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Proteus Product Demo. Customers Overview Proteus is an enterprise level suite of software for Enterprise Asset Management with both MSSQL and Oracle.

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1 Proteus Product Demo


3 Customers

4 Overview Proteus is an enterprise level suite of software for Enterprise Asset Management with both MSSQL and Oracle database structures available. For smaller facilities, a Professional version is available running on Microsoft SQL Server Express(SQLX) database (included).

5 Global Features Quick Screens Quick Lists Multi-Select Automatically print or email WO Grid Ordering and Sorting Default Queries

6 Modules Preventive Maintenance Demand Maintenance Equipment Customer Scheduling Time Card Inventory Employee Vendors Purchasing

7 Work Order Functions

8 PM Master The PM Master module provides the ability to create preventive maintenance work orders. PM Master accommodates: Multiple Parts Equipment Labor Cycles The ability to email, auto-activate and print work orders assists in achieving a timesaving system.

9 Multi-Cycle Scheduling Allows for multiple cycle frequencies to be applied to a single PM Master. Cycle Types include: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi- annual, annual and runtime. Any combination of cycles may be chosen and when a PM reaches its activation date for a cycle it will become active.

10 Multi-Cycle Scheduling

11 Runtime Schedule PM Work Orders can be activated according to runtime schedules. The runtime schedule is used for equipment that requires PM based on hours of operation.

12 Runtime Schedule

13 Add, Change & Delete A PM work order can be applied to a single or multiple assets. Individual or multiple work orders can be selected to have equipment or labor added, changed or deleted. This can all be done from the quick screen which allows for heightened user-operability.

14 Add, Change & Delete

15 PM Active PM Active Module is used to update, print and close active preventive maintenance work orders that were created in the PM Master. The PM Active Module will become the Module that is accessed most often in the overall execution of your PM plan.

16 PM Active

17 DM Template Create work orders for maintenance jobs that are routine, but not scheduled. Reduce redundant data-entry and manage unscheduled, breakdown, alarm related or emergency work in an efficient way.

18 DM Template

19 DM Active Create, print and/or close maintenance jobs in response to non-routine maintenance activities. Unexpected failures become easier to manage, distribute and follow through on. Included is the ability to track causes of failure and associated downtimes.

20 DM Active

21 Assigning a Work Order Assign To can be used in the PM Active and DM Active Modules. Assign To can be used to assign a work order to an individual who does not perform the actual labor, ex. a supervisor. Work Orders can be easily queried for a specific division or team within the company.

22 Assigning a Work Order

23 Scheduling Functions

24 Calendar Navigation The Scheduling Module displays current, overdue and upcoming PM and DM work orders in Calendar-View and Tree- View format. Viewing these work orders allows for: Equipment availability to be planned Available resources to be identified Over-scheduling to be eliminated

25 Calendar Navigation

26 View by Week View work orders by week, day and job number. The job number and job description can be expanded for more detailed information. Ability to preview and print the schedule or work orders eliminates the need to change modules.

27 View by Week

28 View by Customer View work orders by customer, equipment or employee. View work orders scheduled for a specific week or day for a customer, a piece of equipment or an employee. Easily track work orders for each individual customer, equipment or employee.

29 View by Customer

30 Resource Assignment Allows for labor to be added or changed on: PM Active, PM Future, PM Overdue and DM Active work orders. Labor can also be deleted from: PM Future and PM Overdue work orders. Choose just one or a group of work orders for technician reassignment, also have the ability to reschedule PM Future and PM Overdue work orders.

31 Resource Assignment

32 Additional Modules

33 Time Card The Time Card Module allows employees to view work orders associated with their name and update labor for PM and DM work orders. It is a one-step process to easily update labor hours and dates without the need to access individual work order records.

34 Time Card

35 Cost Center Manager Add, modify and delete cost centers, as well as budgets for individual cost centers. Set material budget and labor budget amount for each month, per cost center. Use in a service environment to track costs for each customer.

36 Cost Center Manager

37 Multiple Stockrooms Track inventory in multiple stockroom locations, as well as move inventory to different stockroom locations.

38 Reorder List Listing of all parts from the Inventory Module in which the quantity of parts on hand has fallen below the user-defined reorder point. Manage the reorder of most-used parts, this ensures that parts are stocked at all times.

39 Reorder List

40 Reports Proteus comes with a variety of pre-formatted reports. Custom reports can be easily made to meet your unique needs by using Crystal Reports.

41 Customer The Customer Module can be used in a variety of ways, to identify a group of assets in a facility or owned by a customer. Cross-referencing capabilities with the Equipment Master File, PM Master File and DM Master File are included. The work order list tab within the Customer Module is a quick view of what work orders are associated with each customer.

42 Customer

43 Equipment Record, in detail, all the assets, equipment and equipment sub-assemblies that are the responsibility of the maintenance department. The Equipment Master File has the ability to track an asset such as HVAC equipment, machinery, vehicles, buildings, grounds, etc…

44 Equipment

45 Inventory Record details on all stock and non-stocked parts and consumables that are used in maintenance. Inventory is a complete spare parts and maintenance supplies management system, which is linked with the following Modules: Equipment Vendor Maintenance Purchasing

46 Inventory

47 Optional Modules

48 Proteus Alarm Interface (PAI) Facilitates instantaneous activation of work orders from popular BAS. Activation is based on alarms, runtimes and/or triggers. PAI offers automatic printing or email of the work order upon activation.

49 Service Request & ProLink Eagles Service Request modules allow users to access Proteus from remote computers. Users can: Submit service requests, Search work orders, Review, modify, and approve requests online and Notify service technicians of work order updates via email or pager. All of this results in more efficient work order management.

50 Barcode Proteus utilizes the power of the PSC Barcode Scanner to increase productivity within Proteus. The Barcode Module allows users of Proteus to accurately collect and transfer data to Proteus, resulting in reduced data entry time, more efficient inventory management, and a reduction in parts shortages.

51 Additional Optional Modules Audit Trail Equipment Load ERP Interface M-Site Metasys Interface Mobile OSHA Viewer PM Tasks

52 Contact Eagle Worldwide Corporate Headquarters Eagle Technology, Inc. 11019 N. Towne Square Road Mequon, Wisconsin 53092 USA Tel: 800 388-3268 or 262-241-3845 E-mail:

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