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IDF open meeting 2007 doi>. Eight possible innovations doi> Innovative uses of the DOI System.

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1 IDF open meeting 2007 doi>

2 Eight possible innovations doi> Innovative uses of the DOI System

3 Digital Object Identifier = Digital [Object Identifier] Not [Digital Object] Identifier The DOI ® System provides an infrastructure for persistent unique identification of entities... A DOI name is permanently assigned to an object, to provide a persistent link to current information about that object, including where the object, or information about it, can be found on the internet. –ISO draft standard Because entities of interest may be physical, digital, or abstract (works) e.g. CrossRef assigns DOI to article irrespective of format Handle: Digital Object Architecture Not a conflict: Any entity can be abstracted into a representation as a digital object doi> Scope of the DOI System

4 People make Stuff use Deals about do doi> Intellectual property and the DOI System

5 Party makes Creation uses Transaction about do View 2: commerce doi> Intellectual property and the DOI System Current DOI uses

6 Parties –Authors: for disambiguation etc –Institutions: for licensing transactions, etc. –ISNI: International Standard Name Identifier (was: ISPI) Based on InterParty PIDI = Public identity identifier –ITU Identity management Focus group Any end point in the network (machines, users) Licences –2005 IDF meeting presentation (Mark Bide) –ONIX for licencing work (with NISO/ERMI) Electronic Resource Management Initiative –More at NISO/BISG meeting tomorrow –Contextual identification doi> [1] DOIs for entities other than creations

7 Identifier schemes already exist for many creations ISBN, ISSN, ISRC, etc. New ones: ISTC (textual abstractions e.g. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe) Specific example – Bookland DOIs from ISBNs –Name comes from concept of Bookland bar codes from ISBNs Pilot scheme based on the new syntax of the ISBN-13 –ISBN: 978-86-123-4567-8 –DOI to be: 10.978.86123/45678 –also ISMN, etc doi> [2] DOIs working with existing identifiers

8 General case ISO standardisation of DOI System –A DOI name is not intended as a replacement for other identifier schemes, but when used with them may enhance the identification functionality provided by those systems with additional functionality… Incorporate the other identifier into the DOI syntax and/or Record the other identifier in the DOI metadata. Each scheme retains its autonomy but works together doi> [2] DOIs working with existing identifiers

9 Representations URL: MPEG-21: DII (Digital Item Identifier) URI schemes: –Info URI –URI URN doi> [2] DOIs working with existing identifiers

10 What does this DOI identify (precisely)? –For interoperable uses: use in services outside the control of the assigner Metadata scheme already worked out –Kernel plus optional extensions Standard ways of declaring simple metadata –e.g.for Open URL uses –Interoperability is key aspect which will tip requirements - see last years IDF presentations doi> [3] DOIs to define and declare

11 Precisely what is being named? –Suppose I have here a pdf version of Defoes Robinson Crusoe issued by Norton. I find an identifier – is it of: –All works by Daniel Defoe –The work Robinson Crusoe? –The Norton edition of Robinson Crusoe? –The pdf version of the Norton edition of…. ? –The pdf version of…held on this server…? Most digital objects of interest have compound form, simultaneously embodying several referents. Multiple identifiers may be necessary (like music CDs) Identifiers assigned in one context may be encountered, and may be re-used, in another place or time - without consulting the assigner. You cant assume that your assumptions made on assignment will be known to someone else. doi> [3] DOIs to define the entity

12 DOI of one item may be related to DOI of another Through multiple resolution, metadata, Application Profiles… Example: A DOI of a work could resolve to several available formats, languages, etc. doi> [3] DOIs to express relationships

13 Examples: Biological nomenclature –disambiguation and extension of the current taxonomy models –Names-4-Life: 2004 presentation Clinical Trials –identifying specific trials and sub sets of items –UK NHS project currently using DOIs on pilot basis doi> [4] DOIs for non-traditional entities

14 Example: Book fragments – tables, figures, chapters, exercises Interactive e-books (Knovel) Some may be identified by other identifiers which could become DOIs (see [2]) Some may be in scope but not yet widely used Other may require new DOIs Others: Nature precedings; Scirus topic pages; some blogs? doi> [5] DOIs for new traditional entities

15 Significant benefit of Handle System: Resolve from one DOI to several different results One-to-many linkage Resolution request would give: –all results, or –all results of one type Need a framework to build these applications on: group similar uses so that the results are predictable and can be used across applications DOI Application Profile framework Handle System data value typing Crossref to use for e.g. location-dependent resolution Other business cases? Could express relationships (ISTC to ISBNs etc) doi> [6] DOI multiple resolution

16 Resolve DOI with some additional information to give results depending on context Open URL Full contextual resolution: –See last years presentation –The Handle Workshop this afternoon Of interest re licensing etc Steps in evolution: –URLs: not useful for long term management –naming and resolution: get me the right thing –contextual resolution: get me the thing that is right for me (e.g. that I have access rights for) doi> [7] DOI contextual resolution

17 Adobe Acrobat plug-in Concept announced and mock-up shown 2002 Now fully developed and licensed, available for Acrobat 8.0 Builds on Acrobat SDK Early adopters needed Potential for more work Examples: 1. CrossRef data 2. New version functionality doi> [8] DOI innovative tools





22 Adobe Acrobat plug-in 2. New version functionality doi> [8] DOI innovative tools



25 Firefox Handle Extension Displays a toolbar with Handle System features Tool to create additional handles, bookmark handles, etc –Bring up a web page and assign a Handle Recent work: possible addition to Firefox Add-ons doi> [8] DOI innovative tools



28 DOIs for intellectual property entities other than creations Parties, licenses DOIs working with existing identifiers ISBN; other ISO; representations DOIs to define, declare, express relationships metadata DOIs for non-traditional entities Biological names; clinical trials; data DOIs for new traditional entities Fragments; topic pages, etc Multiple resolution and standard typing Agreeing common framework for one-to-many links Adding context in resolution Open URL; Handle value typing New tools for DOI users Acrobat 8; Firefox doi> Innovative uses of the DOI System

29 Norman Paskin Tertius Ltd doi> Innovative uses of the DOI System

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