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Doi> DOI Standardisation DOI Tools and Technologies.

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1 doi> DOI Standardisation DOI Tools and Technologies

2 DOI Standardisation Information identifiers Metadata Internet

3 ISO and identification numbering ISO 2108 International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN) ISO 3297 International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) ISO 3901 International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) ISO 10444 International Standard Technical Report Number (ISRN) ISO 10957 International Standard Music Number (ISMN) ISO 15706 International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN)* ISO 15707 International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC)* ISO Project 20925 Version identifier for Audiovisual Works (V-ISAN)* ISO Project 21047 International Standard Text Code (ISTC)* Information and Documentation - Identification and Description 1 : trend towards identifiers of * abstract entities 2.all ISO TC46SC9 identifiers now carry mandatory structured metadata to specify the item identified (either from start, or when revised)

4 DOI and information identifiers: 1 ISBN: good connections with DOI RAs (Nielsen BookData, Bowker); ONIX, well-formed metadata. ISSN: ISSN Revision under way. Need for entity specification and relationships recognised; DOI recommended and under evaluation ISTC: metadata is based on indecs model. One of the two consortia bidding to be the authority includes DOI RAs. DOI as ISO TC46 standard: invited to submit entire DOI system: Codify top level description of components Refer to handle, RDD, etc as normative references Separate Handbook from formal standard First draft second half this year?

5 DOI and information identifiers: 2 NISO Z39.18 revision of Scientific and Technical Reports - Organization, Elements, and Design Draft will include recommendation of persistent identifiers, DOI in particular mentioned. NISO Z39.29 revision of Standards for Bibliographic References Draft includes specifications for DOI NISO Z39.84 DOI Syntax. Due for 5 year review in 2005. Case sensitivity (Handbook 2..4) to be amended in line with use ISO/IEC MPEG-21 DII (Digital Item Identifier) DOI is a formal DII. Some say the only logical candidate. Waiting for formal RA (CISAC) to set up procedures.

6 DOI and metadata standards MPEG Rights Data Dictionary standard, ISO/IEC 21000-6. –IDF initiated consortium (CONTECS) which developed indecs concepts further (IDF, MMG, MPAS, RIAA, RightsCom) –Accepted wholeheartedly by MPEG –Standard now published – see Press Release on our web site 3 June –IDF recommended as Registration Authority (Rightscom as technical subcontractor) – formal confirmation by ISO expected –This is a major step forward! –Has opened up connections with REL (Rights Expression language), Digital Item ID, and hence much wider non-text world Data Dictionary approach is not the DOI Metadata Standard. –DOI can use ANY metadata; the DD simply enables interoperability. –Using ONIX is best example so far –SCORM, DC, METS, etc

7 OntologyX RightsCom (Mi3p etc) indecsDD IDF + ONIX Development of indecs 1998-2004 Black = what Red = who indecs (2000) indecs Framework Ltd IFPI/RIAA, MPA, IDF, DentsuMMG, Rightscom CONTECS (2001+) 2004 ISO MPEG21 RDD IDF 1998-2004: Defining what is identified through metadata

8 Internet: persistent identifiers on the web 1992: Berners-Lee: universal document identifier 1994: RFC 1738 : Uniform Resource Locator 1995: RFC 1808 : Relative Uniform Resource Locators 1998: RFC 2396 URI Generic Syntax (replaces 1738 and 1808)2004: RFC 2396 bis (revision) ? IETF consensus process

9 Persistent identifiers on the web: observations URLs, as currently understood, are demonstrably not persistent –calling them URIs doesnt fix that The IETF RFC consensus process, and the separate existence of W3C, leads to ongoing debate and standards with a vague existence –compare with ISO standards –W3C web site on naming and addressing is incomplete –Current discussion of non-IETF namespaces as separate (info, DOI) The Web is not the universe –It is not all of digital information (<1%): see How much Information [e.g. email; Blackberry services medical, legal] –It is not all of the internet (see What is the Internet..) URI is a useful catch-all syntactic device for referencing in XML – can describe e.g. ISBNs as URIs –Useful single framework which can accommodate any other identifier for referencing – but does not deliver without effort. URN mechanism (10 years old) still not implemented – renewed interest may help us. Persistence = organisation is now becoming recognised – commitment statement

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