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Presents ePOGen Copyright ©Magic Information Systems Inc.

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1 Presents ePOGen Copyright ©Magic Information Systems Inc

2 Integrated Business Solutions for Wholesale Distributors Exporters & Importers Visit us on the web at

3 ePOGen…. The Tool for Purchase Management  Ever wonder how to make your purchasing tasks more efficient?  Do you need a quick and easy way to create and send your purchase orders?

4  Would you like to eliminate purchasing duplications?  Do you need purchasing history, stock levels, and other relevant information to help you make your purchasing decisions? ePOGen…. The Tool for Purchase Management

5  each purchasing agent will be able to generate its own transactions without risk of duplication. ePOGen… the solution you seek ePOGen allows you to:  create purchase orders automatically, based on your current stock availability and taking into consideration what is already on order.  easily print, fax and email your purchase order documents without leaving ePOGen.  easily revise created purchase orders using the on-screen order history, current stock levels, and other relevant information

6 What is ePOGen? ePOGen is the new member of the eWholesale family of products. It consists of two programs, that allow you to create and revise purchase orders automatically for each purchasing agent. You would find these programs in the Purchase Order / R.O.G. General Routines menu Generate PO Work File Edit PO Work File

7 ePOGen uses the Products Purchasing Information Specify Reorder information and Lead days

8 Generate a PO Work File Generate an exclusive Purchase Order Work File per purchasing agent, and eliminate costly duplications

9 Select what to order You can choose what to order, using ranges of product, group of products, suppliers, categories, warehouses, and even, bin locations.

10 The Edit PO Work File Screen The Main Information Section allows you to customize your work list The Generated Product List and Work Area The Purchase Order History Area. Useful information when making the purchasing decisions The Line Details, Supplier Totals, and Overall Totals Sections gather all the information you need to decide how much to order

11 The Main Information Section You can make your purchase order work list easier to read by displaying only products you have yet to produce a purchase order for, and/or displaying only those products you are going to order, and/or work one supplier at a time.

12 Edit the PO Work File Click inside the Include column to unmark products you do not wish to purchase at this time. ePOGen automatically calculates the re-order quantity based on product statistics, information provided and the defined formula. You can edit the reorder quantity if required ePOGen displays automatically the unit price setup for the product, although you can edit this amount if required

13 Generate the Purchase Order ePOGen gives you several options when creating your purchase orders

14 Print, and/or Fax your Purchase Order ePOGen, combined with eWholesale’s multi- document print function allows you to print, and/or fax all at once. Drill-down to the Purchase Order Entry to print and or fax the order without leaving ePOGen

15  Enhances the efficiency of the purchasing department.  Allows you tighter controls over Inventory Costs  Eliminates costly duplications  Saves Time so it saves you Money  Increases your Profit Margin ePOGen Click Here to See more

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