget ~ 22 Mio EC support 9 Mio Duration: 36 month Status: Evaluation passed successfully Start of contract negotiation with EC in August 2004 Submission of Contract Preparation Forms and "Description of Work" (30.9.04) Preparation of Consortium Agreement Signing of contract with EC at the beginning 2005 Start of funding period Spring 2005

3 FAIR Construction Proposal Scope: Construction of SIS18-injector/upgrade including experiments SIS18 upgrade (to 4 Hz and lower charge state intensity increase factor 100) R3B magnet (Spectrometer magnet of reaction studies with RIB) HADES upgrade for high intensities and pion beams Participation: 14 Institutes in Europe, USA, Russia Budget: total budget ~ 100 Mio EC support 10 Mio ? Duration: 48 month Status: Letter from EC in August 2004 Good evaluation result Funding approval given in February Contract about to be signed Start of funding October 2005

4 FAIR 'Final' Layout

5 The International Steering Committee for FAIR PAC QCD E.Chiavassa PAC NUSTAR R.Casten PAC APPA D.Schwalm TAC Yanglai Cho Observers: FAIR Project Cost Review Group (CORE) Full Cost Structure Group AFI Working Group Administrative and Funding Issues H.F.Wagner Legal Working Group U.B. Jahn STI Working Group Scientific + Technical Issues S. Gales ISC Internat. Steering Committee H.Schunck

6 2004 2005 2006 Contract(s) Development Contract(s) Negotiations Closing PAC's Technical Committee TDR's Signing of MoU Phase I – Governed by MoU Phase II Governed by Contracts The ISC-FAIR International Working Groups Evaluation by Advisory Committees by Mid March 05 Cost Review by CORE group by June Final Project Definition by July MoU Proposals / TR's LoI's (2100 authors)

7 SIS100/300 Underground Tunnel 5 m -24 m Tunnel in Open-Pit Construction Tunnel Drilling Machine


9 Legal and Regulatory Procedures for Construction Planning of FAIR



12 Radiation Safety Approval In February 2002, one year before the green light was obtained from the German government, GSI applied for the Construction of an International Facility for the Research with Ion and Proton Beams at the Hessian Ministry for Environment In December 2003, GSI received official letter with the first approval:....the planned facility will fulfill the requirements in accordance with the German radiation protection laws for the construction of the whole installation and the operation as outlined in the Conceptual Design Report. This permit was confirmed in Fall 2004 also for open pit construction

13 3-Phase Project Staging

14 Stage 1

15 Stage 2

16 Stage 3

17 General Strategy: Groundwork, supply systems and major buildings as early as financially possible (potential for smoothing of financial profile?) Scientific facilities staged according to three science programmes Contributions from outside mainly in-kind for scientific facilities (?)

18 Three stages according to fields of science: –Radioactive beam physics Nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics Atomic physics studies with highly charged/radioactive ions –Proton-antiproton physics QCD studies with protons and antiprotons Precision studies with antiproton beams addressing fundamental symmetries and interactions –Full facility research Full parallel operation of up to four experiments Full energy and luminosity for nuclear collisions program at CBM Precision QCD Studies at PANDA up to 15 GeV/c Plasma research (full gain factor in power density: ~400) Atomic reaction studies with fast beams

19 FAIR construction cost total cost: 989 Mio

20 Organisational & Management Structure

21 Research Division HADES FAIR GmbH with international shareholders Accelerator Operation Infrastructure Division Buildings Facility Maintenance Central Services ALICE FOPI PHELIX+PP Spectroscopy SHE / Chemistry Material Research Atomic Physics Bio Physics Injectors Rings Beam Diagnostics Vacuum HF Operating HD-Therapy IT Technical Services Detector-Lab. Target-Lab. Documentation / Library Human Resources Administration Finance Purchasing FAIR Division (FAIR Technical Director) Civil Construction CBM -TI PANDA-TI Integration Theory FRS/ESR HE Reactions International Steering Commitee Administration and Financial Issues WG Scientific and Technical Issues WG Company General Assembly Supervisory Board Directorate DG Sci. Tech. Admin. FAIR International FAIR Project Management Board Administrative Council Scientific Council Scietific / Technical Advisory Committees Controlling,Legal Issues Safety EU Contracts, 3rd Party Funding Users, Public Relations Experiment Electronics Electrical Engineering Super-FRS-TI RIB Low Energy Branch TI RIB High Energy Cave TI RIB Ring Branch TI FLAIR & SPARC & Applications Facilities TI Plasma Physics TI Theory /systems Controls SC Magnets Cryosystems TI= Technical Infrastructure CBM PANDA NUSTAR Exp. groups FLAIR & SPARC Accelerator FAIR Experiments -TI FAIR Project Management Team

22 SIS100 3. SIS200 6T 4. CR System 6. HESR 7. PANDA 9. NESR 8. SIS18 Upgrade 1. Super-FRS 11. CBM 10. Plasma Phys. Exp. 12. Atomic Phys. Exp. 13. Buildings + Infrastructure 14. Acc. System Physics 5. Integration 15. P-Linac 2. Advisory Committees PACs, TAC, EMAC,... Accelerator Technical Board Research Technical Board Civil Construction Integration Board International FAIR Project Management Board Project Director, Deputy Director Research Coordinator, Accelerator Coordinator, Civil Construction Coordinator, Technical Integration Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator Organizational Structure of the FAIR Project FAIR Project Management Team Contracts & Legal, Budget & Finances, Scientific Coordination, Accelerator Technical Coordination, Civil Construction & Regulatory Procedures, International Project Integration

23 Convention (Governmental Contract – provisions for general framework, procedures, arrangements; annexes?) Articles of Association (based on rules of German limited liability company (GmbH) law; recorded and registered with notary public; any changes require full notary public process) By-Laws (contract(s) on specific rules and regulations between shareholders; does not require notary public involvement) plus additional bi-lateral, multi-lateral contracts, MoU's etc between shareholders and other parties


25 Accelerator Physics and Technology for FAIR Main R&D challenges Superconducting, fast ramping synchrotron magnets High gradient, low frequency RF cavities Fast stochastic and electron cooling Novel lattice/collimation design: Beam optics studies Control of collective effects: Large scale simulation studies Ultra high vacuum for intense beams HESR e-cooler SIS 100 dipole magnet CR compressor cavity control of stripping losses Desorption test-stand Working point diagram: Stability of intense beams

26 Thank you for your attention!!

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