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Doi> Digital Object Identifier and ISO TC46/SC9 IDF meeting Bologna 2005.

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1 doi> Digital Object Identifier and ISO TC46/SC9 IDF meeting Bologna 2005

2 doi> Identifiers The word identifier can mean several different things, e.g.: Labels –Output of numbering schemes (ISO TC46/SC9, others) –e.g. 3-540-40465-1 (an ISBN) [individual label] –ISBN (an ISO numbering identifier) [scheme] –Registration authority Actionable labels –Internet infrastructure specifications (IETF, W3C) –e.g. URL, URN, URI (URI = Uniform Resource Identifier) –if you follow this spec then you can make the label actionable …given the right tools… Implemented systems –Labels, following a specification, in a system –e.g. Bar code system, DOI system –if you use this system, then the label IS actionable –Packaged system offering label + tools + business model –A packaged system is not essential, but is convenient

3 doi> DOI components DOI System has four components (three technical) Each component has a basis in a different part of the standards world: –NISO (under US ANSI) –IETF (Internet) –ISO MPEG21 IDF (organisation which developed DOI) has own policies Now proposed that the overall system – the combination of these components – be standardised under the TC46/SC9 umbrella DOI System has been under active development, and up to now has not been finished : but now mature and stable, hence this step is appropriate and timely.

4 Data Model Internet Resolution Numbering scheme Policies DOI is the combination of these four components doi>

5 DOI syntax can include any existing identifier label formal or informal, of any entity An identifier container e.g. –10.1234/NP5678 –10.5678/ISBN-0-7645-4889-4 –10.2224/2004-10-ISO-DOI NISO Z39.84 DOI Syntax 5 year review in 2005 completing. –Revision of case sensitivity, to be amended in line with use

6 Internet resolution allows a DOI to link to any & multiple pieces of current data Resolve from DOI to data –initially to location (URL) – persistence May be to multiple data: –Multiple locations –Metadata –Services –Extensible Uses the Handle system - Implementing URI/URN concept -IETF RFCs 3650, 3651, 3652 -See Release 1.0, September 2003 "Online Registries: The DNS and Beyond... [doi:10.1340/309registries ]

7 Data Dictionary + DOI AP framework DOI Data Model = Metadata tools: –a data dictionary to define + –a grouping mechanism to relate Necessary for interoperability –Enabling information that originates in one context to be used in another in ways that are as highly automated as possible. Able to use existing metadata –Mapped using a standard dictionary –Can describe any entity at any level of granularity –indecsDD which incorporates ISO MPEG 21 RDD IDF is the MPEG21 RDD registration authority

8 DOI policies allow any business model for practical implementations Implementation through IDF –Governance and agreed scope, policy, rules of the road –Technical infrastructure: resolution mechanism, proxy servers, mirrors, back-up, central dictionary, –Social infrastructure: persistence commitments, fall-back procedures, cost-recovery (self-sustaining), shared use of ip –Not a standard but a Registration Authority/maintenance agency (cf bar code and EAN) Registration agencies –Each can develop own applications –Use in own brand ways appropriate for their community –Cf. bar code country agencies etc

9 ISO TC46/SC9 home of identification numbering ISO 2108 International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN) ISO 3297 International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) ISO 3901 International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) ISO 10444 International Standard Technical Report Number (ISRN) ISO 10957 International Standard Music Number (ISMN) ISO 15706 International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN)* ISO 15707 International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC)* ISO Project 20925 Version identifier for Audiovisual Works (V-ISAN)* ISO Project 21047 International Standard Text Code (ISTC)* Information and Documentation - Identification and Description trend towards identifiers of * abstract entities mandatory structured metadata to specify the item identified does not include internet actionability

10 doi> DOI as an ISO TC46/SC9 standard DOI as ISO TC46 standard: proposal plan to submit entire DOI system Codify top level description of system Refer to components (Syntax, Handle, Data Dictionary, etc) as normative references IDF proposed as the ISO DOI registration authority (cf ISBN) Separate existing DOI Handbook into formal standard (ISO) and operating manual Provide further assurances to users on governance and intent through ISO conformance Show that DOI supports (does not compete with) other TC46/SC9 identifiers: offers option of adding internet actionability in a standard way

11 doi> DOI and existing ISO TC46/SC9 standards Any TC46/SC9 identifier can be included using DOI syntax –Simply use a s the suffix e.g. 10.5678/ISBN-0-7645-4889-4 Any TC46/SC9 metadata scheme can be mapped in DOI data tools Existing relationships e.g. –ISBN: good connections with DOI RAs (Nielsen BookData, Bowker); ONIX, well-formed metadata. –ISSN: ISSN Revision under way. Need for entity specification and relationships recognised; DOI to be one example of how to make ISSN actionable –ISTC: metadata is based on indecs model (same as RDD). consortium to be the authority includes DOI RAs.

12 doi> Intellectual property issues Recognise that standards organisations may involve IP issues –e.g. Rambus case; Lemley paper Intellectual Property Rights and Standard Setting Organisations 2002 Primary purpose of IDF is promoting the widest possible distribution and use of DOIs –Ensuring that the DOI remains an open standard and system available to all who wish to adopt it See DOI News October 2004 : IDF re-affirms DOI as an open specification

13 October 2004: presented to ISO TC46 –invited to be submitted as a work item Feb 2005: IDF submitted draft specification – based on current DOI Handbook with same input as DOI Core Specification –ISO/TC46 indicates acceptable as input document. –Secretariat begins work on editorial changes into ISO template June 2005 (planned): complete conversion of the document into a more ISO-like working draft of the DOI standard. Return draft to IDF for review. doi> Timetable – so far

14 July 2005: assuming no major problems with the working draft, distribute it with the project proposal for a required 3 month vote on adoption of new work items. Request SC9 members to indicate their approval to advance the accompanying draft immediately to either the Committee Draft or Draft International Standard stage: allowed "shortcuts" in the ISO process. October 2005: assuming a positive vote on the proposal, proceed according to whether approved at either the DIS or CD stage: If DIS, send the text for translation into French, then submit it to a 5 month vote. If CD, distribute the text for review and comment by ISO's member bodies. –If comments are numerous and require discussion convene a SC9 meeting to resolve them. –Otherwise, NP to prepare responses as project leader –Then to DIS doi> Timetable – future plan

15 doi>

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