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This presentation is the property of Paradigm Information Systems It is confidential to the intended recipient for the purpose of evaluating FMS Any other.

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2 This presentation is the property of Paradigm Information Systems It is confidential to the intended recipient for the purpose of evaluating FMS Any other use is unauthorized Information contained in this presentation is for demonstration purposes only

3 A group of Los Angeles, CA based technology professionals, including software consultants, programmers and database experts. Founded in 1993. That’s 14+ years and counting… Specializing in mobile-based software solutions for field service, maintenance, facilities management, call tracking, and reporting. There are currently over 100 offices and thousands of service technicians using Paradigm’s service and maintenance solutions in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Current clients include machine tool service companies, elevator service companies, hospitals, colleges, manufacturing plants, others… Who is Paradigm?

4 The FMS system automates the exchange of data with the field technicians. It is designed specifically for elevator companies. Customer Service Tickets Time Sheet and Payroll Data Parts Inventory Service Schedules Equipment History Customer Information What does FMS do?

5 Benefits Eliminates: Paper Customer Service Records Redundant Information Records Filing & Storage Provides: Customized Scheduling Electronic Customer Signatures Job Costing, Parts & Labor Parts Reordering Payroll Recap & Reporting Remote Printing in the field

6 FMS Modules and Features Elevator Details Includes Standard Reports. Install Job Management PDA / Smartphone Interface Dispatch Ticket Processing

7 Rich Application Interface Simple and easy to use interface. Main icon-bar for graphical navigation Resize-able screens and windows Standard icons Barcode Support

8 View a list of all open service calls

9 Add / Edit Service Call Information

10 Manage Time Ticket Information…

11 Capture and display parts and signatures

12 Print Service Tickets, with electronic signatures, in a format that you can send directly to the customers.

13 Manage Parts Listing

14 Inventory Item Details Track unit cost and customer price Multiple warehouse / Van locations Transfer and adjust inventory with detailed audit records Document parts received from vendor orders

15 Manage Customer Information Easily view service history Quickly lookup elevators

16 Manage entire customer list…

17 Detailed customer/contract data…

18 Full 52 Week Service Scheduling System…

19 Keep track of all installation jobs

20 Job Details…

21 Job Comments / Notes

22 Job Summary Information (with Task Status)

23 Job Summary Information (with forecasting)

24 Job Status Tracking

25 Custom Reports List FMS Support Crystal Reports as the reporting format Create custom templates and check them into the system Parameter screens are automatically generated Export to Excel, PDF, Word, etc… Email reports using MAPI interface Standard reports are included

26 Payroll Report Used to extract daily and hourly payroll information from service tickets. Can be used to eliminate duplicate payroll entry by technicians

27 Service History By Customer Used to display a list of all activity for a particular customer. Report covers any activity on any machine owned by the specified customer

28 Billing Report Used to extract daily and hourly billing information from service tickets. Only shows information that the service tech’s marked as billable. Includes labor, parts and prices.

29 Time Summary Report Shows payroll information in a summary format.

30 Parts Inventory Shows a list, quantity, and price of parts for each specific warehouse, including service vehicles

31 Field Parts Catalog Shows a list of all available parts

32 FMS Database Map / ERD Open Design and Architecture All information is provided to allow integration with existing computer systems

33 Custom PDA Interface Contains all relevant fields of information Uses familiar “elevator” terminology Very easy to use and understand Compatible with existing computer systems. FMS runs software specifically designed for elevator companies with service and construction depts.

34 PDA Screens






40 Is it new…??? Updated User Interface Features –Additional drill down capability from most screens –Export all grids to Excel with the click of one button –Edit multiple records at once Improved Inventory Management –More tools to manage van inventories –Additional inventory related reports –Truck stock templates, exception reports, etc… Reporting –Automated report subscription and delivery –Email service status information to customers Support for both Palm OS and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) More… Future Software Enhancements v4.8.0

41 Is it new…??? FMS is not new. It was first developed in 1998 and has continually evolved ever since. Currently installed and working at over 120 customer offices, including ThyssenKrupp Elevator, HAAS Torrance and FADAL Machining Centers. We have lots of experience with Elevator Companies Continually enhanced and modified with direct input from service and repair managers. Stable and mature

42 Is it new…??? Version 4.8.0 is available NOW! Takes approximately 4 weeks to do a complete installation and training after the following: –initial consultation and needs assessment –loading of existing data in the system –customization of report templates for a unique needs. Ordering Info. Availability

43 Questions ?

44 Contact Information: Maurice Dorris Technical Consultant Paradigm Information Systems Ph: 310-768-2965 Fax: 877-285-4429

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