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Site report GSI Darmstadt FAIR project Overview IT at GSI

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1 Site report GSI Darmstadt FAIR project Overview IT at GSI
Helmut Kreiser

2 Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research
Das FAIR Projekt Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research Jürgen Eschke Vortrag Wissenschaft für Alle, GSI,

3 FAIR Verbesserung gegenüber heute: SIS100/SIS300 GSI Accelerator
Primärstrahlintensität 100 – 1000 x Sekundärstrahlintensitäten für radioaktive Kerne: bis x Ionenenergie: x Neu: schnell gepulste supraleitende Magnete „gekühlte“ Antiprotonenstrahlen bis 15 GeV Speziell: intensive „gekühlte“ Strahlen radioaktiver ‚exotischer‘ Kerne effizienter Parallelbetrieb für mehrerer Experimente SIS100/SIS300 GSI Accelerator Facilities HESR ESR CBM UNILAC Super- FRS Plasma Physics PANDA Atomic Physics FLAIR CR NESR




7 Structure of the FAIR project
FAIR Council (Representatives of Countries and/or Institutions)  Finance Committee, Project Oversight Committee Scientific Advisory Com. Project Management Project Director, Deputy Research Coordinator, Accelerator Coordinator, Civil Construction Coordinator, Integration Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator Safety Quality Controlling Advisory Committees PACs, TAC, EMAC,.. Project Office Accelerator Coordinator (Technical Boards) Research Coordinator (Technical Boards ) Civil Construction Coordinator (TB) Integration Coordinator(TB) SIS18 Upgrade 1. P-Linac 2. SIS100 3. SIS200 6T 4. Acc. System Physics 5. CR System 6. HESR 7. NESR 8. PANDA 9. CBM 10. Super-FRS 11. Plasma Phys. Exp. 12. Atomic Phys. Exp. 13. Buildings + Infrastructure 14. Integration 15. 1.1. 2.1. 3.1. 4.1. Simulat. 5.1. 6.1. 7.1. 8.1. 9.1. 10.1. 11.1. 12.1. 13.1. 14.1. Installations 2-4,6-13, 15.1. 1.2. Beam lines 5..2. 14.2. cryogenics 15.2. 1.3. 14.3. alignement/ surveillance 15.3. 1.4. 14.4. IT media con. 15.4. 1.5. controls 15.5. Working packages

8 IT Linux (Debian) ~ 350 Windows ~ 800 AIX (reducing) ~ 10 VMS ~ 15
(SUSE) ~ few Windows ~ 800 AIX (reducing) ~ 10 plus bio physics ~ 20 VMS ~ 15 plus Accelerator controls (~30) Notebooks Windows (XP) Linux (SUSE) Mass storage (3 libraries, TSM, TSM-API access) 2 SAN based (Storage Tek with LTO-2 tapes drives)

9 What is new Firewall (Cisco PIXS) Linux MTA (2-3) (migrate from AIX)
Spam filtering (tagging) (Spamassassin) Virus checking (Sophos, ClamAV) Problems: Siesta (~20 min) enforce GSI naming convention DNS Service migration to Linux (from AIX) connection timeouts on AIX

10 What is new new Fileservers with Serial ATA disc raids
3 U boxes with up to 15 discs Data Scratch Problems with old IDE disc raids new batchsystems (1 U boxes, Dual Xeon, 3.2 GHz) Windows migrate to XP, Server 2000/2003 phase out WinNT (this year)

11 Systems

12 What is new Debian 3.0 r2 non interactive daily security updates with
„out of the box“ debian tools monitoring system (mon) processes disc status log host (syslog-ng) perhaps box status GRID, LCG -> need systems and support

13 What is to be done separate discussion forum (FUD forum, open source)
Migration of services from AIX to Linux radius listserv NIS (sign on, LDAP based) ….. Groupware (mailserver) discussion Microsoft Exchange 2003 OCS (Oracle collaboration suite) separate discussion forum (FUD forum, open source) Discussion: new Batch queueing system LSF production (money) SGE OpenPBS if money is available replace old batchfarm boxes new and much more storage systems (user, data, scratch) SAN/FC ? ~ 10 TByte is too small good Linux desktop support -> manpower ??

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