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Greek Philosophers.

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1 Greek Philosophers

2 Socrates What we know about Socrates comes from his student Plato
wrote NO books Used the Socratic Method, asking questions about others’ beliefs Many saw this questioning as a threat towards traditions

3 Socrates Put on trial at age 70 and accused of corrupting the city’s youth and not respecting the gods Sentenced to death and drank a cup of hemlock, which is a deadly poison


5 Plato One of Socrates‘s students; fled Athens after his death
Came back to Athens 10 years later and set up a school called The Academy Students studied reasoning and rational thought He rejected Athenian Democracy

6 Plato Argued that the state should regulate every aspect of a citizen’s life Divided ideal society into workers, soldiers, and philosophers who would rule A philosopher king, the wisest of all, would rule Believed talented women should be educated to serve the state


8 Aristotle Plato’s most famous student Analyzed all forms of government
Was suspicious of democracy, which he thought could lead to mob rule Favored rule by a single strong leader Addressed the question how people should live

9 Aristotle Set up a school called Lyceum for the study of all branches of knowledge Wrote about politics, ethics, logic, biology, literature, and knowledge


11 Which Philosopher do you most agree with and tell me why?
Assignment Which Philosopher do you most agree with and tell me why? 6-8 sentences

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