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Trading in the digital environment doi> DOI and related activities.

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1 Trading in the digital environment doi> DOI and related activities

2 Frankfurt Book Fair 2000 Chair: Jean-Manuel Bourgois (Director General, Magnard Vuibert, Paris) Trading in the digital environment

3 DOI Forum: Standards for identification Standards for linking Standards for product information Standards for subsidiary rights Standards for E-Books Trading in the digital environment

4 9.30 Identification and related issues :DOI 10.30 Linking : CrossRef - coffee break sponsored by FBF - 11.00 Product Information: ONIX 11.20 Subsidiary Rights: FBF 11.45 E Books : AAP/OEBF/EBX Trading in the digital environment AGENDA


6 Norman Paskin, International DOI Foundation doi> DOI and related activities

7 Key issues for us all Standards for linking, product information, rights, E- books, … …are all the same problem Publishers want seamless flow of data: - within the company - with outside parties - for independent access to their content - interoperable data for e-commerce

8 1. Resource implications 2. Continuing effort Standards must be developed for the long term. –Short term fixes wont do. standards are not simple conventions: publishing standards are now technical standards Key issues for us all: $ investment

9 Must be co-ordinated (consistent) Must be extensible: –not hard-wired; able to be built on technology: changes –e.g. PC netC P2P …?; E-books; WAP multimedia: needed –e.g. music clip and image in E-Book with web update (media convergence) applications: cannot be known in advance We cannot set standards for just us United we stand, divided we fall Key issues for us all:

10 DOI: the Movie DOI update Metadata: the Movie CrossRef: A DOI application DOI and related activities AGENDA


12 Standards tracking Standards tracking Full implementation Full implementation Initial implementation Initial implementation Single redirection Metadata W3C, WIPO, NISO, ISO, etc, other initiatives Multiple resolution A continuing development activity DOI: development in three tracks

13 An extensible infrastructure –a firm basis for building consistent, reliable, systems More members, more prefixes, more DOIs –40 + IDF members supporting the work –160 + users –2 million + DOIs in full implementation but is it real? DOI: Review of progress

14 If this stuff wasnt difficult, we wouldnt be doing it The first actionable, persistent, identifier Good cooking takes time: –URN (1991 -); DC (1994-); FRBR (1992-98); HDL (1994-); W3C (1994-); IMS (1996-); RosettaNet (1998-) DOI: Time frame

15 October 2000 : its happening: Full implementation available Applications are being built –CrossRef and others Commercial deployment: DOI registration agencies –CrossRef and others Technology support –Microsoft announcement Increased marketing is the next step DOI: Review of progress

16 Much detailed development See Annual Review 2000 CD-ROM overview Handbook on web site – DOI: Review of progress doi> ANNUAL REVIEW September 2000 The International DOI Foundation

17 DOI: Timeline of progress 97989900 IDF concept Handbook Scope, function Need for metadata CrossRef today Metadata solution

18 CrossRef CrossRef is the first practical demonstration of why the DOI is important, and how it can be used to improve Web publishing. Though it was implemented by journal publishers…the concept could be applied to other genres… (Seybold Report, 14 June 2000) STM community was the first to take up DOI DOI: Applications

19 E-Books - working with ONIX; OEB; EBX and AAP E-Books standards activities - community is new, diffuse. - DOI-EB prototype. Microsoft will implement native DOI (Handle) technology in Microsoft E-Book Reader - Tens of millions of MS readers within 1 year IDF also working to improve support in web browsers (plug in) DOI: Applications (cont.)

20 Subsidiary Rights –DOI-R prototype with FBF and others –Rights applications are key; this could be a start –well-defined, current business practice Images –BioImage and others DOI: Applications (cont.)

21 Under active discussion: Audiovisual materials Music industry News sector Legal information; Patents; Grey literature; cultural artefacts; etc. Applications will drive use DOI: Applications (cont.)

22 DOI: components of an actionable identifier

23 A number (or name) –assign a number to something –(compare: telephone number) DOI: components

24 A number (or name) –assign a number to something –(compare: telephone number) A description –what the number is assigned to –(compare: directory entry) DOI: components

25 A number (or name) –assign a number to something –(compare: telephone number) A description –what the number is assigned to –(compare: directory entry) An action –make the number do something –(compare: the telephone system) DOI: components

26 A number (or name) –assign a number to something –(compare: telephone number) A description –what the number is assigned to –(compare: directory entry) An action –make the number do something –(compare: the telephone system) Policies –how to get a phone number; billing (compare: social structures) DOI: components

27 POLICIES Syntax 10.1234/5678 NUMBERING DESCRIPTION Metadata Pieces of data which describe uniquely that which is identified Resolution System able to link the number to something useful ACTION

28 POLICIES Any form of identifier NUMBERING DESCRIPTION framework: DOI can describe any form of intellectual property, at any level of granularity ACTION Handle resolution allows a DOI to link to any and multiple pieces of current data doi> extensible

29 DOI metadata is the key to many applications –not just a pointer interoperable: use with existing identifiers, metadata structures practical implementation through ONIX dictionary etc. –extension/collaboration with other areas e.g. music/video; SMPTE; MARC mappings; etc. Technical tools, documentation: –Handbook (July 2000) –More detailed template (Oct 2000) DOI: extensibility via metadata

30 multiple resolution workflow tools repository tools public key infrastructure DOI: extensibility via Resolution Digital Object Architecture } Production - Services - Commerce

31 Basis for Deployment outlined (end of 1999) –cost recovery RA Working Group: initially 3 members/RAs Terms document - now available Letter of Intent - now available CrossRef first RA to sign up 10-15 other RA candidates discussing with us RAs will be part of the Foundation –governance and close collaboration Registration Agencies

32 does not own or direct –RAs are independent businesses, members of the Foundation, part of agreed operating federation does not compete with existing agencies –(e.g. ISBN): we mandate declaration of ISBN etc. does not determine business models –needs to be done by the sector does not enforce one single metadata standard –just principles neither privatises nor liberates data –only a minimal kernel (like book title) provides community focus and consensus IDF in relation to Registration Agencies

33 Where do I go? - Registration agencies, applications - Information pack for RAs, Letter of Intent - Handbook etc on web site What can it do? - analogy: spreadsheets - increased marketing - more efforts for outreach - workshops - both general and specific areas Next steps: Marketing

34 Easier use of the technology –documentation, tools Evolving functionality –More prototypes (DOI-X; DOI-EB, DOI-R) Other intellectual property activities: –W3C, WIPO, MPEG-21, cIDF, SMPTE, SFX, etc –Existing identifiers (ISBN, ISSN, etc) –New identifiers (e.g. ISTC; E-books) –common issues for identifiers Major theme: interoperability Continuing development will be necessary Next steps: other work to be done

35 A consistent extensible system –which works now –is interoperable with other standards Supported by the publishing industry –publishers, and intermediaries Strong support from technology community –Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and others Not a proprietary solution –owned by the community (anyone can join) –available at cost DOI: so what have we got?

36 UPC/EAN Bar code single, common tool: many uses wide community support made it work A historical parallel

37 single, common tool: many uses wide community support made it work DOI is your system please help us finish the task doi>

38 Norman Paskin, doi> DOI and related activities


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