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BALANCING LIFES ISSUES INC. Making the Most of a Multigenerational Workforce.

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1 BALANCING LIFES ISSUES INC. Making the Most of a Multigenerational Workforce

2 Definition of Generation generation: noun - all the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age.

3 Objectives Identify the 4 generation and the characteristics and motivations of each. Understand how members of each generation work Understand how each generation affects you Learn how to use generational difference to make your workplace more productive for all employees

4 The 4 Generations Traditionalists - born: 1922-1945 Aka – GIs, Silent Generation, Veterans Baby Boomers – born: 1946-1964 Generation X – born: 1965-1980 Millennials – born: 1981 – 2000

5 Traditionalists 1922-1945 Experiences World War II Great Depression Life-time employment Men vs. Women Little technology TV – played limited role Music - Big Band and Patriotic Traits Respect for authority Patriotism Patience Hard working Stability Emotional maturity

6 Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Experiences Space Race Korean & Vietnam War Civil Rights Act TV Generation Rock and Roll Assassination of JFK Womens Liberation Traits Question authority – anti- establishment. Dedicated – driven Idealistic Experienced Knowledgeable Service-oriented

7 Generation Xers 1965-1980 Experiences End of Vietnam War Latch Key kids Increased Divorce Rate 1980 Layoffs Title IX Technology begins rapid growth – changes how many jobs are done. Traits Distrustful of authority Independent Creative Adaptable Team-oriented Social minded Used to structured lives

8 Millennials – Generation Y – 1981-2000 Experiences End of Cold War Desert Storm World Wide Web Global Warming Terrorist Attacks Traits Optimistic Able to multi-task Tenacious - confident Very technologically savvy Socially responsible

9 Statistics on internet use 59 percent of Millennials consume most of their news via the Internet 53 percent of Gen Xers get most of their news from the Internet Use of Social Networks: In 2005 - 7 percent of Millennials used social networking sites; now 75 percent do. Gen Xers' use of social networking sites grew by 43 Boomers use increased by 25 percent points Since 2008 Silent Generation, increased their usage from 4 to 16 percent.

10 Work Style by Generation Traditionalists - Hard working – value putting in long hours – physical presence – work to rule. Baby Boomers – Dedicated, team work and meetings important, collaboration, service oriented – work/life balance important. Generation X and Millennials– Creative, techno- literate, want their contribution valued irrespective of actual time put in. Dont want to punch a clock – free spirit Monster, Apple and Google work styles.

11 Managing Traditionalists & Boomers Traditionalists Want respect for their contributions and knowledge. Often detail oriented which is a valuable offset to less experience workers. May need to learn team approach. May need help with technology skills or extra time to adapt and accept new technology. Baby Boomers Like face-to-face interaction and consensus building. Often more process oriented. Seek high achievement and personal gratification. (Award certificates and recognition a big motivator for baby boomers)

12 Managing Generation Xers & Millennials Need flexibility to be creative which can lead to high productivity. Immediate feedback Dislike micromanaging Do want clear direction Freedom and flexibility with the how to do their work. Crave increased responsibility Often need assistance with time management (Facebook is the new water cooler) Long-term to Millennials is a year or two.

13 Managing Differences Effectively Respect differences and try to reasonable meet needs. Dont manage rigidly – offers choices and options Respect contributions that all employees make based on their strengths as they contribute to your goals Work to retain good employees by strengthening their weaknesses and developing strengths. Keep communication open and non-judgmental. Allow information to flow through all levels of management and staff.

14 BALANCING LIFES ISSUES INC. Making the Most of a Multigenerational Workforce

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