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Why do they act so weird ? Generational Trends Impacting Marketing

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1 Why do they act so weird ? Generational Trends Impacting Marketing
Anni Macbeth / Annimac Futurist & Principal Annimac Consultants Perth f Western Australia     Why do they act so weird ? Generational Trends Impacting Marketing Annimac Futurist 1

2 Rate of Change 15 minutes - new technology
15 days new product / service every day million web pages Amount of change now in one day Grandparents had in one year Younger means faster



5 Driving all Drivers of Change
Technology by 70 % of job types do not exist now because 80 % technology not thought of yet


7 Likely jobs in next 10 years :
Director of Emerging Thought Chief Zookeeper of people Creative Undertaker Thought Jockey Chief Imagination Officer Hacker Relations Manager Valuer of Intangible Assets * Human Interface Manager * * Exists 2003

8 Running Out of Oil Supplies debate : The Big Rollover

9 Changing Nature of Work
From competitive capitalism to co opitalism commodification to sustainability Project based Team based Relationships One off alliances - consortia Globally networked Fast flat skill decision making Value driven

10 Changing Nature of Employment
From full time permanent to Casualisation Contract Part time Self employment options Five Career changes Multi skilled employees Small businesses Increase in low income jobs SOHO : small office home office Global networks - local identity


12 How do different age groups make sense of their world
With such rapid change How do different age groups make sense of their world value their world impact their world


14 Generations Baby Boomers b 1945 – 60 age 45 - 60 fewer males
Generation X 1960 – largest number DotComs 1975 – – first wired gen Ferals 1990 – fewest - ½ GenX


16 Baby Boomers 45 - 60 Downsizing lives Empty nesters
Retired or part time workers Sense of community Material status Male Identity from job Seek new safe experiences Security conscious Health conscious Defer to authority Love / hate change

17 Impact for Marketing Baby Boomers 45 - 60
Winding down : leisure indulgence Downsizing everything : minimalising Make own decisions – think edge Respect rank : professionalism Steady relationships loyalty Need relationship continuity organising : options safe familiar experiences positive group identity


19 Generation Xers 30 – 45 Single Childless Net Dating
Varied lifestyles Varied workstyles SOHO Risk takers Fast decisions Materialism assumed Environmental values Personal journey Expect & accept change

20 Impact for Marketing Generation X 30 - 45
Individual attention Fast action Short term pitch - staging pitch Results oriented Need choices short term immediacy complete – stand alone skills oriented demand quality of experience


22 Own path Temporary pairing Group socialising Internet relationships
DotComs – 30 Own path Temporary pairing Group socialising Internet relationships No careers No home I.d. from activity Wired Immediacy Multi channeled Multi actions Planetary group mission Cluetrain Manifesto Temporary deference Need change

23 Impact for Marketing DotComs 15 - 30
Passionate involvement – value driven Team oriented personal relationship Personal commitment Short term fast involvement Multi channel activities & options Results oriented - no spin Need choices transparency mutability build for change flexibility innovation real positive outcomes


25 Wild Child No limits No boundaries
Ferals – 15 Wild Child No limits No boundaries Planetary mission create sustainable world Parallel universes Wired Unlimited mind channels Global i.d. from self values Future jobs unimportant Non consumers No deference Respect when needed Live change & ignore barriers

26 Impact for Marketing Ferals 0 - 15
Influencing marketplace Committed to healthy sustainable world Expect freedom to create Creating new relationships & patterns Virtual world Need personal power demand trust clear values spin detectors no rules no hindrance ICT resource access multi channel everything


28 Trends Forecast Summary
exponential rate of change younger generations drive change personal communication → telepathy paradigm shift in values → feminine QBL how things are done = profit relationships key for all success open options for Work / Life styles less governance more community power individual responsibility ! Virtual world emerging !

29 Thriving into the future :

30 thank you www. free Trendsletter

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